Why Time

Sunday, November 16, 2014

[F] THE FEAR - do it any way.

I meet so many people that are on the verge of greatness. They are literally on a balance scale with the opportunity to rise up and make their mark in this world or continue to slide down a path of untapped potential. The only thing standing in their way is total acceptance and replacement of FEAR with LOVE. These two emotions cannot co-exist in the same realm - yet by themselves they are major catalysts each with their own power to either thrust you upwards into the realm of possibilities or cast you downwards into a spiral of complacency. In today's world you can't afford to hide in the shadows and simply 'sneak by' hoping that no one will see you. 

My view on FEAR is quite simply this - [F] it - give it no attention or energy. It's not deserving of your greatness. It is not a part of your vocabulary. Let it pass through and over you then happily look back over your shoulder and smile at it knowing that you have chosen LOVE.  This is the only emotion you need to embrace. Love everything that shows up in your life NOW. Focus only on what you wish to experience and receive. Know that you have the power to conceive your desired life, create it, act on it and receive it. This is WHY you are here. Now go be it - we are all standing by to lift you up. 

Ignite your Light

Inside us all is a bright light waiting to shine. It has always been there ready for ignition. There is only one path that will torch these embers, it's your relentless belief in your yourself and your unseen potential. Strive to ignite this light and it instantly illuminates the way - serving as the ultimate GPS for your life. We were all born to be and do great things in this world. We were given the ability to choose to act or remain in a state of comfort suppressing our passion for the soul. The great ones choose to step out of the shadows and understand that when they ignite their light they inspire others to do the same - to face their fears and embrace their epic life: Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Steve Jobs, Harry Potter, Neo and Gandalf the White. 

We are surrounded daily with so much noise, reality TV, big box mania and a plethora of media messages distracting us from what we are really meant to be.  Imagine a world where we all ignite and live this light. A world where we don't settle. A world that encourages, connects and demands the best from each one of us, would that not be a world worth creating and contributing to? This is a month of miracles, they are everywhere waiting for you to witness them and hold them upto the light. The moment you believe in the unseen and harness your power as a co-creator you will have mastered your life.