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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What is your Super Power?

Red TIP Article – Harness your Super Power
‘When you play small it does not serve the world’

I recently finished reading two very cool books - Deepak Choprah’s book – ‘The Law of Super Heroes’ co-written with his son Gotham Choprah and Business Superhero by Sean Wise. It was interesting to hear of how we as humans create super heroes as symbols of all that we wish to aspire to. I recently asked an audience the question – What is your Super Power? Perhaps you are known for your super human strength like that of Superman? A greater lesson with this super hero is the understanding of your weakness or ‘kryptonite’ – and the ability to recognize and overcome your limiting beliefs. Others are known for their ability to be resourceful and prepared like Batman, also referred to as ‘The Dark Knight’ who epitomizes what one man can become with unlimited resources, motivation and focus. The Green Lantern, one of 7,200 space patrolmen guarding the universe against evil and injustice is known for having the ‘will and the way’ teaching us the valuable lesson of being fearless and moving ourselves to a new level of inner magnificence. Let us not forget one of my favorite Super Heroes, born to the queen of the Amazons on Paradise Island, the warrior princess - Wonder Woman with her invisible jet and cool bracelets teaching us to ‘always have a mission and remain focused.’
Deep inside all of us is an incredible and innate ability to play bigger that we really are. What is that one power that you have that you are known for in this world? Some of you may have dual super powers for instance many call me ‘Mr. Creative’ for my innate ability to boldly build power brands within individuals. I also get the term ‘The Inspirator’ for my ability to inspire individuals to action. Tapping into those two super powers has severed me well. Understanding your super power is another way of uncovering your unique ability and living a life of purpose. It drives you to form a new awareness for what it is possible for you. Uncovering your super power helps you cultivate your personal brand and gets you focused on communicating your intentions to the world. Successful sales people understand their super power well. Successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson use their super power with confidence and influence others to expand their vision. The famous American hip hop artist, ‘Jay Z’, a musician, entrepreneur and actor clearly understands the power of personal branding. He has a net worth of over $450 million, has sold over 50 million albums world-wide and received 13 Grammy Awards. I love how ‘Jay Z’ summarizes his super power in one simple statement: ‘I’m not a business man…I’m a Business. Man.’

My next [THURSDAY TANK] Event will be held on Thursday Jan.19, 2012 at ThinkSPOT – 492 Locust Street in Burlington. This event will is focused on [The Power to Engage] – invite is attached.
This exclusive event is limited to 20 individuals.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Launch of the Priya Ali Brand - a new altitude for living

Red TIP Article – Living your Best Life Now

I recently gave a series of global talks with a focus on creating a ‘culture of initiation’. As an inspirational speaker that strives to inspire people to action - this principle resonates to my core. When you look at successful entrepreneurs ask yourself – what is it that makes them different than me? The answer – they took action, they failed, then failed again and finally learned how to fail better. Building a culture of initiation means leaning forward and making mistakes. It means raising your hand, stepping forward and standing out. It means getting off the sidelines and being a participator. Companies that strive to build a culture of initiation understand this concept. They stand out and do what ever it takes to differentiate themselves within the marketplace. Companies like Google, Apple, Starbucks, Walt Disney and Virgin are good examples of building a culture of initiation. They act on ‘gut instinct’ and intuition to move their ideas forward with purpose. They don’t expect to have all the answers yet clearly understand the power of inspired action versus no action. Individuals that strive to build cultures of initiation are masters at influencing and motivating others. They cultivate a community of brand ambassadors dedicated to helping their vision succeed. This month we celebrate the launch of the Priya Ali Brand, a recent entrepreneur that I ignited. Priya has a fantastic focus for helping people experience greater joy in their lives and helping them create their BEST life now. Priya Ali has launched a new attitude and altitude for living your best life quite simply branded as 365. I encourage you to listen to our one-on-one interview and let Priya’s words fill your heart as you fixate on creating your desired life and reaching new levels of magnificence in 2012. Priya’s interview can be found at:

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the entrepreneurs that I’ve ignited in 2011 - it has been an honor being a part of your creative journey and the best is yet to come. I wish all of you a memorable holiday season and a thriving New Year.

Please note - my next [THURSDAY TANK] Event has been moved to Thursday Jan.19, 2012 at ThinkSPOT – 492 Locust Street in Burlington. This event will be focused on ‘The Art of Communication by Engaging Others’. Please note – this exclusive event is limited to 20 individuals.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Gerry Visca's BIG THINK Georgina - Jan.25.26,2012

I'm Looking for 15 People in Georgina to Help Me Change the World ... Are YOU Ready?

I invite you to start Thinking BIG.
I'll Teach You Everything I Know About Improving People's Lives –
Including Yours!

Two evenings of Creative Inspiration, Motivation and Entertainment that will ignite you to take action in your life! For the first time ever - Gerry Visca together with Jo McKay, – a Brand Ambassador, and the Georgina Chamber of Commerce will teach you everything about improving people’s lives. Some of you have tasted Gerry Visca’s, Branding BootCamps®, now you have an opportunity to transform yourself and your business by learning trade secrets from a world-class expert in a stimulating environment that empowers you to take action immediately and transform your life forever.

Are you a professional speaker, trainer, consultant or coach? Are you someone who loves to support others in reaching their full potential? Within my BIG THINK Event – I will spend 1 day in with 100 individuals in the afternoon and 15 select individuals in the evening - helping them uncover their magnificence and applying their unique skills in transforming people’s lives.

Why attend?
Register now with gerry@redchairbranding.com
Registration is limited to 100 individuals & 15 for Gerry’s Inner-Circle.“To creatively reinvent yourself for 2012 so you can thrive on challenge and change. In 2012 we all need to raise the value we bring to others to a whole new level, without burning ourselves out. That means we have to find a system that will motivate and mobilize us – not just today, but every day”. – Gerry Visca

Register now with gerry@redchairbranding.com
Registration is limited to 100 individuals & 15 for Gerry’s Inner-Circle.

A Day and Evening with Canada’s Creative Coach – Gerry Visca
up close and personal

Your Evening with Gerry Visca – Jan.25.2012
6:00 – 10:00pm Cost $40/person Stephen Leacock Theatre, Keswick
BIG THINK Event – Limited to 100 individuals
- 4 hours of inspiration with Gerry Visca
- Access to select sponsors
- Break out session with key facilitators
- Workshop Booklet
- Refreshments – will be served

An Inner-Circle with Gerry Visca – Jan.26.2012
6:00 – 9:00pm Cost $100/person
Georgina Chamber of Commerce Boardroom, 430 The Queensway S., Keswick
The Inner Circle – Limited to 15 individuals
- 3 hours of exclusive coaching in a round circle with Gerry Visca and
15 other individuals
- Get clear on defining the BIGGER picture of your life.
- Get clear on your Personal Brand and your overall life goals.
- Training and development on Gerry Visca’s key coaching principles.
- Workshop Booklet no.2
- A FREE copy of Gerry Visca’s new book – The Innovation Gap®
- Refreshments – will be served

“Gerry, working with you was like experiencing a rare delicacy! The uniqueness of your talent, process and mind is extraordinary. You enabled me to bring life to projects and ideas that I had stored in my mind for nearly a decade. Your ability to tap in and extract your client's passion and strengths is remarkable. What a pleasure to have had this experience with you. With blessings and infinite gratitude”

Priya Ali, Author and Coach

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Art of Creating Yourself

In this article we focus on the power of differentiating your personal brand with creativity and the need to position yourself creatively in the market place. There needs to be an emphasis on the ‘feeling and emotional’ aspects of your personal brand. This means that you need to understand the power of developing an ‘engaging brand experience’.
Engaging clients in this manner is the underlying fuel to successful marketing and branding initiatives. How you position yourself is essential to attracting and winning an ideal client. Creative positioning is like a game of chess in that you need to carefully and strategically visualize all your moves. Think of creative positioning as the way in which you want to be perceived in the marketplace.

Understanding the power of your personal brand to motivate, engage and inspire is how some of the top global entrepreneurs are standing out and getting their message heard, and ultimately building a stronger brand loyalty. Differentiating your personal brand in this manner works to create a new personal brand experience. By applying creativity, you can weave your personal brand into many facets of an organization including:
· Brand Building
· Innovation
· Communications
· Sales and Marketing
· New Customer Presentations
· Customer Relationships

Strive to compete for emotions
Today’s top entrepreneurs are competing to connect with the emotions of the clients they serve. If you continue to market solely based on features and benefits, you are simply connecting with your customers’ heads and you risk being perceived as a commodity with no meaningful point of differentiation. Rather, use creativity and focus on connecting with your clients’ hearts and you will win them for a lifetime. The shift in marketing today takes into account two significant principles that I would like to highlight here. In the past, many entrepreneurs focused solely on features and benefits. Today, you need to introduce two vital ingredients into your marketing mix, ‘identification and experience’. By integrating these into your marketing you are communicating to your clients that ‘we know what you feel and what you are going through’.

So why is this essential today? Remember, your personal brand is what ‘they” say it is. This is where creativity can help you differentiate your personal brand in the marketplace. Creativity can be defined as:
Talking action and building momentum
Creating unique market opportunities
Standing out and differentiating your personal brand
Becoming a master presenter and communicating like a champion
Re-thinking and challenging convention
Striving for a higher level of magnificence
ZIG when others ZAG
Playing bigger and living life on purpose

And what is an innovative entrepreneur? A problem- solver that uses creativity and intuition. Look for ways to infuse creativity in all aspects of your personal brand. Strive to cultivate an innovative culture in your brand community by continually and consistently drawing on ideas from your network. Creativity can be an inspirational thrust that helps you build momentum. It allows you to cultivate more meaningful relationships with everyone around you. It defines a higher level of innovation within your personal brand and distinguishes your brand with greater impact. Creativity is passion and at the core of exceptional entrepreneurs.
Get Creative with everything you do.
Think of some of the top brands and the emotional attachment that you feel when you experience them. Some of my favorite brands that are great at invoking emotion include Apple and Starbucks. Think about the feeling that you get when you look at an IPOD:

Sleek, Leading Edge, High-Tech, Quality and Ahead of its time

Companies like these clearly understand brand engagement and brand loyalty. Over the next several months, look for innovative ways to strengthen relationships with your customers by engaging the intuitive and sensing side of your brain. This is where creativity and innovation play a vital role. Creative differentiation can weave itself into many facets of your personal brand. Use creativity as a means to ZIG your marketing touch points and focus on connecting with your customers’ hearts and you will win them for a lifetime. The shift in marketing today takes into account two significant principles: Today, you need to introduce two vital ingredients into your marketing mix known as ‘identification and experience’. By zigging you are communicating to your customers a message that ‘we know what you feel and what you are going through and, here’s how we can help’. I prefer to define the art of differentiation as:

‘ZIGGING’. So why is this essential today?

Remember, your brand is what ‘they’ say it is. This is where creativity can help you differentiate your brand in the marketplace. To differentiate means that you need to adopt unconventional systems and marketing strategies to reach your customer. Look for ‘fresh’ ways to engage your customers from creative events and workshops to thought provoking discovery sessions - strive to cultivate an innovative culture in your organization by continually drawing on fresh ideas from your team.
Use Thematic Experience to Differentiate your Personal Brand
[Themes] are effective tools in strengthening your message and displaying consistency in the eyes of your customer. Roll out themes over a 3-6 month period focused on igniting various hot points. Creative differentiation through themes can be the inspirational thrust that helps you cultivate more meaningful relationships and ‘BUZZ’ with your customers. It defines a higher level of innovation in the marketplace and separates you from the competition. Most importantly, it clearly helps you ZIG when your competition ZAGS.

‘Picture it: you overhear a great conversation among your top customers praising you and describing you exactly the way you want to be perceived.’

Too often I see top-level sales people with no ‘defined brand’. All of us have the potential to influence the perception of others. Think about it, a brand is only given life by what we all think, feel and say about it. Branding is about developing an experience or soliciting an emotional response.

We all have a personal brand. It can also be referred to as our image.
From the clothes we wear to the foods we eat to the skill sets we display at our place of work every day. We are sending out signals to people all around us. Others are forming opinions of us based on these signals and the perception of our brand. So what are you doing to create, express and project your brand?
For me it can be defined this way:
Canada’s Creative Coach® with a mission to creatively inspire 1 million people to action.
Here is a tip: approach those people closest to you and write down some words that they use to describe your brand. For instance, you may receive comments like:
Dependable, inspiring, engaging, supportive, positive, passionate, educational and highly motivational
It is crucial that you solicit feedback on a continual basis in order to gauge the effects of the signals that you are sending out. Let’s face it - an organization is only as strong as the sum of its parts. In the marketplace, the organization will communicate a certain culture and we as consumers will define what the brand is to us. As users of the brand we will further define what this brand means to us by the way in which people feel. However, once our customers start to look beyond the face of the organization they will get to know the people within and form immediate impressions that can last a lifetime.

Your personal brand is always in motion, from the clothes you wear, the foods you eat to the words and expressions that you choose in meetings. So remember your brand is the ultimate reflection of who you are.

Gerry Visca, Canada’s Creative Coach™
International Speaker Author Coach

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Power to realize your [Little Dream]

Red TIP Article – The Power to realize your [Little Dream]

I published a tip last week titled the Power of Persistence and spoke of select individuals taking action. I received incredible feedback that resonated with readers. As an extension to that tip I wanted to share with you the power to move your dreams forward. So many great ideas start off with a ‘little dream’…and gain momentum through inspired action and the Power of Persistence. Every great idea started off with a little dream by individuals that were told their idea was impossible to realize. The first night FEDEX was in business they only moved 15 packages…The Beatles were turned down by the DECA recording studio…Michael Jordon was cut from his high-school basketball team. Thomas Edison was told by his teachers that he was to stupid to learn anything…Walt Disney was fired from his newspaper job because he lacked imagination…Richard Branson was laughed at by his colleagues when he started his newspaper job.
Inspired action is a powerful force that helps you build momentum. Every dream starts off small and like a snow ball, it builds incredible momentum and increases with size. Inch by inch move yourself closer to your dream. It starts with you and it continues with you day by day. When others are laughing at you and criticizing your dreams – stay focused and move yourself forward inch by inch. But you need to start NOW to move your dream forward and realize its full potential. There is something so magnificent – so wonderful within the power of creating your life and sticking to your dream even when others around you feel you don’t have the right to manifest that dream. As I continue to live my little dream of creatively inspiring the world to action – I listen and speak from the heart. If I listened to all the external voices around me I would have continued on ‘simply existing’ and working in an architectural office that was not my passion or my life purpose. I would not be living the magical life that I feel each and every day.
Living your life purpose and realizing your little dream means that you need to take action every day, week, month and year. By living it each and every day you are moving yourself closer to realizing your dream. The journey becomes the destination as a result of living your life purpose. Before you know it – 5 years have faded away into the wind and where will you be? What will you have accomplished? What will you have created for yourself? Since time does not stand still and we are all living this daily thing called life…why not live each day on purpose knowing that you are moving yourself closer to realizing that little dream.

What one thing could you start doing today that if you started it would generate the incredible momentum that would soon change your life?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cool in Cornwall

As I enjoy my train ride back to Toronto, I am contemplating on the incredible week I just spent in Cornwall Ontario igniting a stellar cast of entrepreneurs as part of BIZFEST. Kudos to The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce for taking action in creating an outstanding week of inspiration for their membership. I love spending time with inspired entrepreneurs - individuals that defy gravity and [focus] not on lack but simply on what they wish to receive. BIZFEST was well branded and superbly executed thanks to the amazing efforts of Amy, Lezlie, Joey and TEAM Cornwall. This is how an event series should be run. I would like to highlight the details that truly resonated with me:

- The THEME: Two of my Creative Laws - Differentiate and Build the Brand Experience - this is exactly what The Cornwall Chamber set out to do. Instead of just putting on a one day business breakfast, they decided to establish a new branding experience. The BIZFEST look and feel was superb not to mention the slogan - Ignite your Passion. It was showcased as a week long festival with world-class speakers and facilitators. It was the right balance of inspiration and education. The theme was focused and the venue was superb. The development of a dedicated website site was extremely impressive, it built up momentum and integrated numerous social media tools.

- CROSS POLLINATION: The BIZFEST organizers did a marvelous job at capturing the energy of each day. Quotes, testimonials, idea boards and videos were uploaded daily to various social media networks. This was great to see and allowed external groups to get a taste and feel of the day's energy.

- EVENING NETWORKING: In addition to the action-packed Boot Camps that I delivered, I was impressed with various evening activities that allowed everyone to interact with one another in a friendly and casual atmosphere. There is an incredible energy and spirit among the people that attended BIZFEST. They all have a common goal to collaborate and lift one another up and is that not what community is all about?

I had the pleasure of inspiring an evening crowd of politicians and board members at a local hot spot known as Schnitzels. The venue was superb - the food amazing and the staff/owner stellar. I found myself craving the tastes of Schnitzels later the next day. There is no doubt that I will be returning to this fantastic venue - hungry for more. Spending a week in Cornwall allowed me to ignite a series of individuals one-on-one. As Canada's Creative Coach it is always an honor for me to stimulate one's journey. There is no doubt that theses entrepreneurs will help stimulate new growth for Cornwall.

As I looked out into the audiences I always feel key individuals that will go onto start something great. For many, they will continue doing the sames thing over and over expecting new results. As you approach the end of 2011 - what will make this the biggest and the best year ever? Make these next few months an opportunity to stretch into your greatness. Inspire all those around you, smile more, establish 3 new success habits that will prepare you for the ultimate ride in 2012. It's not enough to just be good - others around you are rising to a new level of magnificence. For some of you it requires focus and discipline and inspired action. Where does your energy need to flow? What two things do you need to balance? How will you maintain the creative momentum?

This is your time - you have been given the greatest gift of all - [awareness] you are now aware that you are aware. You know what you are starting to really hunger. You see/hear and feel the end goal clearly in your mind. You are taking action by laying out the preliminary steps and getting out of the starting blocks with inspiration, perspiration, determination and fascination....

Thank you Cornwall for an incredible week and for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

[Think] Cornwall

Together we're better

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rise [above] it all

This weeks tip is focused on helping you rise above the challenges in your life and pursuing only that which you wish to create.
My message to all of you is when you tap into your life purpose and your unique ability, nothing-and I mean nothing-should stop you from driving yourself forward and achieving your goals. /so don't let anyone tell you that you can't live your life dream. Find a way to align all of your daily actions in pursuing your goals. Figure out what it is that you are most passionate about and go for it. Dream bigger, take daily actions and do it all with enthusiasm and passion. This is what I tell entrepreneurs, friends and colleagues; to uncover your unique ability; your 'inner Picasso' and live in total alignment with your life purpose. We all have those those challenges in life, they're called defining moments. I believe these moments are thrust upon us to challenge our determination and resiliency. It is the universe questioning you one more time as you continue to reach your new level of magnificence. As I fixate on my end goals I continually hear the words inside my head; 'Do you really want to achieve this Goal Gerry? Well let's see what you got. Here are a whole bunch of obstacles that I am going to throw in your way'. I love Sir Winston Churchill's quote, "If you are going through hell, keep going, because if you stop you're in hell". I have not stopped! As I embark on new and exciting creative challenges I embrace them with sheer enthusiasm and inspiration. I look towards the many achievements I have made, the thousands of people that I have inspired to action. Look, you are the only one that can decide what it is that you want from life and the only one that can take action and receive it. It all starts with you, continues with you and it ends with you. We are all on a creative journey in this big-but brief-thing called life. You never stop living it, it is always changing and evolving and that is why is is referred to as a 'present'. What if find with a vast majority of people is that they have a fear in reflecting on what it is that they want most, for fear that they won't know how to achieve it or that perhaps they don't deserve it. My message to my readers is to decide on what you want most and start aligning your actions towards achieving it. Going forward I have learned how to simplify my life, enjoy the moments and the present. Equally, important is the journey that you need to appreciate and celebrate. I continue to remain positive and live a life on inspiration. I seek out new ways to collaborate with others and continually strive to stretch my mind as to what it possible for me. But I also recognize that, if I'm not also failing sometimes, I am not growing. If I am not taking chances or aligning daily actions with my life purpose then I am not stretching myself towards greatness.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some [BIG] Questions

As I continue on my journey of creatively inspiring people and ideas to [ACTION] - I am amazed as to the power of meaningful questions to drive individuals forward. Many of my clients are at different stages:

  • Some are aware of their unique ability and what they want to create most - they are ready to take action and require my assistance to igniting the flame - and pointing them into the right direction.

  • Some feel a sense of [discomfort] in their lives and innately know that they need to uncover their unique ability - they are ready for my assistance in pulling that out of them.

  • Some are so aware of their creative genius that they need a compelling brand and positioning of themselves to this new way of being. This is a highly creative process where we align your life purpose with your overall sense of being to create a dynamic and engaging brand and plan that will thrust your purpose into action.
No matter what stage you at - the following [BIG] questions are designed to help you become aware and to take action in creating your desired life. Take the time to contemplate each one and the feeling of what you want to create in this life:

  1. What is the bigger part of your life that you're are stalling on?

  2. What are you waiting for?

  3. What needs to be faced head on?

  4. What does the bigger picture look, sound and feel like?

  5. What do you need to let go of?

  6. What do you need to embrace?

  7. What scares you?

  8. What excites and inspires you?

  9. What will make this the biggest and best year ever?

  10. What will help you channel your energy to where it needs to go?

  11. What will help you clear the path?

  12. What would you regret not accomplishing?

Congratulations on reading these questions - you are now aware.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Be one of 10

For the past 2 years I have been travelling the globe inspiring people to action and collaborating with some of the top world-class speakers and coaches including Jack Canfield and John Assaraf of the hit book - The Secret. Now in collaboration with THiNKSPOT Burlington - The Hottest THiNKSPACE in town - I am pleased to launch 3 of my top inspirational Boot Camps to 10 individuals.

I have had the honour of living a life inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs to action helping them STAND OUT and create their desired lives, build their personal brands and communicate like magic. This has been a very rewarding year and i love being a part of their creative journey. Now together with 9 other individuals - you get to spend 3 intense hours with me at THiNKSPOT and learn how to [SHIFT] your thinking. Starting on July 14, 2011, I will be delivering the following 3 exclusive Boot Camps:

1. July 14, 2011 from 9:00am - 12:00pm - Presentation Boot Camp:

In this exciting Boot Camp - I will help you present like a wizard and teach you how to engage your audience and cultivate more meaningful relationships with customers. This Boot Camp is for anyone that wants to present more effectively. I will even review the tools and process of becoming a world-class speaker. This Boot Camp will help ignite the master presenter in you and take you to a whole new level. Imagine winning a room, commanding an audience, delivering more effective presentations, and winning the hearts of your customers. I am only taking 10 individuals for this exclusive Boot Camp - as a bonus you will receive a copy of my book - What Have You Got To Win? The Success Principles to Winning Presentations.

2 August 9th, 2011 from 9:00am - 12:00pm - Branding Boot Camp:

My infamous Branding Boot Camp has helped thousands across the globe develop their own personal brand - stand out and differentiate from the marketplace. Now more than ever - it is essential to have a compelling brand that radiates confidence and attracts great people into your life. During these three hours - I will help you harness your unique ability and tap into your passions so you can start to create a brand that projects your magnificence. I will highlight some of the top brands and their approach at building a brand culture. I am only taking 10 individuals for this exclusive Boot Camp. As a bonus you will receive a copy of my book GET CREATIVE - Unleash your Creativity.

3. August 30th, 2011 from 9:00 am - 12:00pm - Innovation Boot Camp:

The final Boot Camp in this inspirational trio is focused on my 10 Laws of Creativity. In this exciting Boot Camp I will help you get more creative with all aspects of your life - both personal and business. I will show you proven tips used by world-class experts on how to re-condition your mind, fixate on the end prize, set measurable goals and form new success habits. I will articulate how successful companies create innovative cultures. I will show you how to harness your inner creativity and create the things you want most in your life. I will show you how to take control and become the architect of your life. I am only taking 10 individuals for this exclusive Boot Camp - as a bonus you will receive a copy of latest book, The Innovation Gap, Cultivating Creativity in Life and Business.

I am so excited about spending this quality time with 10 individuals and being a part of your exciting journey. These Boot Camps have been developed by some of the leading facilitators and are designed to help empower you to take action. My Boot Camps are designed to make you a part of the action. Typically my Boot Camps consist of 100 individuals, however, with this exciting collaboration with THINKSPOT you and 9 other individuals will work closely with me for three hours per Boot Camp. Since we are only taking a total of 10 individuals per Boot Camp I highly recommend that you reserve your seat today.

In addition to receiving three hours of inspiration and a free copy of my 3 books, you will also receive worksheets for each Boot Camp designed to help you chart your progress. I want to share with you some feedback from past Boot Camp attendees:

"I enjoyed your presentation last week. You were able to get a lot out of our group and the level of interactivity with the group was outstanding. The best presenters are those who can tap into the audience's energy" Amy Terrill, Former VP - Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

"I have seen Gerry share centre stage with Jack Canfield and also received one-on-one coaching with Gerry. Recently he has collaborated with John Assaraf. He is absolutely inspiring. I recommend Gerry to anyone that wants to feel further inspiration and accomplish amazing results." Derek Flint, Kelly Services.

"Gerry delivered innovative concepts and skills into a bundle of raw energy that's waiting to be unleashed in my personal and professional life. The Boot Camp was practical - thought provoking and life changing." Karen Audet, Operations Manager, Greater Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce.

Debra Pickfield owner of THiNKSPOT is standing by to take your call or your email. 905.639.1314 debra@thinkspot.ca. Make sure you tell her to book your [HOT SEAT] for one, two or all three Boot Camps. There is a special discount for individuals wanting to sign up for all three.

Let's make this summer the best one ever and start igniting the areas in your life that matter most:

  • Launch your first book

  • Become a world-class speaker

  • Get a promotion at work

  • Create your own consulting firm

  • Attract a new life partner

  • Grow your customer base

What have you got to Win? Everything!

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Increase Sales by Wearing Your Brand

[Picture it] - you overhear a great conversation among your top customers praising you and describing you exactly the way you want to be perceived.

Too often I see top level sales people with no 'defined brand'. All of us have the potential to influence the perception of others. Think about it, a brand is only given life by what we all think, feel and say about it. Branding is about developing an experience or soliciting an emotional response. We all have an image that we put out there, from the clothes we wear to the foods we eat to the skill sets we display at our place of work everyday. We are sending out signals to people all around us. Others are forming opinions on us based on these signals and the perception of our brand. So what are you doing to create, express and project your brand?
For me it can be defined this way:

  • Canada's Creative Coach with a mission to creatively inspire people and ideas to action.

HERE IS A PERSONAL BRANDING TIP: Approach those people closest to you and write down some works that they use to describe your brand. For instance, you may receive comments like: Dependable, inspiring, engaging, supportive, positive, passionate, educational and highly motivational. It is crucial that you solicit feedback on a continual basis in order to gauge the effects of the signals that you are sending out. Let's face it - an organization will communicate a certain culture and we as consumers will define what the brand is to us. As users of the brand we will further define what this brand means to us by the way in which people feel. However, once our customers start to look beyond the face of the organization they will get to know the people within and form immediate impressions that can last a lifetime.

Your personal brand is always in motion, from the clothes you wear to the words you use, your body language to the actions you take or don't take! So remember your brand is the ultimate reflection of who you are.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I noticed lately people referring to me as the NAKED speaker. Perhaps as a result of my passion for cooking and fascination with Jamie Oliver. Many people are fascinated as to how I started out in the field of Architecture to end up living a life inspiring people world-wide. Anyone who has been in my kitchen knows my passion for Italian simple cooking. I love it - and the tastes of my creations are outstanding. My creative journey certainly started in the field of architecture - as an amazing grounding to my creative abilities. As a child I have always had a creative soul. I would find myself always drawing or inventing things. I started out with a career in architecture. I graduated from one of the toughest programs in Canada - The RAIC Syllabus. A very long way to becoming an architect. That creative journey certainly formed the foundation of my entrepreneurial career. After being in the architectural field for numerous years I decided to leave and create my own agency. I wanted to do more with my presentation and creativity I just did not know what that was. One of the principles that I coach now is to Follow your passions and eventually the path will become clear. In 1999 I started my first agency - Network ISG - we were quickly regarded as marketing and presentation experts. Working closely with many companies helping them stand out in competitive situations and win. My first book was called What Have You Got To Win? and formed the basis for my principles of standing out and communicating like a champion. Several years later I went onto create a second company - constructIT Group - a web-based software that allowed companies to collaborate on projects through a secure web-based environment. We did quite well with this company despite the challenges of not having financing in place - rather we boot strapped the creation of this product through our agency. In 2008 I renamed our company to Redchair Branding to better reflect the new direction that I was taking my agency. We focused more and more on branding and I eventually launched my speaking career through my Branding Boot Camps. At this time I launched my second and third book, Kick Starters and Get Creative. At this point I had delivered well over 100 talks and I was fascinated with my ability to creatively inspire people and ideas to action. I became registered with the National Speakers Bureau and started to align more of my actions into inspiring people for a living. You noticed I just said what I focused on more so than the actual title. that is the thing - focus on what it is that you want to create for yourself and how you want to live your life. For me is was to creatively inspire people and ideas to action. The vehicle that I employ to achieve the end result is a combination of: Writing - Coaching - Speaking - Creative Direction. There is where you truly have to GET NAKED. Let go of your past and what is holding you back- embrace the new and your passion and let your dreams and goals guide you. I was a virgin if you will in all of the fields and companies I created. Remember, I was trained and educated in architecture but I have gone on within the past 11 years to create even more successful careers for myself. I am continually reinventing and improving myself. I continually believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. I feel more connected to the universe than ever. I can ignite an entrepreneur to action within 1-2 days and clearly map out their entire plan. I can reach any audience with impact and inspire them to create their desired life. I can creatively direct any campaign with laser precision and award-winning creativity. I am now focused on developing a TV show and magazine where I can truly expand my reach inspiring millions to action. This is what I was put on this earth to do. I see it and I believe in it. I am focused only on what I want to create and continually attract the people and the resources that I need to make it a reality. I encourage all of you to GET NAKED and let go of what is holding you back - get of your own way so you can allow your true self to step in and create. Want to learn more - email me at gerry@redchairbranding.com and let's get you NAKED.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Creative LawNo. 2 - Condition your Mind

In my latest book - The Innovation Gap - Cultivating Creativity in Life and Business, I focused on 10 Creative Laws to help people and businesses transform themselves with creativity. Sadly, many of us have forgotten how to apply creativity in our daily lives. The art of creativity can be applied to so many areas of your business and personal life. Creativity is the root of innovation - problem solving through intuition. When you are getting creative you are demonstrating to the people around you that you stand for a bigger cause. Anything that I strive to do either a workshop, key note, book or branding campaign - I always ensure that the highest level of creativity is injected into all the details. For example - I renamed my workshops to Branding Boot Camps. They are filled with creative enthusiasm, high energy, cool graphics, outstanding presentations that engage the audience. When we launched our creative events - we call them BIG THINK events. Every detail of the BIG THINK events are designed to connect with the audience. From the moment they walk in to the partner suppliers and sponsors that line the corridor. The main ball room is filled with white table cloths, large projection screens, gifts and creative work booklets for each delegate. The BIG THINK events are designed to help people THINK BIGGER.

This Creative law is focused on helping you Condition your mind for excellence. The following summarizes my formula:
- Decide what it is that you want to create.
- Map out with visuals, words and phrases the final result of this big picture.
- Draft up some written affirmations that reaffirm that you have already received it - for instance...I am enjoying living my life creatively inspiring thousands of people to action. These affirmations are key at unlocking your mind and your potential for reaching your goals. It is essential that you read these affirmations every day - morning and evening so just before you drift off to bed and as soon as you wake up. The goal here is to flood your subconscious mind with positive reinforcement for what you want. The key is to trick your mind in believing that you already have it. This art of transformation is referred to by scientists as structural tension. The mind wants to bridge the gap between reality and your realized goals deep rooted into your subconscious. The mind then works hard at bridging this gap by sending out positive signals and attracts people and resources into your life that will help make this dream a reality.
- Rethink your approach to rational thinking. Many times when you feel the need to approach or go after a new idea - your left side of your mind instantly kicks in and wants to hold you back. Recognize this very normal habit and then tell yourself that's the left side of my mind lying to me. I love the origin of words - RATIONALIZE refers to Rational [lies] or in other words the left side of your mind lying to the right side of your mind telling you that you can't do it simply because you have never done it before.
- Build new success habits. So to reinforce the above-noted principle you simply need to replace old habits with new ones. How long does it take to form a new success habit so the mind accepts it as new behavior? In my experience it is 30 consecutive days. So let's say it's waking up 1 hour earlier everyday to work out and get in better physical shape. You simply need to practice this new success habit for 30 days in a row. If you manage to get to day 28 without deviation and decide to take a break - you then need to start all over again -yea sorry but trust me it will be worth it. See the mind will process this new success habit as a new form of behavior and it has been re-conditioned to accept it. It wants to maintain this new form of behavior. You will find that you feel better and look forward to getting up earlier everyday. Imagine all of the new success habits you can create? That is the key foundation for so many successful people - to replace old habits with really great ones. I have seen many of my clients create the following success habits:
- Writing new books
- Attracting a new life partner
- Getting into better physical and mental shape
- Learning a new language or skill
- Networking more
- Watching less TV - Avoiding TV watching all together
- Reading new books
- Improving life skills
- Whatever it is that you want to do - just do it and do it now. It's a brand new day and no matter what stage you are at - you can start now. Don't look back only forward and enjoy the new life you are creating. Remember you are the only one that will get in your way - so get out of your own way. You are the architect of your own life - no one else.
- Practice the art of meditation and visualization every day. Fixate only on the end goal of the thing that you want to create. Learn how to still your mind and not let emotion derail you from your purpose and your journey. Every morning after working out sit in a quiet spot and close your eyes - feel your heart beat - your breath and lungs fill up with air. Fixate on an object in your mind - like a flower. Remove all other obstacles from your mind by pushing them aside mentally. Study every detail of your object in your mind and after about 10 minutes or so of doing this - start to visualize how great you feel about everything that you are creating. This is a very powerful tool that many successful people use on a daily basis. No matter where I am travelling to I am always meditating and visualizing every morning.
- Convert your fear and your emotions by expressing thanks every night before drifting off to sleep. This will also start to shift your energy from what you don't want to what you do want. Remember - Energy flows when your attention goes and the key is to point all arrows towards only the things that you want to create. As you start to feel emotional waves of fear coming about - get back to meditating and focusing on what you want most. Successful people take charge of their lives and do not let emotion creep in. They recognize the origin of the emotion and then channel it away or displace it with new positive thoughts. They counter balance these emotions with its opposite by getting creative.

So to close off - creativity is about seeing the world in a different light - its about the art of creation. We are all born as incredible creators - this is our common thread. Some of us have just learned how to tap into this power more than others. This is your turn and your time to condition your mind and your body for excellence.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hamilton InspiRED

As Canada's Creative Coach - my goal is to creatively inspire people and ideas to action. During my key notes I often talk about the importance of inspiring our youth in creating their own opportunities. Many of us as you know, were not taught in school the power of creating market opportunities or cultivating our inner creativity. This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending quality time with some really great friends, The Rangers in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. My 10th Creative Law as you know is to live life with passion and spending great time with friends like the Rangers is exactly what that's all about. Great food, great wine and inspiring conversation is always at the centre of our visits.

I was inspired by two young people this weekend, one was my 10 year old daughter Sophie and the second was a nine year old boy named Solly Ranger. I was invited on Saturday April 2, 2011 as a guest on the CHML radio station (900am) by Judy Marsales of Judy Marsales Real estate to speak about my inspirational approach. I was so pleased that I was able to bring my 10 year old daughter Sophie with me to be a part of the show. Everyone in the radio booth made Sophie feel like a part of the experience. Sophie has managed to start a band with two of her best friends called [NOTESTRUCK]. Sophie has invested hours in building her own website that is attracting a ton of buzz. This is what inspired action is all about - tapping in to your creative side and taking action with enthusiasm and passion and building momentum. I have no doubt that Sophie and her friends will make NOTESTRUCK a big success. We can all learn a great lesson from Sophie and her friends - the power of inspired action and going after the things that you want most. When I was in grade two (not that long ago-right!) I used to day dream a lot about new ideas and inventions. Let's just say that form of past-time was not well accepted from my teachers who would frequently slap me in the side of the head. When my two daughters are in that state of creativity- I simply tell them to close their eyes and have fun. One of my new quotes is [The world needs more DREAMERS so create what it is that you want most in life]. Keep up the great work Sophie - Dad is so proud of you. To learn more about the band NOTESTRUCK please visit http://www.notestruck.webs.com/

The next dose of inspiration this weekend came to me in a massive wave while I was spending the afternoon with my good friends - The Rangers. Their son, Solly Ranger only nine years old presented me with a line of 100% duct tape based products. I could not believe my eyes when he first presented me with a bouquet of flowers in different colours totally made out of duct tape. Next was a man's wallet that he created for his dad - complete with photo insert and multiple compartments. The last item was a pair of slippers. I was so inspired with Solly's creative imagination to conceive the idea and also in his efforts to flawlessly execute on the products. Solly is a true inspiration to us all and as a 9 year old entrepreneur the future is one that he will [STICK] to quite nicely. I have included a photo of Solly's famous duct tape tulip bouquet. I look forward to promoting Solly where I can and helping cultivate his creativity.

Keep up the great work Solly - this is just the start for you.

Photo Credits - Above left - Solly Ranger - Duct Tape bouquet.

Above right - Sophie Visca - Singer - NOTESTRUCK

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Power of a [FOCUSED] marketing plan

For the past 12 months I have been touring the world inspiring thousands of people to action. Many of my clients ask me the key principles that I coach to help companies STAND OUT. I am a big fan of the 12 month marketing plan. Over 90% of the companies that I interview do not have a documented sales and marketing plan. They prefer taking an AD-HOC approach and fire at all cylinders. Don't get me wrong, I love the whole [BUILDING MOMENTUM] thing as you know, its one of my 10 Creative Lawys. The idea of the 12 month marketing plan is to help you and your team do the RIGHT things consistently over time. It's not enough to just be busy doing, rather, you want to align your actions towards doing the right things over and over again in order to create better results.

Tips for creating an effective 12 month marketing plan:
1. Schedule a 2 hour THiNK TANK with your team and place 12 large sheets of paper on the wall.
2. Add a seperate month at the top of the page for each full sheet of paper.
3. Add in known activities and events within the specific month as a start.
4. Brainstorm on 5 consistent monthly activities for each month - NOTE: these activities should focus on building awareness and or educating your marketplace. For instance, I like sending out weekly inspirational tips and monthly articles that are designed to educate and inspire.
5. Ensure each month is filled up with a min. of 5 and a max. of 10 activities that are doable. Avoid just throwing a ton of activities on a sheet. You want to ensure that you and your team can handle what you have proposed.

Once all activities have been added to the 12 sheets, REVIEW and REFINE. Then have someone type each one of these months on a separate page using either Word or PowerPoint. (I prefer PowerPoint since you can also use it to present to other team members and also print the sheets). Add the 12 pages to a 3 ring binder.

Take it a step further and add a cool - creative cover sheet for the binder with a MISSION for the year that captures the essence of your goals for that year. For example - MISSION POSSIBLE. By giving a theme to the plan you are simultaneously focusing your teams efforts going forward.

Everyone on the team should receive a copy of the plan. Now, its not enough to just develop the plan, you also need to work the plan every month. I like to recommend a monthly meeting at the start of every month to review the activities that need to be completed as per the marketing plan. Any activities that were not completed in the previous month need to be carried over to the present month.

Ideally, you will start to create stronger success habits and discipline for your team. The key to success is replacing older and poorer habits with new success habits applied consistently over time. This is a disciplined approach that will help sharpen your marketing efforts while conditioning your mind to achieve the goals that you are pursuing.

Article credits - Vittoria Wikston - Developing a Marketing Plan

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Take Action and Realize your Success

I met a wonderful entrepreneur 2 years ago at an event I was speaking at in Toronto. A few days later this person - Liliana Segal approached me and shared with me her vision of creating a new Green Event Company with an amazing global purpose. Within a few weeks of coaching with me, Liliana took action and got out of her comfort zone. Her dream is now a reality - www.greenchairevents.com It is amazing to me when I see an individual take action and create the life they want. So many of us have a sense of what we want to do or create, yet we hold ourselves back for fear of not getting it. Let Liliana be an inspiration to all of you, this amazing women with a vision to change the world one event at a time took action and now is living her dream.

I encourage all of my clients and audience members to figure out what it is that you want for all areas of your life:

Personal - Career - Finances - Community and make a list of the goals that you want to achieve. Post these goals in prominent places throughout your home so you see them on a regular basis. Visualize your goals as already complete and most importantly - TAKE [ACTION] now in pursuing your goals.
In my new book, The Innovation Gap, I encourage readers and corporations to apply my 10 Creative Laws designed to help them cultivate creativity in life and business. When you are getting creative, you are sending out powerful signals that defines you and your brand. You are creating an experience that people want to connect with. You are going beyond just connecting with their minds - rather you connect meaningfully with their hearts and win them for a life time. One of my first Creative Laws is to focus on uncovering your unique potential and ability. This ties into Lilian's story. She was a great event planner, however, she wanted more and got laser focused on what she wanted to create. Once an entrepreneur shares their vision with me it becomes real to me and to them. I then stick on that and do everything I can to ignite them to action. When Liliana felt my passion and my enthusiam she knew this vision was no longer in the future but NOW. All she had to do was to then take action and see her goals maninfest.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Inspire with your Words

Just finished giving a key note in Mt. Tremblant - Quebec to an inspired crowd. I was looking forward to this key note as a challenge to inspire a conservative crowd. For the past couple of years I have had the pleasure of reaching over 100,000 people world-wide, typically entrepreneurs to large businesses. This specific key note was delivered to the medical community so you can just imagine the challenge in lifting their spirits? Prior to the key note the sponsor that retained me wanted to exert a bit of control by pre-viewing my presentation slides prior to the key-note. They actually attempted to intervene 45 minutes prior to my key note. When I asked them what their concern was they had difficulty communicating it. They are not used to having a high-energy speaker like me deliver this kind of key note. As one of Canada's top speakers I reassured them that this presentation like all others would go very well and that the crowd would be inspired. I reinforced that my slides would provide little to no context for them since I feed off the energy of the crowd and that my slides and visuals are totally points of reference only. This is a very conservative group and I was confident that I would inspire them to new heights as I have successfully done with all other groups in the past. I further advised my client that they should focus their energy on other areas and not worry about me or my slides. I recommended that they invest their energy by directing and greeting guests to the conference room.

My message here is always believe in yourself and in your abilities. People around you will continually challenge you and test you, but that does not mean that you can't stand up to the challenge with confidence. Many corporate players feel the need to 'control' the situation. They are unaware why they are even doing it so recognize where the concern or act comes from. This client had nothing to worry about, they had seen me perform before and simply needed to be reassured that I was in complete control and that I was there to make them look good.

I delivered a new talk focused on the power to communicate like a champion. One of my creative laws as published in my new book, The Innovation Gap focuses on the power of communication and raising the level of all of your conversations. As I continue helping people develop and communicate their personal brand, I am often asked to help them raise the level of their presentations. So I want to take this time to summarize some of my creative principles pertaining to this topic of communication:

1. What are you putting out there? What kind of message are you continually sending out? Are you inspiring all those around you with your level of conversation or are you bringing the conversation down? The art of conversation stems from the honour of keeping company with the next person. In many cultures, a conversation is a huge sign of respect so make every conversation count.

2. What do you want to be remembered for? When I deliver a key note I always state to the audience at the start that they will forget everything I am telling them over the next 24 hours. That comment always invites a good laugh. I encourage them to write down the important principles that connect with them and to take action on some of these principles over the next few days in order to extend their memory capacity. When I deliver a key note I want to be remembered as one that lifted their spirit and inspired them to action.

3. Be A Catcher. So many of us are always selling, also known as 'pitching'. My recommendation is to become an incredible listener or 'catcher'. This applies to business and personal relationships. Becoming a world-class listener demonstrates interest and a sense of humility. It allows you to make more [meaningful connections]. That is one of my major goals with every key note, to make a connection with the audience. I do this in several ways. I always start off that I need their energy so ?I can give it back. I stress that we are going to have a meaningful conversation as opposed to me speaking to them. This automatically invites them to come closer to me. Next, I immerse myself into the audience, I don't hide behind a podium, I am there with them to give them my energy and engage them. I table questions to the audience at the start and throughout my presentation to get their insights. When someone responds, I congratulate them and shout out their name. I strive to make the audience feel connected and when I ask the audience later on why they prefer this approach they all respond that we love to be heard. With every presentation or conversation, try to rivet your audience, engage your audience, collaborate and connect with your audience. This will allow you to identify with your audience and more importantly will help them identify with you. The end result is an audience that feels connected to something even bigger than them. We are all connected, we are all one and if we let our guards down we can feel one another's energy in the room.

My goal with this recent key note was to demonstrate that this approach works successfully with even the most conservative industries in the world. The reaction from the audience was outstanding and many of the participants thanked me the next day and told me how they used many of my principles in their following talks. Good for you.

I summarized for them what I believe are the new personality types in business today:
1. The INSANE Approach: These are the folks that continue to do the same thing over and over again expecting new results.
2. The CRACK BERRIES: These are the folks that are married to their Blackberries, sleeping with it, having a relationship with it, unable to put it down hoping that the little red light alert will come on providing a sense of hope that someone wants to speak to them.
3. The KNOW-IT-ALLS: These are the folks that want to answer you before you are even finished speaking. They feel compelled to interrupt you and attempt to solve every problem when all you want to do is be heard. These people do not listen with the intent to understand. Rather they are listening to prepare their reply.
4. The PARACHUTES: These are my favorite kinds of people, I love them and can spend all day with them. Their mind is so open like a parachute which is why it works so well. Think of it, a mind like a parachute only works when it is open. These people love to learn and understand how to lower their guards and ego.
5. The INSPIRATORS: I tell my audience at the start of every presentation that I am humbled by the opportunity to inspire them. Why? Well there are over 50,000 speakers world-wide and anytime I am selected I am always very thankful. There are only a few inspirators among these speakers and I like to consider myself as one of them. I live with a purpose to inspire people to action. I want my words and my approach to ignite people to action.

A few weeks ago, a beautiful French women approached me and told me how much she enjoys watching me speak. She noted that she has seen me several times and every time she hears me speak she feels so connected to me. The next few words that came out of her mouth really blew me., she asked me 'Who is inspiring you Gerry? You inspire so many and always put us first". I was honoured to hear these words and it reaffirmed to me what I was put on this earth to do, to creatively inspire people to action. I love it and I love aligning all of my actions towards doing it.

Thank you.