Why Time

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Your WHY leads the WAY

When you live your WHY you are sharing with others your passion, purpose and outcomes. Your words have tremendous power and when used wisely have the ability to influence. Your actions however, are ten times more powerful and can change the world. Your WHY is a way of being. It is the architectural DNA of you. It is your inspired shadow that never leaves your side. It surrounds you, feeds you and always lights the way. Even in the darkest moments, and there will be many of those on your path to becoming aware, your WHY will always leads the way. Your WHY disrupts, opens up new possibilities and embraces discomfort. Your WHY is the ultimate catalyst for your greatest growth. 

Your WHY cuts through the noise, it slashes your fears and it grounds you in the only moment that matters, now. When you lead with WHY everyone around you is taken to new levels. Your relentless belief in yourself pushes the human race forward. Your inspired actions elevate those seen and unseen and connects all of us to something far bigger than ourselves. 

We all need to feel connected to something deeper. We all need to feel that our life mattered and that we all made a difference in the lives we touched.  When you lead with WHY you are becoming the change that you want to experience in the world. Your WHY is the world's new inspired fuel. It's high octane infused power. When you lead with WHY the World is Helped by You. 

Your WHY does not change with the Seasons. It is not tied to a gold star, a promotion or level advancement. It is not a raise and it is not a child. Your WHY is your souls recognition of your reason for being. It's a celebration of your greatest gift, the gift of enlightenment. Your awareness of what you are meant to do and teach others in this lifetime. 

Your daily actions create an inspired energy that supercharge all those around you. When you lead with WHY, you cast a brilliant light around your greatness. You are inspiring others around you to do the same. You are declaring to the world that we are all mean't for something bigger. When you inspire yourself to action you are on fire with possibilities. You are brilliant, bold and beautiful. You are filled with passion and purpose. You want to create and contribute to a world where no one ever feels alone. Your WHY connects you to the only thing that matters, the reason you are here.