Why Time

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

You are meant for more

Today, you may be feeling more alone than ever, with little support from those closest to you. Over the past several months, you have given so much of yourself to others. You have been there in powerful and inspiring ways with little expectations from others. You wonder, is this all there is or am I meant for so much more? Am I meant to soar to the stars? Am I on a path that will impact others? Will I experience happiness and inner peace?  

You are never alone and you are never given more than you can handle. You are surrounded by love, light and a layer of unseen potential. It has always been there like a warm blanket protecting your energy. It has revealed itself to you in moments when you were not expecting it. You sense this energy in times of stillness and quiet reflection. Flashes of your unseen potential appear in your dreams. 

You are meant for so much more. You are meant to experience the greatest levels of love. You are meant to be filled with joy. You are meant to experience all of the wonder around you. The moment you declare without hesitation that you are here, now, in this moment, alive, free and filled with hope and limitless love, you will experience life at whole new levels. 

This is what we all want for you.