Why Time

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Waiting for the world

Are you waiting on the world to change? Waiting for permission from your spouse to pursue your dreams? Are you waiting for more likes and followers on Social Media? Are you waiting for acceptance from others? You don't have to wait for what you want. The world is ready for you now. You influence the world with your beautiful energy. You shape the universe with your intention. You co-create with the energy of this world by believing in yourself and taking action on your passion and purpose. 

Others around you are showing up exactly the way you need them to. They are your greatest teachers reminding you to stay the course, push beyond the pain and to live the life that you've imagined. It's only through challenge, discomfort and adversity that we grow. Comfort suppresses our passion for the soul. Discomfort is growth and your greatest catalyst for change. You don't need others around you to get it.  You have to be that change and look at the experience and the emotion from a different lens. When you shift the way you look at things then the things that you look at will start to change. 

You have waited your whole life, you know how to do that very well. Today, take action and start to be what it is that you are seeking. You will change the world by stepping into your deeper WHY, but not just thinking about it or creating some slogan and ad campaign that sounds and looks good on paper. It's more than than that! Living your WHY is your souls recognition that the World will be Helped by You. You have the ability to change everything around you including your relationships, your career, your financial situation and your self love.You're  change in this world will be the result of living with greater passion for your life and defining your purpose with an outcome that benefits others. If you don't like the outcomes in your life I encourage you to invest some quality time sitting in deep reflection on how you are living your life with passion and purpose. How are you being of service to  others? How are you impacting the lives around you? 

Today, decide what you want most, take action and go get it. The world is ready for change and for you.