Why Time

Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 28 (30 days to Freedom) Release your fears

When you are up to really great things new emotions will start to surface: fear, anxiety, discomfort, limiting beliefs. Recognize that these are ALL normal emotions. It's easy to suppress your passion and play it safe, but here is the thing, that does not lead to greatness. When you live with a state of urgency for your life then you have to be intentional with the life you want to create. 

Every thought is a creation. Everytime you give into low energy emotions like fear you are attracting more of it. The key is to release the fear. Grab that Samurai sword and slice up those fears that don't serve you. Focus instead on allocating your energy towards what you WISH to create in the present moment.  There is a common denominator within the most successful people - they decide what they want most, they take powerful daily action by creating new success habits and condition their mind, body and soul on a regular basis. They feel the fear, hey we all do but then we release it, we don't sit with it, we strive to create and fuel our sub concious minds with greater emotions like: desire, love, passion and intention. This is what leads to living an extraordinary life. 

Grow and stretch into your greatness and push through the pain to create the life you desire. 

Day 27 (30 days to Freedom) Acknowledge your accomplishments.

We meet so many people that have not learned how to receive. Think about it - do you receive compliments? How many this week have you accepted?  Have you patted yourself on the back for doing a great job? Seriously, most people will never take the time to contemplate what they want most in life. The ones that do - won't take the necessary action for fear of failing. The ones that act avoid keeping up the momentum and daily persistence with the actions that got them there. Finally, over 90% of people that do visualizing, act and maintain block themselves from receiving their greatness. Why? They don't feel they deserve success - they are often living in the past.  

To get what you want in life you have to start conditioning your mind for success through receiving. This is a 100% inside job. No workshop, course or words of encouragement from your leader will do it for you. You have to master your inside voice and thoughts of receiving to master your life. Start with the awareness that every thought is a creation. When you allow fear, regret, anger and jealousy to dominate your daily thoughts then that is what you will continue to receive. You can change your outcomes by getting highly intentional with your thoughts. Focus instead on success, gratitude, love, positivity on a daily basis and start to flood your sub concious with those receiving thoughts and witness the miracles that start to appear in your life. 

Today, see it as a miracle. Add reminders on your phone and throughout your home to think and act in a new and positive way. Start receiving compliments as they appear but without expectation. Everyday look in the mirror and smile and tell yourself how great you are doing. Fill yourself up with love so you can overflow with greatness. Receiving is as important as giving. Read the following affirmation daily: "I am giving and receiving love everyday."

Day 26 (30 days to freedom) Plan a trip of Renewal

Periods of peak performance need to be balanced with times of deep renewal. I'm not talking about planting yourself in front of the TV for an 18 hour marathon - I'm referring to deep, soul food for your mind. As one who chooses to inspire others as way of being I'm often in a massive state of giving to others, don't get me wrong, I love giving but I often find myself depleted of energy so I need to continually balance it with deep renewal. 

I recommend scheduling in daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly renewal routines. For me it's going to bed earlier, journalling a day of gratitude then reading for 45 minutes and drifting off to sleep with visions of all that I am grateful for. Every morning, I wake up at 5:00 am, and invoke my hour of power - 30 minutes of meditation followed by 30 minutes of physical exercise. This daily success habit feeds my mind, body and soul. It allows me to be present to create this daily morning BLOG together with my love Angela. 

We kick off our weeks with our drive and dream Mondays, I love it, great inspiring audio CDs and the open road to dream up new possibities for our life. In a few weeks we are off to sunny Long Beach California where we will set the intention to renew and re-energize so we can be even more on fire for our freedom team.  Angela and I love the people we choose to surround ourselves with. We love the greatness that we  create in this world, our inspired publications, our global speaking tour, our coaching and our freedom team that we are cultivating. Everyday is a miracle for us and filled with great intention for the way we want to show up in this world. 

Today plan to incorporate deep renewal into your life. Make it a ritual and top priority. Give to yourself on a regular basis so you can receive the greatness that you deserve. 

Day 25 (30 days to freedom) Treat someone like gold

My greatest joy always comes from pouring myself into others. If I am not reaching out and inspiring others everyday then I am wasting my time here on this earth. I believe that we were all meant for more and together we can unlock our hidden potential. When I start each day from a mindset of helping others then I attract the most extraordinary opportunities. When I surrender to the flow and the energy of the universe and my intention to improve peoples lives then my life changes. It's far to easy to continue on simply worrying about myself and what can I get out of this. Living with an 'it's all about me' attitude leads to a lonely and uninspired path of only you. 

We are not separate, this world that we all have been given the opportunity to be a part of to contribute our unique gifts is a daily miracle. When we all live from a 'serving others' mindset our world changes. We are all born as creators with exceptional gifts that will push the human race forward. Once we surrender to that energy with a relentless belief that we are all connected, we will forge a new ROI for the world - built upon the premiss of Reaching Out and Inspiring Others is a necessity of life. 

Today, treat someone like Gold. Ask them what they need to embrace. Show them that they are not alone. Reach out and touch others by pouring yourself into them and witness the power of your inspiring gift as it turns to gold. Then, teach others to do the same.