Why Time

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Alive in 5

It's March 12, 2020 I've never felt more alive than right now in this very moment. I'm living in Tuscany - my mornings are filled with long kisses - walks through the Tuscan fields, we are on our way to the local market. Angela and I are making a beautiful meal for friends that are staying with us in our villa. The morning is warm, still and I'm filled with so much inner peace, love and freedom...

Where do you see your life in 5 years? How are you living your one life? How are you spending your days? Here is the thing - it's far to easy in the moment to NOT do the one or two actions that will literally shape your destiny over the next 5 years. These actions like blogging every morning and sharing my intention with you are so easy not to do. Enjoying this gorgeous cup of coffee next to the woman I love is no longer an option but a way of being and breathing in the moment.  This is your time to define your life. Create the actions today and everyday that will lead you to living the dream life that you deserve.