Why Time

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


"We're all connected. No one in this world is alone."
~ Gerry Visca

One of my favourite things to do is venture out to the movies. I love everything about catching a cinematic adventure; the people, the popcorn and the experience of losing myself.
           Earlier this month, my life partner, Angela and I caught the flick: "I can only imagine" based on the true story of Bart Millard; lead singer of MercyMe.  There was an inspiring connection that waffled through the aisles of movie theatre number three that night. It was more than just buttery flavoured popcorn that heightened my senses. The movie stirred a deeper sense of human connection within the depths of my soul.
           The interesting thing is that the energy that really moved me came after the credits. As I stood up to make my way down the steep flight of steps, I whipped around and caught an older man who had lost his footing and stumbled to his knees. I couldn't help marvel at the way a dozen or so people, including myself, rushed to his aid. It was in that moment that I experienced the possibility for a deeper connection within the human race.
           For years I've devoted my life to one of inspiration. I chose to transition from the field of architecture; from building buildings to building up people. As the Why Guy, I exist to inspire others to answer the only question that truly matters: "Why am I here?" As a group of us lifted the older man to his feet, I felt his spirit somehow elevating mine.  In that moment I was pleasantly reminded of the power of reaching out and inspiring one another.
           The man's deep blue eyes stirred my soul. As he gripped my arm tightly, we slowly made our way down the steps and out into the hallway. Those of us surrounding him, quietly cheered as the man proudly walked out the theatre doors. He gazed deeply into my eyes and thanked me for my kindness and I returned the gesture by thanking him for his gift of connection.  
           That night, I decided to capture this uplifting experience through the gift of the written word. As a 17-time author and transformational novelist, I choose to create the space to share these insights with you through a belief that we're all connected and no one is meant to walk this earth alone. We live in a connection age yet one only has to gaze upon a sea of buzzing devices to notice that our world is more disconnected than ever. Imagine a world where people look up and intentionally strive to connect with others. The outcomes would be limitless.  A world that connects through compassion, empathy and understanding will create limitless outcomes.
           This old man reminded me of the gift of connection and the "link" between all of us. It's another reason why I appreciate publications like "The Business Link". They help us look up and appreciate the verse that each human being contributes to the story of humanity. The gift of connection is about pausing to experience the daily miracles that present themselves in what may appear in seemingly insignificant ways.  The key is to become aware of the significance of the "present moment".
           Choose to connect to someone's heart every single day. Push beyond your comfort zone and see another human being for who they really are. Feel your spirit connecting with theirs. It's one thing to connect with people's minds however, it's quite another to forge a bond with their heart. We deepen our connection with others by listening with the intent to understand versus replying.
           The world craves deeper connection now more than ever. It starts with a belief that all of us are here to help one another connect to something far greater than building more shopping malls. We are here to connect to the light of one another. Every single human being on this planet has a gift to weave into the very fabric of life. Every stitch is a connection to the quilt of humanity.  
           So, as the opening credits for the next cinematic adventure begins, I smile at the phrase that fills up the screen and stirs my heart:
           "See the Big Picture..."