Why Time

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

When things don't go as planned

What's your state of mind after things don't go as you intended or planned?  Do you become discouraged and un motivated?  What's that inner voice inside of your head saying to you? 

Here's a great a great little tip to get those voices out of your head.  Write down what you're feeling the moment you're feeling it.  On the opposite side write out what you can do about it.  

This seemingingly insignificant action, has the power to ignite your creative juices.  It fires up your neurons and helps you refocus your thoughts and your energy.  

The key is to remain focused on the [BIGGER PICTURE]. That's where all of your energy needs to flow.  The little disappointments along the way are simply an opportunity to look up and do a course correction.  

When things don't go our way, we have an opportunity to choose our reaction.  It's these choices during these unpleasant times, that shapes our character and defines who we wish to be.   

When someone disappoints you, simply say to yourself: "Isn't that interesting" and then go about your day with gratitude for your life and your awareness for noticing it.