Why Time

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The BIG Lie

We live in a world where we are completely run by a need for external validation.  I refer to this energy as our "outer being or demon."  It thrives on the need to be recognized, validated and edified.

Somewhere between the age of 6 and 11 we allow society to thrust its grip on us and tell us what is real.

It's all bullshit!  It's a big lie.  We're not helping anyone by continually falling deeper into this realm of "disillusionment."

The only thing that matters is helping one another return to the "light" of our true being. This is how we will eliminate fear and silence the demon within that permeates our fragile world.

We're not here to win more titles, earn millions and consume more natural resources. This accumulation of more continues to ravage our world and our spirit.

We are here to thrive as a human species and we're being tested now more than ever as to our level of contribution.  The question is, will we rise about our current way of being and help one another answer the only question that truly matters: "Why am I here?"

The big lie is that you allow others to tell you that you're not good enough or not doing enough. You allow yourself to listen to the "noise of the crowd" that you don't have a purpose and you can't live your true passion.

You allow yourself to be influenced by the masses instead of listening to your heart. You wake up doing the same thing over and over hoping and wishing for things to change.  This energy is not serving your higher self.

It's time to be true to yourself and honour your light.

The real truth is that inside of you lives and breathes a "fiery dragon", a spirit that is your burning passion. It has existed since the first breath you took. It desires to scorch the skies and play full out.

You are unique and one-of-a-kind. When you unleash your true light, the world will be a better place.

My recent autobiography titled "Influence" features 11 unique journey's of women inspiring change. It is an energy intended to inspire 11,000 new "Influencers" in the world.  It is not intended to feed ego's. It's sole purpose is to ignite your light so you to can become a person of influence.

The deeper why that drives my publications are that we all have a light that shines deep within. I believe in the light of "everyday people doing extraordinary things."

The truth that influences my inspiration is my need and desire to forge a new ROI for humanity. One where we collectively choose to Reach Out and Inspire others.

Allow your truth to set your spirit free so you can soar into the heavens and cast your true light upon us all.