Why Time

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


As we approach a new year that's filled with unbridled possibility, ask yourself - How do you want to be perceived and What do you want to be remembered for? This is a great way to ignite a New Year. In my newest book titled:  'I don't know what the hell I'm doing' I share a path towards helping you define the real you. 

My whole existence has circumferenced this energy of inspiring others to define themselves. You are the architect and the fuel of your brilliant light. 

We all posses a powerful personal brand that lives and breathes. It's an energy force and when ignited it will fuel your jets and light the way for others to find you. It's your sign that helps the world help you. It's the spice and zest towards living your deeper, driving why for it's filled with passion. 

Today, create a visual representation of your personal brand. Start fresh and have fun cutting and pasting pictures of how you wish to be perceived. Let this creative exercise light a fire inside of you as you thrust into the New Year on fire and on purpose for how you wish to be perceived.