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Friday, December 16, 2011

Gerry Visca's BIG THINK Georgina - Jan.25.26,2012

I'm Looking for 15 People in Georgina to Help Me Change the World ... Are YOU Ready?

I invite you to start Thinking BIG.
I'll Teach You Everything I Know About Improving People's Lives –
Including Yours!

Two evenings of Creative Inspiration, Motivation and Entertainment that will ignite you to take action in your life! For the first time ever - Gerry Visca together with Jo McKay, – a Brand Ambassador, and the Georgina Chamber of Commerce will teach you everything about improving people’s lives. Some of you have tasted Gerry Visca’s, Branding BootCamps®, now you have an opportunity to transform yourself and your business by learning trade secrets from a world-class expert in a stimulating environment that empowers you to take action immediately and transform your life forever.

Are you a professional speaker, trainer, consultant or coach? Are you someone who loves to support others in reaching their full potential? Within my BIG THINK Event – I will spend 1 day in with 100 individuals in the afternoon and 15 select individuals in the evening - helping them uncover their magnificence and applying their unique skills in transforming people’s lives.

Why attend?
Register now with gerry@redchairbranding.com
Registration is limited to 100 individuals & 15 for Gerry’s Inner-Circle.“To creatively reinvent yourself for 2012 so you can thrive on challenge and change. In 2012 we all need to raise the value we bring to others to a whole new level, without burning ourselves out. That means we have to find a system that will motivate and mobilize us – not just today, but every day”. – Gerry Visca

Register now with gerry@redchairbranding.com
Registration is limited to 100 individuals & 15 for Gerry’s Inner-Circle.

A Day and Evening with Canada’s Creative Coach – Gerry Visca
up close and personal

Your Evening with Gerry Visca – Jan.25.2012
6:00 – 10:00pm Cost $40/person Stephen Leacock Theatre, Keswick
BIG THINK Event – Limited to 100 individuals
- 4 hours of inspiration with Gerry Visca
- Access to select sponsors
- Break out session with key facilitators
- Workshop Booklet
- Refreshments – will be served

An Inner-Circle with Gerry Visca – Jan.26.2012
6:00 – 9:00pm Cost $100/person
Georgina Chamber of Commerce Boardroom, 430 The Queensway S., Keswick
The Inner Circle – Limited to 15 individuals
- 3 hours of exclusive coaching in a round circle with Gerry Visca and
15 other individuals
- Get clear on defining the BIGGER picture of your life.
- Get clear on your Personal Brand and your overall life goals.
- Training and development on Gerry Visca’s key coaching principles.
- Workshop Booklet no.2
- A FREE copy of Gerry Visca’s new book – The Innovation Gap®
- Refreshments – will be served

“Gerry, working with you was like experiencing a rare delicacy! The uniqueness of your talent, process and mind is extraordinary. You enabled me to bring life to projects and ideas that I had stored in my mind for nearly a decade. Your ability to tap in and extract your client's passion and strengths is remarkable. What a pleasure to have had this experience with you. With blessings and infinite gratitude”

Priya Ali, Author and Coach