Why Time

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Energy flows where your mind goes

If you're anything like me then you believe that everything in our world is made up of energy.  Our ability to think, create, attract and act flows through the power of energy.  

You experience it everyday in all life's daily miracles.  The flowers that you planted years ago effortlessly bloom.  The growth of your little idea into a realized dream.  The unexpected call from a dear friend that you reflected on just a few days earlier.    

What you [focus] on expands.  It's the law of the universe.  If you focus your mind on fear then more of it will appear.  Instead, fixate ONLY on what you desire to create.  Carve out the time and allocate daily energy towards your dream.  It doesn't take much just intention, focus, belief and inspired action.  

Everyday you get a chance to choose you.  You get the opportunity to flow your energy towards what matters most.  This in itself is a miracle.  Bless everything around you and know that your time is coming you are about to bloom.