Why Time

Monday, July 6, 2015

See it clearly now

To get from where you are you need to see the end result clearly in your mind. To inspire all those around you, you need to show them that you know the way. To become someone worth becoming, you need to become what you are seeking. In the darkest moments your WHY will always light your way. It will never leave you for it is you. You were born already knowing your passion, what brings you joy and your purpose, how you are being of service to others. Together, these two forces create your outcomes, they ignite your WHY and in this state, the World is Helped by You. 
It's a matter of seeing yourself with more clarity. For a moment, try and become a spectator of you, see yourself as your future self nudging you along. Extend a hand to your current self and pull yourself up now to become the person you know you are becoming. Help your current self look beyond the temporary discomfort and see it clearly as a stepping stone to the greatest journey of your life.