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Monday, November 5, 2012

Climb to your Greatness

Red Tip – The Climb to your Greatness

With less than two months until the start of a New Year, ask yourself the following question: “What one thing could I do today that if I did it, would propel me to a whole new level of greatness?” I often express to audiences; “It’s not where you are that matters but the direction that you are heading in.” This question is designed with the intention of helping you imagine a new level of greatness that you deserve. Recognize that the art of creating what you want most starts with [Imagination, Belief and Inspired Action]. Once you have imagined it, you have already created it. It’s time for you to take action on that one area of your life that you have been stalling on. Today I am extending you a ‘free pass’ to go deeper and imagine a new altitude for your potential. When 2013 rolls around, you will be ‘ready to receive’ since you have already generated the momentum that you need. The climb to your greatness is about to unfold within your incredible life and it will only happen by ‘living this question’ and then taking action. Becoming the architect of your life will drive your goals forward with passion, purpose and enthusiasm.

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