Why Time

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Remember every step

Remember how you were feeling 12 months ago at the start of 2014 - you were ready to embrace change in your life, you were ready for new levels of freedom and inspired to move your life forward. You set your sail and you keyed in your destination. You created your vision and even mapped out some milestones. Doors of opportunity began to present themselves, you stepped in and began attracting the people and the resources - your guides taking you on the path towards your destination. 

Remembering the significance of your journey is key to the next 12 months. Celebrating all of your accomplishments sends a message to the universe that you are ready for more. You may have experienced new levels of discomfort but you now know that without it you are not growing. You have learned how to loose without being defeated. Failure is no longer an obstacle for you it's a key to unlocking your hidden potential. 
Bask in the light of your greatness as you no longer wish to hide in the shadows of others. You are no longer the same person you were at the start of this journey. You have a new found belief in yourself and you are starting to lead others by paving the way. You are living life at whole new levels - you've tasted it and you are ready for more. 

Today I encourage you to celebrate you and how far you have come. Glance over your shoulder and extend a slight smile to the fear that you have passed through and that no longer surrounds you. Celebrate your personal courage and know that your actions have inspired us all.