Why Time

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Inch by inch...

Becoming aware of WHY you are here is just one step closer to realizing all of your goals and dreams. As you take action in living your WHY look for the incremental milestones that you reach along the way. This is the most inspired journey that you are on. It has taken you a lifetime of choices, steps and actions to bring you to this point. Somewhere along the difficult path you realized that you were meant for more. Your thoughts, decisions to act and your actions led you to this place. If it happened in any other way or any other time it would not be as brilliant as it is right now. 

You don't need to see the whole path right now. You only need to trust that the next step will present itself. Life has a tendency to unfold in bold and beautiful ways especially when you are living with clarity. When your passion, purpose and outcomes are all aligned, your goals are fuelled with even greater determination and focus. Look for the cues and the little signs to give you a sense that your path is taking you where you intend to go. Your belief in yourself and what you are creating is more fuel than you will ever need. It will lead you through the darker times when the light is dim. Know that with darkness follows light and night follows day. This is your greatest moment, the time that your true light shines through. Your untapped potential rises to the surface.  Inch by inch you are creating your desired life, your way. For the first time, you are in control.