Why Time

Monday, December 15, 2014

Pull in possibilities.

As we near the completion of yet another stellar year it's time to reflect on what you created and manifested for yourself. At the start of 2014 you may have set out on a path towards reinvention. 
What relationships did you cultivate? What milestones did you reach? 
What areas in your life did you enhance? 
Inside each one of us is an ability to conceive, act and create what we seek. Some of us let life unfold for us while others start off each new day with a powerful intention to draw towards them what they are seeking most. I start each day as a miracle of life and I become intentional about enhancing and inspiring others around me to take powerful action in their lives, it's WHY I exist. 

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, breathe in a white light of possibility and exhale the energy that no longer serves you. Release all past regrets, pain and set backs,  instead smile and see them as stepping stones drawing you in closer to the life that you crave and desire. See what you want in your life, now, wrap a rope around it and pull it towards you with all of your strength and belief in yourself and in the unseen. Take another deep breath and love who you are in this moment. You have attracted all of the resources, the people and the skills that you need. You are aware of your ability to draw to you everything that you are seeking. You are a creator of your life. You are the author, conductor and the architect shaping the outcomes of what you wish to experience. From this point forward you are the one in control and you are aware of your ability to draw to you the love that you deserve.