Why Time

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Let it all go

Think about your life right now and all of the energy flowing to it. The possessions, the accumulations, the people, the demands and all the requests, the todo list, the hundreds of passwords to fuel the multitude of social media accounts, the fears and the doubt surrounding the need for more in your life. 

Now ask yourself, when and where do you feel most alive? Are any of these things truly setting you free?

You came into this world with nothing and you'll leave with nothing so why are you holding on to these life rafts?  

If you do just a bit of reflection, you'll soon realize that adding more to your life will not set you free!  You see, it's developing the capacity to enjoy less that truly releases you from the weight holding you down.  

How do you truly want to live knowing that you will die? What connection does your heart crave? What do you need to release to let the love rush in?