Why Time

Friday, April 22, 2016

Make a difference

What is the change you desire to see and experience in the world?  What difference do you wish to drive?  It's in you to be a difference maker.  It's in all of us.  We are all connected to the one universal field.  No one is alone or disconnected from it.  

You may feel as if global change can only be initiated by the select few. It's the energy and love of everyday people that change the world.  You can make a difference today.  You can inspire great change by simply setting the intention. If we all waited for others to initiate and install change then there would be no change.  

Living life as a difference maker starts with a premise that we are all mean't for more.  We're here on this earth to contribute our unique gifts to it.   

The air that you breathe, the sunrise and sunsets that you experience, the changing seasons unites us all. We are one.  Don't hesitate a moment more.  

Mahatma Gandhi shared these words: "My life is my message - be the change you wish to see in the world." 
When you share your love, your passion and purpose with others you inspire us all to do the same.  

Be a Difference maker.