Why Time

Monday, October 26, 2015

What are you starting?

In my newest book titled: 'I don't know what the hell I'm doing' I share an insight called 'inspired action'. Here is the thing it doesn't really matter where you are but rather the direction that you are planning on heading in. Success loves momentum. The key to crossing the finish line is getting started. The goal of reaching the summit requires you be at the base of the mountain, looking up and taking the first step. Any achievement in human progress was realized by someone just starting. Declaring your intention, this is who I'm going to be, how I'm going to be of service to others and the actions I'm going to take. All you have is today, the belief in yourself as a co-creator and the power of this moment. All I have is my thoughts and my intention of inspiring something inside of you with this mornings why blog. It's one of my inspired actions. It's all I have this moment. All of my years of training, inspiration, writing, meditating, speaking, coaching, preparing, creating and developing myself has prepared me for this one moment. To share with you a profound insight or a learning that will perhaps inspire you and your idea to action. That is being true to myself and the only thing I can control and in this moment, I am living my why. 
So, let's get started.