Why Time

Monday, December 29, 2014

What do you need to embrace?

See the end of this current year as making room for the new. You may wish to look upon this year as an extraordinary unfolding of a brilliant chapter in your life.  For me 2014 represented a state of REINVENTION and GROWTH, I had to embrace a new mindset towards love and freedom. Looking at my current life I know I must embrace new levels of acceptance as peace. I have to embrace the choices I have made and the focus of inspiring others to take powerful action in their lives. I have to embrace new levels of collaboration knowing that I can't do it alone. I have to embrace new levels of self love and kindness to those closest to me and towards myself. I have to embrace the greatness that I have extended to others and receive even greater levels of love. 

In my upcoming 2015 book - 'I don't know what the HELL I'm doing' I have to embrace the fact that I don't know what the hell I'm doing but rather embrace the inspired path I have chosen and my purpose of inspiring a new ROI for others around me - one where we Reach Out and Inspire others to define themselves and define their greatness to the world. 

I have to embrace the unseen and the harmonious energy of the universe with the confidence that what I focus on will expand in due time. I have to embrace the natural flow of life with greater levels of patience and understanding. Ask and live this question with excitement and peace knowing that it will help you step into releasing the energy and thoughts that no longer serve you. 

Today embrace the miracle of you, here, now in this moment. Your thoughts contribute to the energy of the world.