Why Time

Thursday, July 9, 2015

What are your outcomes?

In my new book titled: I don't know what the hell I'm doing , I share my deepest insight called The World Helped by You. It's my definition of WHY and it's what I want for you. It's definitely my legacy to you and others, to focus on the outcomes that you wish to create and experience in your brief lifetime. Once you realize your power to create your  outcomes, you will come to share this gift with all those around you. I often say, if you're not happy with the outcomes in your life then you need to do some serious thinking on how you can start living with greater passion and purpose, but more of that in my book. Today, I want to help you see yourself influencing your outcomes. When you decide what you want most, take action and cross the threshold of discomfort, then you are creating your life. This resonates so much with me because when you are living through your why, creating those desired outcomes, you are contributing to the richness of peoples lives and the world is helped by you. Don't invest any more energy in someday, it's already here and it's going to pass you by soon and we need your someday today because we know that your outcomes will inspire us all to look up a bit higher and take the first step by crossing the threshold.