Why Time

Monday, August 20, 2018

The Theory of Why

"Life isn't about asking How.

Life is about knowing Why!"

~ Gerry Visca

            We emerge into this world whole and complete yet somewhere along the way we begin to complicate our lives. We de-evolve from 'human beings' into 'human doings' - always pursuing, climbing and chasing more. Throughout our quest for power and control we seem to have lost sight of who we truly are and more importantly, why we are here. 

            Each one of us exists with a defined reason for being. Every human being that has ever walked this earth has a profound stitch to sew into the fabric of life. We've lost sight that we're all connected at a deeper level and it's through this awareness that we will discover mankind's true reason for existence.

            The past 11 years of my life represent the most fulfilling chapter. I have learned the art of simplicity. While my inspiration has reached deeper levels of understanding, the way that I live my deeper Why has become simplified.

            I have a saying that I share with Why Timers (people that receive the gift of one-on-one Why Time with me - a profound conversation with their soul): Your Why ignites the way.

          The way is the inspired means of experiencing and living through your Why. So, what is this Why? I define it as the World Helped by You. I'm not talking about the 'surface-based' Why that changes with the seasons or the pursuit of some shiny new object. Your deeper Why is not some goal, financial metric or even your kids for that matter. Your Why is your soul's way of realizing its deeper  impact on the world. It's your true reason for being and it's time that you remember who you are and why you're here. 

            So, why even write about it? It's quite simple. For mankind to truly thrive and realize all that we are meant to become in this universe then we need to collectively Reach Out and Inspire others with a deeper understanding of why each one of us is here. This is the new ROI that I'm on fire to inspire. Contrary to what you might think, building more shopping malls isn't going to get us to the 'promised land'.

            Where do we begin?

            I've become a big fan of simplified processes. There is a theory to everything. Einstein's equation for energy is: E=MC2 and Gerry Visca's simplified version for igniting one's deeper Why is: [Passion + Purpose = Outcome].

            Years ago, when I had the privilege of 'rebranding' organizations I focused on getting to the heart of the matter. Why do you exist? served as my foundation for reconnecting the 'human beings' that sit day in and day out within the cubicles (the employees) and the one's they serve (the clients and customers).

            A human being is quite simply a 'being' not a 'doing' machine. We have allowed ourselves to become defined by 'doing more'. The inner peace, happiness and fulfillment that we truly seek is only achieved through a deeper sense of 'being' and it's time we inspire one another to reconnect to it.

            If you've chosen to pause and read these words then you've accepted the invitation to a deeper sense of awareness for why you're really here. Igniting the deeper Why begins with remembering who you truly are. 

What is your joy?

What lights you up?

            I call that "Your Passion". It's your inner GPS that keeps you on course and trust me, it's easy to lose yourself in this 'noisy' and 'disconnected' age. The late Steve Jobs said it best: "If you're not passion about who you are and what you do then others won't feel it."      

What are your unique gifts?

What service will you give freely to others?

          I call that "Your Purpose" and every human being has a profound verse to contribute to the world. Most of us are simply unaware that we're even unaware!

What do you want others to experience?

          I call that "Your Outcome". Here's the thing, if you don't love the 'Outcomes' in your life then you're not living your Passion and Purpose. 

            So, why does it even matter? The average human being will experience around 70 summers. That's not a lot of time but then again, what is time? I define it as the awareness of the 'gift of life' through the present moment and the more time you devote to 'being human' the more you'll come to realize that the outcomes you are truly seeking are aligned with what you want for others.

            The theory of Why is the World Helped by You.   

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Who Farted?

We enter this world uniquely different, one-of-a-kind and imperfectly perfect. Our parents grin with admiration and pride as they gaze upon their precious creation. Upon inhaling our first taste of fresh air something indefinable occurs and you hear the words: “Hey, our little darling looks just like your dad!” Seconds later without warning the doctor brands you with a slap on your ass and welcomes you to the human race.  

As you lay there wrapped like a mummy in a swaddling blue blanket that thousands of newborns wore before you, your first thought enters your consciousness: “Perhaps I’m not so different after all.” Years pass and you find a newly-pressed blue uniform resting at the foot of your bed. You’re six years old and like most human beings, you have no idea who you really are.  

Moments later, a bright yellow bus appears and you’re ushered to a private school where hundreds of identical looking children stand before you and you feel as if you’ve entered the “The Twilight Zone.”   

“Single aisle.  
Draw inside the lines. 
Raise your hand. 
Stand in the corner. 
Wait tour turn.”

“Is this is the human race?” you ask yourself. 

 A strange sensation begins to expand within the depths of your very being. Suddenly, everything around you is blurred. A sense of inner knowing begins to emerge like a sleeping volcano. You want to leap and shout from the top of your desk. You desire to break free from the shackles of your blue uniform. A whisper within the oldest part of you, your Soul is nudging you to STAND OUT from the crowd and declare with sheer determination that you are DIFFERENT!  

 The room is silent. All you hear is the pounding of your heart.  Everyone’s eyes are deeply fixated on yours. You rise from your desk and gently raise a leg. What follows is a defiant bellow from your inner self breaking free and re-claiming your one precious life.  

You FART.  

As the teacher drags you down the hallway tugging on your one ear. You smile with sheer delight as you glimpse a vision of your future self, free, curious and full of wonder for the world.  

Stay tuned for the release of Gerry Visca's newest non-spiritual guide to breaking free from the norm. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

World Without Web



~ Gerry Visca

            A man named Harold woke up yesterday and habitually turned on his phone while having his morning whiz. To his surprise the social media icons had faded into the depths of the screen. That’s funny, must be the phone,  Harold whispered to himself. No matter how firmly he pressed the screen, nothing happened. 

            Harold got up and made his way to the coffee maker which sat on the counter joyfully anticipating his arrival. As the scent of freshly ground beans wafted into the air, Harold decided to check his email but again to his bewilderment the little "mail symbol" that typically rested along the bottom had vanished. Did someone mess with my phone? Harold thought to himself.  

            Moments later, Harold decided to switch to a more reliable source; the sleek laptop nestled comfortably upon his desk.  As he slowly opened the lid he let out a never-ending yawn. The lights on the foot of the laptop flickered strangely as he took his first sip of hot coffee. Like a moth to a flame, Harold leaned in for a closer look. As he did so, the steaming beverage cascaded over the key board like a warm waterfall. His laptop then let out a troubled sigh and one final beep advising him and the world that it had had enough of this life.  Crap! Harold whispered loudly. 

            Later that morning as he made his way to the local Starbucks and having no device to robotically stare at, even as he walked, he felt a strange aura brewing in the air. Harold could not help but notice that people around him were also looking up from their devices that curiously must have stopped glowing and buzzing.   

            The infrared scanners at Starbucks had also malfunctioned and evidently, no one was able to open their fancy apps. Initially, this freaked Harold out, as he had been anticipating the "free treat" he would soon be entitled to with a few more purchases. He regarded how his life revolved, almost entirely, around this small rectangular device. Fascinating? He whispered into the wind.

            The Barista sheepishly smiled at Harold as she kindly advised him that their was no internet or debit services so he would be forced to pay with cash.  As if he had foreseen this day, Harold had decided to put a few dollars into his wallet the night before. As he whipped around, his friend Charles bumped into him and Harold's recently cash-purchased Grande fell to the ground and exploded into a sea of dark liquid. This morning is not going the way I planned, Harold muttered to himself. 

            Little did Harold know he was not alone. While he had counted sheep the previous night, the world decided to change. The world that Harold knew, the one that his rational mind thought was Real was an illusion.  

It’s a World Without Web, he whispered to himself.  

No internet. 

No social media. 

No online or wireless access of any kind.  

            As this realization dripped in, Harold felt alone and even a bit afraid. But then something indefinable occurred. A beautiful woman approached him and he found himself diving into the most connected conversation of his life.

“Did you hear about the Web?” the woman asked. “It’s completely gone like it never existed.” As Harold gazed upon the wondrous splendour before him a profound realization stirred in the air. This is the “CONNECTION” age we were meant to co-create, he thought to himself.

            With the illusory world on pause, Harold found himself going about his life with a new sense of awareness. He noticed people from all walks of life connecting with one another. He heard laughter from children chiming in the wind as if for the first time. Meaningful conversations lingered in boardrooms. He received actual phone calls from actual human beings and spoke of things that mattered in life. This ripple seemed to spread across the world like a brush fire. 

            As Harold placed a fresh and crisp copy of the Business Link onto his desk where his laptop once stood, he smiled at the thought of the woman he met earlier that day and contemplated the conversation they would have over tomorrow's morning coffee.

I better put a few more bills in my wallet, he thought to himself.   


Gerry Visca is the #Why Guy, one of Canada's top inspirational speakers, the author of 17 books, including the two new transformational novels: Remembering Why and Why am I here? Keep your WHY alive at www.gerryvisca.com   When you order 3 copies of Gerry's latest books you receive the gift of one-on-one WHY Time.

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Monday, May 14, 2018


The month of May has been the second most reflective moment of my life.  The first was sitting in the hospital holding my daughters hand and watching her breathe.  

It all began with my life partner Angela, choosing to spend a month a part. She always dreamed of traveling to Europe on her own. 

As I dropped her off at the Toronto airport on Monday night, I felt a bit like one of the male characters in the movie [Eat. Pray. Love]. Ironically, Angela even referenced the movie a few days later in one of her social media posts.  I smiled.  

Like a fast moving river, hundreds of thoughts swam through my mind. I’m sure you’ve experienced that turbulent current pulling you in all sorts of directions.   
Would this be the last time I see her? 
Will this be the start of something new that I need to embrace? 
You’ve been there before G, I reminded myself. 

So as I tearfully drove away from the Airport's departure level, I decided to set an intention for the experience I wanted to feel. I called it MORE. 

I know what you’re thinking, bachelor and party time! Nothing would be further from the truth. That’s just not me. It never has been. 

I wanted to experience a MORE meaningful connection to ME. I decided to shut off much of the noise from the external world. I call that “unwanted sound.”  
I set the intention for MORE mindfulness in every action.  

What I’ve come to realize while being in a loving relationship is that it’s easy to lose the connection to the Soul of your True Self. I’m a big giver and lover of others closest to me that I sometimes forget to give MORE to myself.  

MORE is about falling back with arms open wide and catching myself.  
MORE is about noticing the imperfections and loving every facet of my being.  
MORE is about taking stock of the life I’ve consciously co-created.  

It’s now the 3rd Monday since Angela ventured onward towards fulfilling her bucket list. I kicked off this motivational morning with a 'run to the sun'.  I meditated on my favourite rock along the stillness of the lake. As the great ball of fire pushed through the horizon, it ignited the morning sky with the most brilliant red and orange I had ever witnessed. It was in that moment where I felt connected to the 'oneness of my spirit' and my higher self.  

This month has been a profound and rich experience. I’ve learned to savour a deeper flavour for every moment. I’ve journeyed to the mountain of my Soul. Quite literally as I completed my newest novel titled: “Why am I here?”  

I celebrated my nephews wedding, embraced my loving Mother and inspired a multitude of WHY TIME; a profound conversation with people's higher self. 

I’ve prayed, smiled, laughed, cooked and observed the hidden meaning of MORE than ever before.  

Angela gave me one of the greatest treasures that I lovingly unwrapped; the Gift of the Present Moment. 

What will bring MORE meaning to your life?  

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


"We're all connected. No one in this world is alone."
~ Gerry Visca

One of my favourite things to do is venture out to the movies. I love everything about catching a cinematic adventure; the people, the popcorn and the experience of losing myself.
           Earlier this month, my life partner, Angela and I caught the flick: "I can only imagine" based on the true story of Bart Millard; lead singer of MercyMe.  There was an inspiring connection that waffled through the aisles of movie theatre number three that night. It was more than just buttery flavoured popcorn that heightened my senses. The movie stirred a deeper sense of human connection within the depths of my soul.
           The interesting thing is that the energy that really moved me came after the credits. As I stood up to make my way down the steep flight of steps, I whipped around and caught an older man who had lost his footing and stumbled to his knees. I couldn't help marvel at the way a dozen or so people, including myself, rushed to his aid. It was in that moment that I experienced the possibility for a deeper connection within the human race.
           For years I've devoted my life to one of inspiration. I chose to transition from the field of architecture; from building buildings to building up people. As the Why Guy, I exist to inspire others to answer the only question that truly matters: "Why am I here?" As a group of us lifted the older man to his feet, I felt his spirit somehow elevating mine.  In that moment I was pleasantly reminded of the power of reaching out and inspiring one another.
           The man's deep blue eyes stirred my soul. As he gripped my arm tightly, we slowly made our way down the steps and out into the hallway. Those of us surrounding him, quietly cheered as the man proudly walked out the theatre doors. He gazed deeply into my eyes and thanked me for my kindness and I returned the gesture by thanking him for his gift of connection.  
           That night, I decided to capture this uplifting experience through the gift of the written word. As a 17-time author and transformational novelist, I choose to create the space to share these insights with you through a belief that we're all connected and no one is meant to walk this earth alone. We live in a connection age yet one only has to gaze upon a sea of buzzing devices to notice that our world is more disconnected than ever. Imagine a world where people look up and intentionally strive to connect with others. The outcomes would be limitless.  A world that connects through compassion, empathy and understanding will create limitless outcomes.
           This old man reminded me of the gift of connection and the "link" between all of us. It's another reason why I appreciate publications like "The Business Link". They help us look up and appreciate the verse that each human being contributes to the story of humanity. The gift of connection is about pausing to experience the daily miracles that present themselves in what may appear in seemingly insignificant ways.  The key is to become aware of the significance of the "present moment".
           Choose to connect to someone's heart every single day. Push beyond your comfort zone and see another human being for who they really are. Feel your spirit connecting with theirs. It's one thing to connect with people's minds however, it's quite another to forge a bond with their heart. We deepen our connection with others by listening with the intent to understand versus replying.
           The world craves deeper connection now more than ever. It starts with a belief that all of us are here to help one another connect to something far greater than building more shopping malls. We are here to connect to the light of one another. Every single human being on this planet has a gift to weave into the very fabric of life. Every stitch is a connection to the quilt of humanity.  
           So, as the opening credits for the next cinematic adventure begins, I smile at the phrase that fills up the screen and stirs my heart:
           "See the Big Picture..."         


Monday, March 12, 2018


When I chose to set out in a path of inspiration back in the later part of 2007, I published 10 inspirational quotes.  

Little did I know at the time that each one of these “mantras” would have a profound impact on my life.  

The first step towards nurturing profound change starts with planting the seed of an idea.  

It’s one thing for me to write these words and quite another to live them.  

The quote I published two years after the seed was planted was:
“Nurture your career and your relationships and experience results.”

The next 9 years that followed consisted of nurturing the seeds I had planted. I chose to be for others the very thing I was seeking: Inspiration. 

It’s what I wanted others to experience so I poured myself into nurturing those around me and that led to a bountiful life filled with Love, Passion, Creativity and Inspiration. 

  • Surround yourself with a TRIBE that knows WHY they are here. I define the deeper WHY as the World Helped by You.  

  • Seek out those that live with greater Passion and Purpose knowing that the Outcome they seek is also seeking them.  

A TRIBE that knows WHY is an unstoppable force. Their light becomes a beacon for the World and their intention streaks across the universe. 

  • Nurture the seeds you planted long ago with your belief that you are meant for more. 

  • Wash over them with a profound sense of love and joy. 

  • Cast a light upon their unique gifts for others to marvel. 

  • Comfort them when the energy of fear and disbelief takes its grip upon their life force causing them to feel lost and alone.  

Nurture your WHY TRIBE and bask in the growth of your relationships knowing that they have created the profound results that is your life. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

The BIGGER Picture

~ Gerry Visca

It's 3:11am and I’ve woken up, yet again, in a cold sweat convinced that I am meant to see the bigger picture that dwells below the surface. As I boil the kettle for my early morning tea, I sit in my studio pondering the words for my next article.

As I look down, visions of my past as a global speaker swirl in my mind delivering content that I believed, at the time, was essential.  I see myself on stage giving a talk in Istanbul on the 'Disruptors of Innovation'. The tea swirls and moments later, I'm transported to Quebec where I'm inspiring a global audience on the 'Power of Creativity'. A few more swirls and I'm swept up into the snow-capped peaks of British Columbia delivering one of thousands of talks on building a 'Brand Experience' in order to connect with the hearts of customers.
As I sit in my red chair gazing at the 16 published books resting on the shelf and the unedited manuscript of my latest transformational novel: Why am I here? I ponder a thought:

"Why is the world still so disconnected?"

Let's get real about what we all need to ask ourselves. As heads of nations continue to bury their heads in the sands of time can we honestly say that we're better off? Have we arrived at the ultimate destination as a species that is supposedly "self aware"? Are we who we are meant to be and is the delusional pursuit for "more" truly changing the world and our lives? Will the aisles of yet another shopping mall guide us to the promised land?
And as I write these words mass media continues to innovate on new ways of ushering in fear by telling us how we should live our lives.
Like seeds blowing aimlessly in the wind, the concept of "Democracy" and "Free Will" continues to take us further down the rabbit hole. It's all just another system of control isn’t it?  
So, I ground myself in the only question, I believe, matters: Why am I here?
Answer: To wake up the world to answering the only question that matters.
Imagine all of humanity truly becoming "self aware". Fear no longer has a place in our hearts and minds as we each exist to reach out and inspire one another. We actually have a shot at surviving as a species instead of wiping each other out.
When we collectively strive to ignite the deeper WHY, that I define as the World Helped by You, in one another, then we awaken the oldest part of ourselves, our Soul's true Purpose.
Is this not why we are truly here; too look up and elevate the human race to a new level of consciousness?

Here's the thing; we all have a choice. We can continue exerting our dominance over nature, searching for the answer within the Lines of Code, Technology and AI or we can CONNECT with people's hearts and help one another look up, rise to the surface and become all we were meant to be.

We are human BEINGS yet we continue to allow ourselves to be defined by DOING more. It's only through the acceptance of our deeper reason for BEING that we ignite our Soul's hidden Purpose, the one below the surface. It's the collective realization for the truth of who we really are that gives birth to an inspired way of BEING.

The answers to the bigger question doesn't come from a weekend workshop that promises success in six easy steps. It's not found in the external world. Like an iceberg, it's true potential dwells below the surface.
How do we get there? We decide to collectively create a world through Love and like the herbs in my tea, the energy of Fear that no longer serves our higher selves, will ultimately dissolve.  
So, before you turn the page, consider turning off the noise, "the unwanted sound" and instead, choose to listen to the only voice that matters, the one that connects you to the bigger picture and that rests deep within your heart:
Why am I here?