Why Time

Monday, February 29, 2016

Is it time?

When will you be ready? When will you finally declare that today is your someday? The ones that we admire the most, we call them the great ones. They are just like you and me. They breathe the same air and experience the same seasons. The only difference is they take inspired action everyday and they get back up when others knock them down    

The common denominator within the great ones is not money, location or special talents - it's there desire to replace bad habits and limiting beliefs with new powerful behaviours and powerful mind conditioning.  The only thing stopping you from becoming the REAL you is you. 

You're ready and deep down inside you know it.  No one else needs to get that - only you do. I don't know how much time you really have left to make your mark - none of us really do.  What I do know is the world is ready for you.  We are ready to receive your special and unique gifts.  We are ready to see your passion come alive and experience your purpose - your contribution to us all.  It's time.  

Friday, February 26, 2016

What will you choose?

Once you come to the understanding that your current life is a result of the beliefs, choices and actions that you've taken, you are ready for new levels of growth.  

It's often difficult to hear these kinds of words but it's these kinds of words that we need to hear. We've all been given a choice to advance the human race. You may be sitting in the comfort of your home thinking, you're isolated from it all.  Here's the thing, we're ALL connected to everything and everyone. 

No one is above you just like no one is below you.  We are all meant to ignite our special gifts, our passions and help one another contribute them, our purpose. This calling and a need for contribution resides within all of us and its what connects us all.  

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


The power to differentiate - it's in all of us and it's what makes us all human. We are born with great passion with the ability to dream, ponder and think differently.  

So what makes you uniquely you? What flag do you need to fly so the world can see just how extraordinary you are?  What exclusive message lives in your heart that you're aching to share?

There is and forever will be only one of you - it's so brilliant.  No one thinks and acts likes you. So what will they say about you - years after you're gone?  How will the world be helped by you?

It's time to STAND OUT from the crowd. Take a step forward in front of the line. Cash in your ticket and become the performer and share your life-changing verse with us all. ZIG when the rest of the world ZAGS!

Friday, February 19, 2016

A Difference maker

I love the energy of Everyday people, the world is filled with them.  We are born with unbridled possibility. We all have the ability to choose in any given moment, what change we wish to channel in the world. You have to believe that you can influence positive change.  

What change can you make today that will impact us all tomorrow? The moment that you commit your thoughts in that direction, that's when you become a Difference maker. For many of us, we only have 30-40 seasons left to change. I know it's easy to stay in the habit of doing the same thing over and over expecting others to change the world - but honestly, how's that working for you?  

What if you were meant to be the one? What if the ripple effect started with you? 
Become what you seek and know that the moment you do, that's when we all get to experience your change in the world. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Your imperfection is perfect!

We live in an age where the pressures of needing to have it all figured out is creating higher levels of stress. Ask yourself: "Are you truly happier and fulfilled trying to keep up with the Joneses?"
Is being defined by your rank, job title and square footage really giving you a glimpse into who you really are and what you desire to be? 

You were born as pure perfection. The air in your lungs, a mind to think with and the gift of sight is a miracle in itself. We take these daily wonders for granted simply because they exist. Marvel at the wonder of your life and how you get to participate and contribute your gifts in it everyday. 

We're all living it, this daily thing called life. Everyday we have the privilege to touch, love, see, feel and dance our way throughout the universe. Living with the illusion of perfection is of little relevance. As human beings, the imperfection of taking chances, falling and failing is what makes our existence so perfect-so brilliant. 


Monday, February 15, 2016

Be the one that drives change...

As I prepare for an upcoming key note scheduled for Feb 26 in Ontario, Canada, I'm reminded of a quote that I created in 2008: 'Be the one that drives change and take the first step in creating your life.' 
Sometimes all that's required is that first step, that first belief and that first intention. 

Everything that was ever created or that's about to be created, all have one thing in common: The creators didn't know what the hell they were doing they only knew WHAT and WHY they wanted to create it. 

I'm launching a new issue of Defyeneurs Magazine, an inspired publication that I publish this Spring called: Difference Makers. They are out there these Difference Makers, now in the world driving change. They took that first step and now the momentum has kicked in and the people around them are experiencing their ripple effect.  What is the change that you want to drive?  Worth repeating: What is the change that you want to drive?  
Be the one that drives change and take the first step in creating your life. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

What is your soul telling you?

You might be feeling a bit numb lately, disconnected from yourself and everything around you. That's your soul whispering in your ear, maybe it's time to

We live our lives at the speed of thought without giving any real thought to WHY we're here.  Everyday is a rush to get to the next day, for what purpose? What's it all really for? Is it to find that elusive parking spot juxtaposed to the shopping mall entrance?  Is becoming a 'doing machine' really fulfilling your life purpose? 

Stop, close your eyes, open your mind,  take a deep breath and ask your soul: What do I want to feel and experience in the time I have left?
Listen with your heart: What is your soul telling you?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What will bring meaning to your life?

A deep question to live on a Tuesday morning I know, but when else will you take the time to ask it let alone live it?  What will make this day meaningful for you? Who do you have to help? What intention do you have to set for yourself? What actions do you need to take? 

I've searched for the underlying meaning to this question my whole life.  When will we feel as if we've arrived? Perhaps it's no longer about a destination but rather uncovering a journey towards greater fulfillment. Isn't that what we are ultimately seeking? 

What I do know for certain is that your life takes on whole new levels of meaning when you finally define and live a more purposeful life. Deciding to be of service to others is a choice and a way of being. It's no longer about you and what you can obtain but rather about helping others create more meaningful outcomes in their lives.   

To live this question:  'What will bring more meaning to your life' requires you to get even more clear on what you are seeking and uncovering the ultimate question: Why are you here?

Monday, February 8, 2016

How are you defining yourself?

What are choosing to be in this world? What are you allowing yourself to be defined by?  Are you still obsessing over your past and the lack of square footage?  The moment you decide you are worthy of real change that's when everything changes.  

Defining yourself is an energy and a way of being that tells the world you no longer are defined by other peoples opinions of yourself. You are ready to master your life by fixating on your inner voice and the vision of something bigger.  

You're not here to hurt anyone - you are here now because you are meant to be. It's time for you to define a new reality for yourself by replacing the fear with unconditional love for yourself. 

Life is short so now is the time to define yourself. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Do I have BRAND ambassadors?

To get ahead in this new connection age - it is essential that you cultivate brand ambassadors. Remember, it's not what you say your BRAND is - it's what THEY say it is that truly matters. 

So who are these knights of the BRAND shouting you out from the roof tops encouraging humans beings far and wide to come forth and experience your offerings? They are the believers, the followers and the ones that have experienced the surge of your authenticity.  

The most successful BRANDS know this energy far to well. They will strive to cultivate and nurture strong, tribal-like cultures. They make daily, weekly and monthly time to connect with their BRAND ambassadors. A BRAND ambassador has a deeper connection with your manifesto, your mantra and your way of being in this world. They are emotionally connected to you and what you value most so you better be clear as to what you are clear about!

Today make a list of your TOP 10 BRAND ambassadors that believe in you. Share with them your deeper WHY - which I define as the World Helped by You. I'm not talking about the reasons you do what you do but rather the deeper PASSION - PURPOSE and the OUTCOMES that you wish to create in the world. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Keep it simple!

Sounds SIMPLE enough right? Why is that most of us complicate life so much. Think about it  - what are the SIMPLE things that bring you joy? Ask yourself right now: 'Is your way of being everyday truly fulfilling you?' Is the path that you chose to be on really allowing you to be who you desire to be? 

We complicate our lives by choosing to be defined by the 'doing' when you strive to SIMPLIFY everything that's when everything just flows.  

In my latest book titled: I don't know what the HELL I'm doing I challenge readers to deconstruct their lives by focusing on what really matters. Imagine your perfect day 5 years from now, picture the simplicity of it.  Savour in the slowness of your breath. Look around at all the wonder and the beauty in this world.  

Today, keep it simple!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What drives my personal brand?

We all have one - a personal brand! So what is this aura, invisible layer of meaning that precedes us? It's a projection of you: what you value, what you stand for and the feeling and energy you give off to others. 

Architecting your brand today is fundamental more than ever in the rapidly expanding connection age. Here's the thing, perception is vital to your success. It doesn't matter what you think - it's what THEY say about your BRAND that matters. 

Everyday and with every action, you have the choice to add another brick towards your building your brand. What are your actions? Are they aligned with your purpose? What expressions are you sharing with others? How are you reinforcing your underlining manifesto with the world - we call that the deeper reason WHY you are here. 

The world is ready for your symphony - but you are the maestro that drives your personal brand. 
A great way to get started is checking out some of the insights in one if my latest publications called: BRAND U - it's a free publication for the world: http://www.flipsnack.com/9DFD697EFB5/brand-u.html

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What makes you weep?

The actions that are the most meaningful to you are the ones that make you weep. When you are connected to your deeper source of power, the true reason for being here, your soul is on fire. 

We are emotional creatures for a reason. Some call it intuition, it's our inner-GPS and guidance system, telling us that we are on or off track. 

We are not meant to live out our lives feeling numb - we are meant to feel our lives. It's this feeling state that connects us to our passions and purpose. It's the inspired actions that enable you to feel 'in-spirited' and connected to the flow of everything around you. 

Today, make a list of the actions that truly make you feel connected and filled with joy. It's these actions that give your life richer meaning and purpose. Have fun with this - play with it, you don't need to know what the hell you are doing you just need to know what lights you up and makes you weep.