Why Time

Monday, July 7, 2014

Release the Genie

Inside all of us lives a creative genie that knows no limits and no fear. It only seeks potential and opportunities. 

Have you ever stopped to reflect and  contemplate the genius that lives inside of you? Have you ever wondered what your full potential truly is? Are you comfortable being comfortable or are you seeking greater challenge and discomfort in your life? I meet so many extraordinary people that hold themselves back from truly seeking their greater reason for existence. They hold themselves back from igniting, defining and creating their deeper WHY. They fear delving into the bigger questions, why? 

So many of us have conditioned ourselves to stay in line with the status quo for fear of rocking the boat, standing out, and being discovered for who we truly are. We fear the light and continue to wait for something or someone else to give us permission to step into our greatest lives. 

Deep inside you is unlimited and untapped potential. Yes there is a genie and a genius that lives inside of you. It wants to come out, it wants to see the bigger opportunities and it wants to live and breathe. Greatness is not some mystical concept for the select few. We all deserve it and we were all born with the same seeds of greatness. We all have the ability to feel passion, define a purpose and set meaningful outcomes for our lives. We all have the ability to ask and live the bigger questions. We all have the ability to make better choices that impact our attitude and create our habits. We can all stand up and stand out and declare to the world with inspiration and enthusiasm that we are here now to make a difference. 

Life is brilliant and brief release the genie and become the person that you know you were born to be. 

The 6 creative rituals that elevate the human race

Over the next 6 days, I will be focusing on inspiring you to define new limits and uncovering   new levels of internal mastery through 6 creative rituals. Inside all of us is a creative genius that perhaps you have not tapped into, explored and pushed to the edge. These 6 creative rituals will help you develop a deeper level of awareness of your special gifts that when ignited, launched and lived, you can be who you were born to be. 
1. Unearthing our Unique Ability: All of us are born with it, a creative genius that is unique to each one of us. It is our original DNA that separates us from one another.  I call this our Differentiation Node of Access. When uncovered a new world of possibility awakens. All of the power is already there, it's always been there waiting for you to access it. 
It is your calling card, the surprise inside the box, your jewel, the sweet spot, the soft chewy centre that people know you for. You experience it in times of joy, you could perform it all day and be in a state of sheer bliss! It's effortless for you and you simply want to give it away. The only reason you don't pursue it, nurture it and live through it on a daily basis is that you can't see a HOW or a way. Trust in its energy and power and allow it to flow though you trusting that the way will reveal itself when you start to live through it.

Uncovering your Unique Ability differentiates you from others. It inspires, and illuminates the world around you. People start to see you for the authentic you that you truly are. You become a first rate version of yourself. It's worth spending the time defining it. Your passion fuels it and it becomes your vehicle for living with greater purpose.