Why Time

Monday, June 22, 2015

Be the light

Instead of waiting for others to change, why not be their light and show them the way. Instead of wishing that others come to you why not be the light and the one that takes action and clears the path. Instead of hoping that others will make your dreams come true why not be the light and ignite their way. Inside of you is all the fuel you will ever need. Why not be the master conductor, the architect and the beacon in the distance for others that have lost their way.  When you are being what you seek, you become a shining example for others to emulate because you're living with the only thing that matters, your passion and purpose, that's what creates your outcomes and I call that living your WHY. You finally get it, you don't need others to, you are ready to be the example and lead yourself knowing that others will be inspired to be the light. That's called a new ROI for the world. Are you ready to light that candle?