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Friday, May 31, 2013

Imagine a World Inspired - A collaboration with 100 authors on a course to impact the world.


HAMILTON, ON (May 31st, Defeneurs_Book_Montage)…All of us are born with great potential and a life purpose waiting to be uncovered. Greatness is not reserved for the select few, it lives in all of us. Greatness is our birthright as a human race. We were all meant to live extraordinary lives. Whether we are conscious of it or not we all have a basic human need to become self-actualized, to shine and release our full hidden potential.

Upon leaving the field of architecture in 1999, Gerry Visca, now regarded internationally as Canada’s Creative Coach® and one of Canada's top inspirational speakers, was inspired with a new calling, to inspire 1 million people to action. On May 29, 2013, Gerry Visca was interviewed by Jack Canfield, the founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and author of New York Times best seller, 'The Success Principles' for his new book, 'Living the Success Principles.' Gerry Visca shared with Jack Canfield his passion for inspiring everyday people to do extraordinary things. With the expansion of his inspirational and global movement; DEFYENEURS™; Gerry Visca is confident that his life purpose is coming to fruition.

Gerry Visca founded the DEFYENEURS™ movement in 2010 as a result of his inspirational work with entrepreneurs and his passion for surrounding entrepreneurs with greatness. "When I set on my path to inspire others, I felt very alone. The path of an inspired entrepreneur can be a lonely ride, declares Visca. I declared at that moment, that I would create an inspired movement, that helped others feel connected to something bigger than themselves and also empowering them to identify and stay connected to their WHY." The DEFYENEURS™ movement is highly active across a dozen communities throughout Canada and includes an array of meaningful touch points that include: a Magazine, a monthly event series referred to as The Tanks, tele-seminars, inspired coaching, an inspirational tour across Canadian schools known as Big Think Youth, and a collaborative book series that includes 4 editions. All of these touch points are aligned with the intention of inspiring everyday people to do extraordinary things.

For the past 2 years, Visca's monthly event series branded as 'The Tank', have inspired thousands of people to extract and live their why. This “why” exists in all of us; it is the essence of our greatness. Getting to it can often be quite challenging. This is where monthly Tanks come in, empowering people to dig in and do inspired work to extract their why and then live it. Visca believes that one time workshops or reading the odd ‘self-help’ book does not come close to the inspiration that is unleashed in individuals when they attend these monthly Tanks. The Tanks have gained tremendous popularity and have even expanded across Canada to the following locations: Burlington, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Tri-Cities, Niagara, London, Muskoka and Hamilton. Tanks have also attracted new ambassadors in other parts of the world including: California, Istanbul, Turkey, India and Berlin, Germany.

After writing and publishing five of his own books in the areas of inspiration, creativity and innovation, Visca launched a collaborative book series as part of the DEFYENEURS™ movement. The success of the first book: DEFYENEURS™ Season 1, an inspired breed of entrepreneurs that includes 11 authors, released in December 2012 sparked the formation of 3 other Seasons that now include over 70 contributing authors. Theresa Beenken, CEO of The National Speakers Bureau, one of North America's most prestigious speaking bureaus contributed the forward to Season 1 and states:

“I was compelled to write the foreword in DEFYENEURS™ Season 1 because, like Gerry, I’m drawn to big dreamers who also have the ability and the commitment to make their visions a reality.  Gerry Visca’s vision is becoming reality.   Since we first met, he’s travelled to over ten countries, delivered hundreds of talks, impacted thousands of people, and published six books. Gerry Visca personifies his DEFYENEUR™ movement as the spark and the catalyst for others to entrepreneurial success.  He’s started a movement that is flourishing and with this latest DEFYENEURS™ venture, he’s casting his rock star spotlight on those individuals he sees have value to share with others.  On to those who can tell the tale of their journey to defy gravity and inspire others.  In this way, Gerry’s message moves from one to one, to one to many.” said Theresa Beenken, CEO of National Speakers Bureau.

“Everyone has a compelling story and message to share with the world declares Visca. There are a few collaborative books out in the world but none, I believe, have such a passion and commitment to inspire others to action!” said Visca. As part of the DEFYENEURS™ book series, Visca had a strong desire to create a collaborative book for youth and families. Young DEFYENENEURS™ is the first book of its kind and includes 13 pairings of parents and children co-creating their chapters. "My 12 year-old daughter Sophie, inspired the idea. We spend so much quality time together creating, that I wanted to help other families create a meaningful legacy that would inspire other families." notes Gerry Visca. Young DEFYENEURS™ is scheduled for release in September 2013.

DEFYENEURS™ Season 2 titled, Inspiring Freedom, includes an impressive array of inspired leaders with a desire to help others reach new levels of inner freedom. Authors include, Jennifer Baird, the President of Canadian retailer,

Stitch It, Vittoria Wikston, mountain climber and CEO of Niagara Falls Tourism, Milena Santoro of Edmonton, AB, an event planner and motivational speaker, Cheryl Renzenbrink of Edmonton, AB, Patty Kim of Oakville, a successful real-estate investor. Season 2 authors also includes a recent Ryerson University graduate, Dusan Sigulinski of Toronto who was inspired to become a speaker after watching Gerry Visca deliver a high-energy key note presentation in Toronto to a room of 350 students.

“These contributing authors are ordinary people doing extraordinary things and I am committed to celebrating them as part of this inspired movement” said Gerry Visca, author and one of Canada’s top inspirational speakers. “I am focused on inspiring a creative movement that celebrates an inspired breed of entrepreneurs that are defying gravity in their everyday lives. Many of these DEFYENEURS™ are becoming best-selling authors, coaches, teachers, and speakers with a crystal clear purpose as to why they exist in the world”.

Upon being inspired at an event in Montreal in February 2013, Visca decided to launch Season 3 of DEFYENEURS™ with a focus on Living your WHY. Season 3 includes over 24 contributing authors selected from an extensive application process. "I was blown away at the response and expressions of interest that we received from interested authors. We received over 50 applications and selected 24 contributing authors that we felt embraced a passion in helping others live their WHY." notes Visca, Creative Director, Publisher and Founder of the DEFYENEURS™ book series.

Erin Harvey, Calgary, Alberta, contributing author to Season 3 writes, "The sheer joy and energy rush that I feel being part of DEFYENEURS™ Season 3 is electric!  To be chosen to share my journey of striving for a better life and doing it on my terms, is a dream came true. When you have a passion and drive, anything can happen."

Jacqueline Zwambag, London, Ontario, contributing author to Season 3 and Young DEFYENEURS™ writes: "I am so excited to be a part of Season 3 of DEFYENEURS™. I cannot wait to share my passion and my story, and to inspire others to create theirs and make it happen. I have a passion for life and have been on an amazing journey and want everybody to know that if I can do it so can they. Determination and success is driven by our why and acting on it. I am so excited to work with the other authors, to hear their stories, together educating and inspiring others to live their why."

Melyssa Moniz, Burlington, Ontario, contributing author to Season 3 writes, DEFYENEURS™ has an incredible mission and vision, which just so happens to coincide with the biggest vision for my life as well.  Reaching out and touching the lives of others is crucial to communicating that which you seek to do, so I am honored to be a part of this amazing project."

Amy Ballantyne, Waterloo, Ontario, Big Think Youth ambassador, contributing author to Young DEFYENEURS™ & Season 3 writes. "I believe Season 3 is about making each day count; taking action and being deliberate for the majority of the day with your WHY on the forefront of your mind. Everyday we have a choice. We can choose to awaken and gain clarity of our greater purpose, we can take action and make a difference even greater than can be imagined."

Leanne Grechulk, Burlington, Ontario, founder of Healthygirl™, author and international speaker was asked by Gerry Visca to write the forward for Season 3 and writes, "I just wanted to say how deeply grateful and inspired I am to be involved and to be supporting your global amazing and wildly adventurous vision."

Angela Kontgen, Gerry Visca's partner and contributing author and editor of the DEFYENEURS™ book series notes: “The dictionary definition of an entrepreneur is ‘an enterprising individual who builds capital through risk and/or initiative’ – not really all that compelling, I think.  Make way for the age of the ‘DEFYENEUR™’ – an individual inspired and/or ignited with a compelling purpose and a massive clarity about ‘why’ they exist.  These individuals create a movement.  These individuals defy gravity to make a difference in the world and bring their ‘why’ into existence.”

The ambitious goal that Gerry Visca declared in 2008 of creatively inspiring 1 million people to action is being taken to new levels with the DEFYENEUR™ movement. “There are few as deeply committed to surrounding people with such an incredible energy as they do the work, take the risks, and defy gravity to bring their dreams to life” notes Angela Kontgen, Author, Speaker, Health and Energy Coach. “This movement is rapidly expanding nationally with stellar people that want to make a difference in this lifetime” said Gerry Visca. “They want to uncover their full potential and live their best lives now by inspiring others around them”.

For more information on the DEFYENEURS™ movement or to interview the list of contributing authors in all 4 Seasons, contact:

Gerry Visca

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Founder of DEFYENEURS™

Tel. 905.528.6032


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cellular Creativity–Igniting our WHY Cells: Gerry Visca

This article is one of my first revelations recently ignited while undergoing a deep super conscious meditation. 
All my life I have been regarded as being highly creative. At an early age, my creativity evolved from obtaining an honours degree in Architecture to then founding and directing an award-winning Creative Branding company. It wasn't until 2008 when I began focusing on the power of creativity and creative thinking as a strong catalyst for extracting and driving my WHY.
Now branded as Canada's Creative Coach and WHY master, I allocate significant energy towards inspiring thousands of people to EXTRACT and LIVE their WHY on a daily basis. A focus on creativity and/or co-creation can become an inspired catalyst for driving one's life purpose forward with sheer determination, passion and persistence. I refer to creativity in this context as Cellular Creativity or the igniting of our WHY cells that propel us to uncover and follow our life purpose.
I believe that all of us were born with a life purpose and our role is to uncover it so we can live an extraordinary life in total alignment. I further believe that this life purpose resides within a specific set of creative cells that when stimulated through inspired action they come to life and have the ability to communicate with others.
There are essentially 3 major components: 1) The Mind - when properly conditioned through the use of powerful visualization, meditation and affirmations, have the power to communicate our intention to these creative cells. 2) The Body - when properly fuelled with cellular nutrition on a daily basis has the ability to energize our creative cells to new levels of aliveness. This form of cellular nutrition causes a physical reaction much like the enigma cells inherent in a caterpillar also the driver of it transforming or metamorphosing into a butterfly.  3) The Soul - becomes the vehicle for connecting with others. The soul carries with it our intention and a powerful frequency or vibration that is able to meaningfully connect with others. You have heard the term: we're all connected. Well I believe, that our souls play a major part in this connectivity of our energies.
We all have the ability to go ignite this creative metamorphosis. Its not simply in some of us but rather in all of us.  We were all meant to shine as humans, become self-actualized and release our full hidden potential. We live in a universe governed by creative laws. You have heard the term: Nurture your Soul, Feed your mind and Nurture your Body right? I believe that positive self-talk on its own is not a sufficient catalyst for stimulating this amazing creative process at a cellular level. Rather, all three must work in harmony to effectively stimulate this chain reaction.
I was first introduced to this concept during the research of my architectural thesis - referred to as urban stimulation of events practiced within the De-constructivist movement. A major influencer of this movement was Bernard Tschumi.  Essentially he noted that the growth of urban cities in Europe were the result of the stimulation of urban events. For example, build an urban square at one end of a city and connect it in a linear fashion to another urban square and the creative forces, tension and energy polarized between these two points cause an incredible stimulation of other events.
Over the past 4 years I have ignited hundreds of entrepreneurs through this highly creative process. The first stage is known as the CREATIVE EXTRACTION, where a series of thought provoking questions are used with a the client enabling me to connect with their sub-conscious, their passions and their intention. Some have shared with me that this is an intuitive process, where I am able to go deep inside the individual and pull it out of them. Having fully embraced the power of this process, I truly believe that it is part of ‘Cellular Creativity’ and the soul being open to giving and receiving with its host. It sounds a bit biological, however, I believe that there are many forces at work within our universe: attraction, energy vibration and intention. When we start to believe that there are greater forces at work trying to connect our energies we will find that we all have the ability, the opportunity and even the responsibility to propel ourselves forward. When we all work this way, igniting our true potential, we are in fact serving the world with a far greater purpose. I believe that we weren't put on this earth to simply be a spectator of our lives, watching TV, paying bills, building and visiting more shopping malls. I believe we were meant to uncover and live our life purpose so we can inspire others to do the same. When we are living in this inspired state, we are living 'in-spirit' with our life purpose. In this state we are igniting our creative cells, nurturing our soul so we can connect with others. I recently founded a global movement known as DEFYENEURS - inspired entrepreneurs that extract and live their why so they can defy gravity in everything they do. When I put out a powerful intention to inspire 1 million people, visualized a world inspired, affirmed it, meditated on it, took powerful action by inspiring and igniting others, the HOW presented itself as a result of uncovering and igniting a powerful WHY through this inspired movement. These creative cells when ignited, I believe, essentially rise above and through us to defy gravity and connect with others through our soul.
[Mind - Body - Soul] the three work together to protect, stimulate, ignite, communicate and connect to our deeper WHY and connect with others. Its this state of vibration that we are able to influence motivate and inspire others to live extraordinary lives. Its in this state that makes people become aware and come alive by asking and living BIG questions. The opposite of this energetic state is living in a 'numbed-out' state with little passion and little zest for life! You only need to look at some of the most successful people in the world and they will share with you a common denominator that binds them all:
They uncovered their WHY by asking and living the questions:
  • What is my Passion?
  • What makes me come alive?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How can I serve the World?
  • What legacy do I wish to create?
  • What do I want to be remembered for?
They extracted their WHY - took powerful action and believed it was possible. They faced their fears, received their greatness and created new powerful success habits. They created discipline by making time for the really powerful stuff. They harnessed new levels of emotional, spiritual, mental and physical energy. They stopped doing things that no longer serve them and embraced the new.  They elevate others and became aware that their was a bigger purpose waiting for them.  They surrounded themselves with greatness and like-minded people.    
I admire inspired leaders that pour themselves into others with a purpose to empower and elevate others. Inspired leaders believe in a greater purpose and practice collaborative energy. Helping others in this way helps humanity. This is the kind of world  that I believe we are creating. By helping others Extract and Live their WHY we will evolve into a new level of inspired human beings.
This meditation inspired this article which in-turn inspired my 9th book: DEFYENEURS, Live your WHY.  In this light, I now define WHY as: the World Helped by You.
Gerry Visca, Canada’s Creative Coach
Inspirational Speaker | Author | Founder of DEFYENEURS