Why Time

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Be Unstoppable

You are an unstoppable force the moment you decide to take action and receive it. You are an unstoppable force the moment you believe you are meant for more. You are here now, in this lifetime to make your unforgettable mark on the world so what will they say about you? 

How did you move yourself forward and push beyond the naysayers and non-believers that didn't get you or your vision? 

Here is the thing - you've been given this brief gift in time it's call your life but it comes with an expiration date. You don't have much time soon you will be faced with the force of gravity holding you down from being an unstoppable force. 

You can challenge all of that now by deciding what you want most, taking powerful action everyday and going for it. What have you got to win by becoming an unstoppable force? You may often feel that you are alone on this journey well you are among the ones we call dreamers and that's ok - it's part of being an unstoppable force. The ones that defy gravity live and love with inspiration and that's you, you're not here to hurt anyone you're just here to live your one precious life and leave an everlasting mark on this world. 

Listen to you

You're in this world now to make a difference and to create your life your way. No one else needs to get you and nor should they. You're not here to hurt anyone you're just here to show the next generation that you existed and that you mattered. 

The only person you need to listen to is you. Your heart and your mind are the only things that matter moving forward. The questions you need to live each moment are quite simply this: 'Did I matter? What will I be remembered for? 

We live in the 'distraction age' everyone wants to take you off course and show you their way. Every moment is a fight to stay grounded and connected to what you are creating. Every moment is a test of just how much you believe in yourself and how much you want it.  Listen to your intuition and what your soul is telling you, that's all that matters and you will never let you down.