Why Time

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Believe in the unseen

"What the mind can see and believe you can achieve." Napolean Hill

Belief and the theme of believing in the unseen have become a driving theme throughout my life.  Everything else resonates from this one fundamental and foundational principle.  Nothing can enter your life without first believing it's possible.  Any idea, innovation or discovery was first planted in an individual's mind from a desire and an intention to create change.  Believing in the unseen is the force behind all creation. 

There lives an energy between the state of reality, the 'seen' world and the subconscious mind or the 'unseen' world.  This domain is where your true power resides.  Believe in yourself, your capabilities and unseen ability to transcend yourself.  I love this word 'transcendence' defined as existing beyond the physical level.  So how do you tap into this unseen domain where your true creative power lives ~ through a daily practice of meditation, stillness and visualization.  Simply let be and let go. Feel yourself connecting to this deeper place and know that it's possible to see your desired creation manifest into the 'seen' world. Remember, everything exists as possibility waiting to be realized.  As the energy of the universe whispers into your soul through the energy of inspiration - act.  That is your role to act within this inspired state and realize your possibility.