Why Time

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Be Happy Now

Sitting here in wondrous New York City, I  am amazed as to how happy I am in this moment.  I create this YLOG from Soho, Prince and Broadway at the flagship Starbucks store.  The energy of this place and this city is bustling.  You can't help but get swept up in its grip.  When you allow yourself to feel every moment, be a part of it you are overcome by its power.  This is when you are truly happy.  When you no longer depend on external validation from others.  When you make a conscious choice to see outside circumstances for what they are, you will experience greater levels of inner-peace.  Is this not what we are all seeking?  Instead of waiting for the next thing, event or change in circumstance, decide in this moment to be happy in this moment. What if you conditioned yourself to be what you long to be?  You are not defined by your past, your present title, your level of income, your quantity of likes or even the friends you keep.  The happiness that you seek is deeper and richer than that.  Its challenging and equally rewarding.  It takes daily conditioning like anything worth pursuing, but the journey to this destination is worth experiencing over and over again.

The quality of our mind is dependent on how we choose to respond to external circumstances that we cannot control. The choice to be happy in the moment is exactly that, a choice.  It is the only thing that you can control. No one can do it for you, just like no one has the power to give it to you or take it away.  You have the power at any moment to decide how you wish to feel.  Happiness does not just 'happen' but rather, its an inner belief, a declaration to yourself and to the world that this is who you have chosen to be.  Be happy now.