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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Red Article: Putting in the Time by Gerry Visca

Putting in the Time by Gerry Visca, Canada’s Creative Coach® September 2012

As I sit here in my creative studio I gaze outside and marvel at the spectacular day in front of me. I can’t help but observe the growth of the ivy that continues to envelop my house. It has now managed to weave its way along the perimeter of my porch. Somehow it has achieved what it set out to do, artlessly grow! It puts in the time, daily, weekly and monthly. Its focus is centered on one key objective, continual growth. It maneuvers itself forward towards the light slowly blanketing each bit of surface. The audiences that I inspire often comment, “Gerry, it’s easy for you to create, it comes naturally to you, you’re a super achiever.” My audiences only witness the final product; a new book; an article; a magazine; an audio recording or a new presentation. What they don’t see is the perspiration and the daily discipline behind the curtains. Have you ever driven past a new subdivision that appears to suddenly spring out from the ground? We underestimate the tremendous effort involved in its creation. So many of us are infatuated with the future as a destination for happiness and peace. We also overlook the beauty and the wonderment that is directly in front of us. We can’t speed up the future no matter how hard we try similarly we can’t force a plant to grow no matter how much we will it to. What you can control is the daily, weekly & monthly actions that you intend for yourself in the present.

What I know for certain is that we all have a life purpose and when you fixate on ‘putting in the time’ you will uncover your true potential and you’ll help others live ‘in-spirit’ with their why, the true path to being inspired।At the end of 2008, I declared to myself and then to the world that I was going to live a life of inspiration. My life goal became aligned with a purpose of inspiring 1 million people to action across 33 countries. In the past 3 years, I have put in time and taken incredible action through the delivery of a myriad of inspirational presentations, publications, articles and events.

As I leaned into my life purpose with determination, passion and enthusiasm, I discovered I was able to shift my perspective of time. Through this process I have managed to achieve greater results in far less time. My process consists of daily visualization combined with stillness of mind. I focus on harnessing new levels of energy and I align action with tremendous belief. When you create with this new mindset anything is possible.

Plato argued that time is constant and life is the illusion. Einstein noted that our understanding of time is based on its relationship to our environment. He further noted that the faster you move the slower time moves. Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one. There is no difference between past, present and future time.

As I continue to live a life ‘in spirit’ deeper levels of awareness for what I can ‘shift’ have opened up. I have become fascinated with two significant concepts: The ability to create in less time and the power to completely re-create oneself. For example, what used to take me a year to create now only takes several weeks. How is this possible? If time is an illusion then I have demonstrated that we are the only ones that determine just how long it will take to reach a goal. As I continued to step into my greatness, discomfort and challenge presented itself. The more discomfort the more disciplined and focused I became. I recognized the power in the statement: energy flows where my attention goes. I allocated energy towards what I wanted. When fear presented itself, I focused on what I could control by visualizing the end result of all that I was creating and taking action through creation. My Process of Creation:

Imagine it

Believe it

Take daily action

Receive it

Putting in the time for me means living a disciplined program that starts at 5:45am with my hour of personal power। Thirty five minutes of physical exercise followed by 25 minutes of stillness and meditation. I quickly recognized that I needed to harness new levels of energy so I adopted a new diet that included healthy smoothies, juicing, an explosion of greens and supplements from Usana Health Sciences. I carve out the time with very specific coaching days so I can pour myself into select clients who are on a path of doing great things. I continue to allocate writing days with a goal of publishing 17 books and producing monthly articles, tips and inspirational audio productions. Over the past three years I have reached incredible milestones, however this year has been the most impactful for me todate. I truly believe that when you are living your life ‘on purpose’ you reach a state of flow. As I write these words and glance over at my past books, I ask myself, “When did I produce all of this? Was it me or something more powerful working through me?” Everything that I do whether it’s writing, recording, coaching, extracting, presenting or inspiring everything is aligned with my ‘why’, to creatively inspire people and ideas to action.

This year was by far one of the most challenging and equally the most fulfilling times filled with tremendous personal and professional growth. Audiences often feel that inspirational speakers and authors like us never endure discomfort, sadness or fear. Well, let me set the record straight, we are human just like you. This year I was presented with some of the most life challenging situations todate. In spite of these challenges I managed to write over 1,000 pages, publish 2 books, produce 100 articles and tips, record over 50 audio and video productions, launch a 24 page glossy magazine, launch 12 major events and creatively coach 25 amazing DEFYENEURS™, my inspired breed of entrepreneurs.

This year, I have even experienced a deeper and richer love. I spend more quality time with my two amazing daughters and travelled to 12 incredible destinations with my life partner.

This is your time to uncover your why and achieve your goals by putting in the time. Here is how you begin:

  1. Go to the art store today, purchase a canvass and paint that beautiful art that has remained dormant in your mind.

  2. Get some clay and sculpt that magnificent form that has always been there.

  3. Write that manuscript, regardless of what you think of it.

  4. Draft that article and send it to a magazine publication for consideration.

  5. Download an audio recording program and produce your first cd-rom with those beautiful poems and songs that you have stored in the abyss of your soul.

  6. Stop what are you doing this very moment and grab your loved one sitting next to you and embrace them with the most passionate kiss ever.

  7. Spend time with an expert in the field and ask them thought provoking questions to kick start your dreams.

  8. Begin to THINQ and live a daily powerful question like: What would make this the biggest and the best year and live it for thirty days।

Keep putting in the time, you are the architect of your life, if you don’t design it someone else will।

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