Why Time

Friday, July 29, 2016

Release the light.

Picture this scenario.  You're with your significant other, out for dinner with some friends, and during the conversation you hear a comment that triggers you.  You are suddenly offended and the next 24 hours, your mind spirals completely out of control. 

Welcome to the human race!  I've often shared that we either live with love or fear.  These two emotions can't coexist in  our minds.  We often judge ourselves for the simplest of things.  We convince ourselves that we're not good enough, strong or pretty enough, not smart enough and the list goes on...

Why do we allow ourselves to live in this kind of state? What I know for certain is that we were all born with a beautiful light. Inside each one of us is a seed of pure potential.  The bigger question is what have you been doing with that seed? How are you nurturing and feeding it?  Remember that every thought is a powerful creation that either breathes light into that seed or it keeps the light from reaching it and helping it grow. 

Every moment is an opportunity for you to take one more step towards the incredible journey that you're creating. Every thought that you allow to enter your mind is either nourishing your seed of potential or its impacting your ability to grow.  

See this light of your life as a miraculous feat of human existence.  You're here now to be and do so much more with the time you've been given.  Be gentle on your soul.  Love all of your imperfections and release the light.