Why Time

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Motivate your Mojo

What gets you going and what makes you an unstoppable force? There are people that add to your mojo - I call them your brand ambassadors, they help get others to board your train. Then there are people that deflate your mojo - I call them ankle biters, they don't live with passion and purpose so they will do whatever they can to stop you from living yours for fear of getting left behind. Everyday, you need to be the one that motivates your mojo. You need to know where you're going, key in the gps coordinates and take action on getting there. You set the bar for the quality of people that you want in your life. You create the opportunities by taking action. You lift others up as a result of your belief in the life you are now creating. 

TGIM is your new mantra: Thank God I'm Motivated. It's taken my life to whole new levels so now I'm passing my mojo torch onto you. When you're on fire with your mojo so is everyone else around you. It's a choice to see greatness and miracles in the moment, just like it's a choice to let others try and steal your mojo. It's your life to create and I'm super pumped to see what you're going to do. I'm on board!