Why Time

Saturday, December 31, 2016


On this final day of the year you have an opportunity to prepare yourself to receive your gifts. 

Focus on clearing the energy that no longer serves you and embrace the light that truly makes you extraordinary. 

On this final day extend massive levels of gratitude for all of the moments you experienced.  The energy that you shared with others.  

On this final day bless the ones that entered your life on your path to living your purpose. Regardless of how they showed up they are your greatest teachers.   

Tomorrow is a new day and a new year.  It's an opportunity and a privilege to share your passion and purpose with the world.   

You have been blessed with gifts that are unique to you.  When you live through these gifts the world experiences your joy. 

Tomorrow you get to commit yourself to living with greater purpose for the one life you've been given.  

Today and tomorrow is your greatest reinvention to date.  It's your one precious life that was meant to be [LIVED] and played full


Release the breaks that have you playing it safe and small.  Release the inner beliefs that no longer serve you.   

Today, tomorrow and everyday forward, embrace the special being that is you.   

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Be What you Seek

Inside everyone of us lives a deeper [purpose] and an innate ability to inspire change in our world. 

Every human being on this planet has been blessed with their [own] set of unique gifts.  You experience these unique abilities through your [passion].  

Joy is your internal compass and your way towards greater happiness. 

When you give your gifts away through service to others you are becoming the very thing you are seeking.

Don't let another day pass you by without believing that the world needs your light.  

Become the very thing you are searching for.  [BE] what you seek.  You will discover through this journey of self-discovery a path to your inner-being that was born knowing [why] you exist.  

We exist as human BEings not as human DOings.  Although the right action is required, avoid the temptation of being defined by what you do. 

The path to greater levels of personal fulfillment lies through this way of being.  BEing is a state of mind and through your inner-belief that you are meant for more, you will uncover the way. 

How do you become what you are seeking?  [Focus] on the joy that you wish for others to experience. 

Experience the video version: https://youtu.be/1t4aenTOl0U

Monday, December 26, 2016

Your light

Inside of you is a light that we all need. When you believe and IGNITE this light it will illuminate our way.  

Your light has been burning ever since you inhaled your first breath.  Up to point the world may not be aware of it.   Others may have tried their best to blow it out.  

What I know for certain is when we all contribute to igniting one another's light the world becomes one inspired and unified flame.  

Step out from the shadows.  Lift up your soul and declare [NOW] to the world that you are ready to commit your light.   

When you keep your light hidden inside we are unaware.  The time to shine is now.  You no longer have to suppress the flame just so others around you won't feel small.   You don't have to extinguish your God-given potential and purpose just to [FIT IN].  

Don't smother the embers that spark your passion. Rather let them burn brightly for all the world to see.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Everyone is a teacher

Everyone that has ever crossed your path was sent to teach you something about yourself.  

It's often difficult to see the light in our darkest moments. It's this light that will illuminate your way.  

When you decide to take 100% responsibility for the life you wish to create, people will present themselves in a way that propels you forward.   

The ones closest to you may not present themselves in the way you originally intended. Recognize this as your greatest gift.  

Discomfort is your ultimate catalyst for growth. Embrace the most challenging energies as your greatest opportunity to develop yourself.   

Look for the teaching in this moment. Ask yourself: "What am I meant to learn?"

Thank them for showing up. They are your greatest angels. You are becoming aware of your greater gifts. 

Move forward with a deeper understanding that [YOU] are here, [NOW] to teach others.  

Tuesday, December 6, 2016



"What the hell do you want Gerry?" This was the question, well certainly one of them that kick started everything.  

Answer- "to inspire others..."

What followed was; "What are you seeking Gerry?"

Answer, "Love, peace, inspiration."

When you decide to take 100% responsibility for deciding what you want then you receive what you ask for.  

This sounds easy enough right but most of us have lived 1/2 of our loves never contemplating the BIGGER questions.  

Where do these questions lead? Well when you start living them BIGGER ones show up!

"Why are you here Gerry?" It's the only question that matters in the end.  Why and what am I meant to be and do with the time I've been given? 

I believe that the moment you commit yourself to this 'way of being' then the way will reveal itself.  Your job - cross the threshold. Take powerful action.  Believe it's possible and receive the love you deserve.   

#whyguy #bigdreamers