Why Time

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Clear the path

This mornings run around the golf course inspired me to write this mornings WHY BLOG.  Every morning the landscape team cuts the grass and removes debris from this course. They are clearing the way and the path for today's golfing enthusiasts. Personally, I couldn't imagine playing this game without the support from these landscape Gods - I need all the help I can get!  

It got me thinking about the distractions and the stuff that we put in our path keeping us from successfully playing the game. You know, the excuses, the accumulated debt that gets bigger and bigger, the unfinished projects, the hours of TV watching and social media surfing. That's just the start, what about the deeper, spiritual, mental and physical stuff we allow to block our path. The limiting beliefs that we impose on ourselves that stop us from even starting the game. Blaming others instead of taking 100% responsibity for our actions. The continual need for external validation from friends and family that makes us quit the game.  The lack of higher levels of energy from better nutrition and physical exercise that keeps us from thriving in the game. The lack of daily planning and personal development that keeps you rushing around and missing the game.  

The game will always be there but the question is how will you participate?