Why Time

Monday, December 11, 2017


"It doesn't matter where you currently are but in the direction you are moving in."~ Why Guy, Gerry Visca

As we roll out into a New Year, along with it comes limitless possibility.
A time to release the energy of the previous twelve months.
A time to reflect on 'Why' you are truly here.
A time to kick start the dreams you promised yourself a long time ago.

So, what explosion of purpose will burst out of you? What will be your 'Big Bang'?
How will you serve others with the gifts that were imprinted upon your cells, a lifetime
ago? The New Year is but a moment in time. That is the great thing about the universe we
find ourselves in. Everything expands from a single moment. When these powerful
moments collide, greatness is unleashed across the stars.

As one who exists to inspire others, I've witnessed the miracle of life and the seed of
potential that lives and breathes within all of humanity. My heart has heard the
thunderous roar of people coming to life and bursting with new levels of passion and

I've experienced the miracle of a child crushing her fears and eradicating a disease
that ravished her spirit.I've marvelled at the thousands of souls who've heard their wake-up call towards truly living their one precious life!

I've danced in the joyous realization of people igniting their deeper, driving Why
(Their true reason for being).

When we all reach out and inspire others to see their light, we illuminate the heavens like
a burst of fireworks on the 4th of July. When we consciously unite we ignite the greatness
that bellows in people's hearts. When we selflessly pour ourselves into others, we light
the sacred fire that forges a world inspired.

What will be your 'Big Bang'?
For some, it will be the deeper realization of 'Why' they truly exist. Not what they are
meant to do, but who they are meant to be. For others, they'll learn to crush the fear that
held them back for a lifetime. They will overflow with explosive levels of love for where
they are heading.

Perhaps, your 'Big Bang' will stem from deciding to take 100%
responsibility for the life you desire to create.
The change you are seeking is seeking you. It starts with lighting the 'big fire'
within your heart. Like anything great, it expands from sheer will and persistence. It
won't happen someday but rather in the present moment. It's something you 'must do'
with the little time you have left on this earth.

Your 'Big Bang' will create a chain reaction. It will ripple out across the fields like
a brush fire. Everyone around you will feel the heat from your flame and be inspired to
do the same.

We are here, now in this time to elevate one another to look up from our
delusional digital worlds onto a sea of true greatness. We don't exist in isolation but
rather, as a collaborative spirit on a quest to understand the true nature of our universe.
We'll thrive when we listen with the intent to understand the hidden promises that linger
in our hearts.Your legacy will echo across the stars and influence generations to come. 

Is that not why we are here? To make an impact of profound change?
When you start with the end in mind, you will come to appreciate that even the smallest
action can tip the scales of humanity.

Your 'Big Bang' is the voice we all need to hear. It will thunder in our hearts and it will
awaken our spirit from a deep slumber. Your belief in something far greater than yourself,
will expand our minds and inflate our soul. Your sails will carry us across a sea of
unbridled possibility. Your light will illuminate the true way and the path that will bring
you utter bliss.

When you surrender to the need to have all the 'I's' dotted and the 'T's' crossed you
will humble yourself and steer into the direction of relentless humility. Your
'imperfection' is what makes this journey so 'perfect'.

When you commit to always being a student of life, you'll never stop learning and
dreaming among the cosmos. That is where you've always belonged, dancing among the
stars and shooting across the heavens.
This is your year for explosive growth.
This is your time to decide you're worthy of more.
This is your legacy so make it one we'll never forget.
Don't just spark a match, ignite the fire.
Let winds carry the promises you sang and above all, inspire us with a 'Big Bang!'