Why Time

Sunday, May 31, 2015

How far will you go?

What do you want to create most in your life? What goals will you set for yourself in all areas of your life? What are you willing to sacrifice in pursuit of those goals? Uncovering what you want is the first step to becoming aware of what you want and who you now crave to be. It's your time, your life and no one else can do this work for you not should they, there busy preparing themselves for the greatest ride of their life. 

We are all on a journey to the same destination. It's an inevitable fact of life that we all share.  The only major difference is that a few of us are willing to stretch further, take greater responsibility for the life we choose to lead. How far will you go is upto you. You can aim high by choosing to let go of the past and believe in you. You can start attracting and surrounding yourself with people that want to lift you up to the place that you now want to go. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Look a bit higher

Today, I want to encourage you to look a bit higher and past your current situation. This is the greatest strength you can develop, the ability to see beyond your current circumstances by fixating on your future self. The WHY behind this strategy is referred to as structural tension. It helps your mind close the gap between where you currently are and the life you desire to create. The great ones in the past understood this power and how to yield it their way. Choosing to focus on your future self in the moment is exactly that, a choice. But it's in the moment where you truly define yourself and the direction that you are heading in. 

Looking up a bit higher today helps you believe in your dream. It shows the ankle biters in your life that you are meant for more and can see where you are going. Even if it takes a bit more time that's ok because you are now focused on creating the life you desire. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Motivate your Mojo

What gets you going and what makes you an unstoppable force? There are people that add to your mojo - I call them your brand ambassadors, they help get others to board your train. Then there are people that deflate your mojo - I call them ankle biters, they don't live with passion and purpose so they will do whatever they can to stop you from living yours for fear of getting left behind. Everyday, you need to be the one that motivates your mojo. You need to know where you're going, key in the gps coordinates and take action on getting there. You set the bar for the quality of people that you want in your life. You create the opportunities by taking action. You lift others up as a result of your belief in the life you are now creating. 

TGIM is your new mantra: Thank God I'm Motivated. It's taken my life to whole new levels so now I'm passing my mojo torch onto you. When you're on fire with your mojo so is everyone else around you. It's a choice to see greatness and miracles in the moment, just like it's a choice to let others try and steal your mojo. It's your life to create and I'm super pumped to see what you're going to do. I'm on board! 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Communicate masterfully

I love the notion that we're all connected at some deeper, cosmic level. I'm comforted knowing that no one is alone in the universe. We have all been living in what is termed 'the connection age'. So what will they say about us and this time in 100 years? Think about that for a moment. Did we really connect with one another's hearts? Did we create stronger connections as a human race? Everyday I strive to 'really see' people. I intentionally make eye contact with strangers, I smile at everyone. I ask the Starbucks staff how extraordinary their day has been. A brief while ago while staying in New York with my love Angela, a homeless person asked us for some money. I stopped and asked her to look up and tell me her name then I presented her with a gift. The gift she gave me was worth more than any currency it was a reminder that we are all connected and here to reach out and inspire one another. It all starts with an intention to communicate. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Live a bit more

Are you ready to live for more? Are you ready to laugh a bit more today? Are you ready to dance a bit more today? Are you ready to hope and dream a bit more today? I don't know about you but I'm not holding back, I'm not ready to leave just quite yet. You can choose to make today the same as yesterday, just surviving and getting by and that's ok but that's a choice. You can choose to change yourself today, we all can. You can choose to live a bit more, dream, dance and laught just a bit more and when you do it's contagious and it's makes us all want to live a bit more. 

I choose to live for you today and help guide the way because I'm not ready to leave without helping you live for more. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Risk Looking Foolish

So you avoided sharing your idea yet another day - congratulations, you escaped unscathed and you can retreat back to your comfort zone. But just before you do ask yourself: 'Is this how I want to live?' Do you really feel better standing still? Are those choices to retreat really improving your life? I know it would be far easier to just have an avalanche of people lining up to get on your bus right! Welcome to the real world where you have to share your intention everyday to move your life forward.  You have to risk looking foolish to reach your dreams. If it was easy to get out of your comfort zone then we wouldn't have any comfort zones separating the performers from the sea of spectators. The great ones that I admire are everyday people that risked looking foolish. Richard Bramson was laughed at by his friends for creating his little newspaper project. Steve Jobs was ridiculed for pursing the personal computer and eventually kicked out of his own company. Henry Ford was taken to court for appearing ignorant to world events. Walt Disney's family almost admitted him into a psychiatric hospital for his whimsical pursuit of his dream for Disney Land. Think about what you have asked for and the outcomes of holding yourself back. Dare to be foolish, stand out and differentiate yourself from the 7 billion followers that prefer to remain in their safety zones. 

In the end no one will give a damn anyway so why not now and why not you. Make today your masterpiece and be the one they BLOG about. Be foolish. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Clear the path

This mornings run around the golf course inspired me to write this mornings WHY BLOG.  Every morning the landscape team cuts the grass and removes debris from this course. They are clearing the way and the path for today's golfing enthusiasts. Personally, I couldn't imagine playing this game without the support from these landscape Gods - I need all the help I can get!  

It got me thinking about the distractions and the stuff that we put in our path keeping us from successfully playing the game. You know, the excuses, the accumulated debt that gets bigger and bigger, the unfinished projects, the hours of TV watching and social media surfing. That's just the start, what about the deeper, spiritual, mental and physical stuff we allow to block our path. The limiting beliefs that we impose on ourselves that stop us from even starting the game. Blaming others instead of taking 100% responsibity for our actions. The continual need for external validation from friends and family that makes us quit the game.  The lack of higher levels of energy from better nutrition and physical exercise that keeps us from thriving in the game. The lack of daily planning and personal development that keeps you rushing around and missing the game.  

The game will always be there but the question is how will you participate?  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Make today your masterpiece

What would have to happen today to make this year the BIGGEST and the BEST one yet? What one thing could you do today that if you did it would make everything else come together? What if you only had today to make your dream a reality, knowing that, what would you be prepared to do? Today is a new day that will set you FREE if you are prepared to let it. What if today was your masterpiece then what would you create. What if you only had one shot to make your goal a reality, would you take it and seize this moment? Sometimes opportunities are only presented to us as moments in time - small windows and it's our responsibility to own it and be everything we can in that moment. What if that one shot, that one moment never appears again? What would it take to create a greater sense of urgency in your life today, not tomorrow or next month but today? What if you put aside all the excuses, the fears and the doubts and made today your one masterpiece? Who would you be in that moment? What if just for one day you summoned 20 seconds of courage knowing that it would change your life. What if today was your last day to find and lose yourself in the life that you have been craving to create? What if all the past years of action and conditioning was just preparing you for today. 

Going day-by-day hoping for someday to appear is easy to do but breaking through your ceiling of complexity is going to require a new level of courage, belief and discomfort. It's going to require you to become something different in this moment. It's going to require you to own this moment. Live today knowing that you are creating your masterpiece. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

What do you stand for?

Who are you in this moment? Seriously you need to eventually figure it out and define it or others around you will continue thinking they can keep doing it for you. Are you tired of listening to what others say about you? Imagine elevating yourself to a point where none of that even matters. 

What do you exist to be and do for others? Are you filled with confidence for the change that you are being in this world or are you cautiously navigating your way around hoping and wishing for others to come on board with your dream? There are two kinds of people in this world - followers and leaders, who do you choose to be NOW? It makes no difference where you came from or how you got here the important thing is that you have arrived at this moment. Let go of all the obstacles, you know the energy of others and the need for external validation no longer serves you or the dream that you are focused on creating. 

When you know what you stand for it's all that matters. Make today your masterpiece it might be the last chance you have. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Would you join you?

Seriously would you join you? Would you fire you or give you a promotion? Are you being everything you can be or are you holding onto the past playing the same record over and over constantly telling yourself why it won't work? Are you waking up everyday excited about changing someone's life or are you solely focused on taking care of just you? Would you be led by you? Are you worthy of being modelled and followed? Are you lifting others around you up everyday day or are you bringing them down? 
Are you looking for the greatness in everyone you meet or are you fixated on the negative? Would you join you in your present state? Are you still waiting for someday to appear or are you excited and filled with passion and purpose for today. 

Would you join you as a result of your daily Facebook posts? Are you sharing your enthusiasm for the daily miracles or are you venting about how hard your life is? Everyday and with every action and choice you are either thriving or simply surviving hoping that things will change. What's it going to take to join you? Who do you need to be now, not someday? What are you seeking that intuitively you already know you have it. What if you decided for the next 30 days to join you knowing that believing in you, lifting you up, starting each day with purpose would result in a life changing experience. You still have some time but you have to start now. I believe it's possible for you but you have to be willing to cross the threshold, look in the mirror, discard the energy and disbelief that no longer serves you and focus solely on creating a new story that will attract the people that I believe want to join you.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 17: Hang out with positive peeps

When you surround yourself with people that want to lift you up, great things start to happen. What kind of people do you need around you? People that motivate you into action or maybe it's people that inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Maybe you need someone to keep you accountable on the actions that you need to take or perhaps you need someone that's going to kick you in the ass. There are two kinds of people in this world: the ones that are filled with LOVE and see only true potential and possibility in everything and then there are the ones that are filled with FEAR unsure of themselves and the world around them.  

Here's the thing moments of peak performance need to be balanced with periods of deep renewal. It's great to be surrounded by high energy people that want the best for you but we can't keep those people around us all the time. We need to love being with ourselves in the moment. It's in the moment like this one right now where you will find yourself and your joy because you don't need any external validation to reveal just how extraordinary you really are. When you believe that we're all energy, we're all made up of the same stuff and we're all connected you will come into your power and your ability to attract the people that you need. Some energies that no longer serve you may need to go and you know who those are - the ones that want to hold you down and are afraid that you will leave them behind. They need to find their own path so you can be free to be who you were born to be. 

It's time for you. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 16: Act on your Dream

You are probably being tested in this moment more than ever. You are most likely facing your greatest level of discomfort. All those people around you don't seem to get you and you're probably feeling alone. Congratulations you are on your way to making the greatest impact of your life. You have made a concious decision to take 100% responsibility for the life you are creating. You are fed up with living and playing by someone's else's rules. You are ready to free your mind, body and spirit. It's taken this long to arrive to this point in your life but that's ok for you now see that everything in your life had to unfold the way it did for you to see it all as a great teaching. You are now on the path that you always wanted to be on. It's time to say no to the 1,000 distractions and yes to only a few that will keep you focused and on track with where you are now going. Not everyone is going to get it and that's ok - it's your dream not theirs. 

Your momentum will propel you forward. Your belief in all that you are will attract the people and the resources that you need. Heck the fact that you're reading and listening to this mornings WHY BLOG is proof that you are ready for more. 

Keep taking action on your dream. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Day 15: Start with a Simple Plan

You don't need to see the whole stair case just the first few steps. Inch by inch you are moving yourself closer to your goals. Start today by creating a simple plan. Chunk down your goals to just a few attainable milestones. It may be as simple as finding a work out partner that can keep you accountable for the next 30 days. It may be finding 1 person that has already acheived what you are setting out to create so model them and start by reaching out and interviewing them. The key is to just get started by mapping out 2 short-term goals and next to each one add 3 'Next Best Actions' that you can perform over the next 90 days.  You don't need to see the whole mountain to climb it. You can just take one step at a time and eventually you will reach the summit. If you just stand there waiting for others to do the actions for you then you will do just that - stand still and that's ok but it won't lead to the greatness that you are seeking. 

It doesn't matter where you currently are or the excuses you keep coming up with or the story you keep playing over and over in your head. The only thing that matters is the direction that you are heading in. Take the first step - we'll see you at the top. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

I don't know what the HELL I'm doing!

I can finally see clearly now the power of this moment. Sitting on my porch on a sunny FRIDAY-morning, a freshly brewed cup of coffee in hand, sitting next to the one I love. All I can say is TGIF: Thank God I'm FREE. When will you know that you have arrived? What milestone do you need to reach? How will you recognize it? For the past 15 years I have embraced a journey of not knowing what the HELL I was doing. It became a way of being - a new mindset. Hey aren't we taught to follow the 'system' you know it far to well, goto school, do what you're told, don't ask to many questions, goto a much more expensive school and take courses that will never help you in the real world, get a job, do what you're told, yea I said it again. Not knowing what the HELL you are doing is about following your heart, your passion, ignoring the neysayers and the ankle biters that simply want to hold you down and put you back in line with the others. 

Embracing this concept of not NEEDING to know what the HELL you're doing empowers you with a new energy called 'love'. It becomes your guiding light and your compass and it's the only thing you'll ever need to know from this point on that you don't need to know what the HELL you're doing. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Find your Passion and Live it!

Inside all of us lives an ability to impact others. When you become excited and on fire about you it's contagious and we can all feel your zest and zeal for life. Passion is energy. It's the life force that gives you life. It's the oxygen that breathes purpose in everything you do. Passion is the ignition and the spark that gets your motor running. It's what allows you to persevere during the challenging times that are needed for massive growth. Passion is the jet fuel and the burn that fired up some of the greatest minds. It inspired the MAC, it's the force that conceived great architectural wonders. It's the relentless belief in human kind.  

What are you passionate about? What fires up your soul? What is that burning desire deep inside of your heart that launches you out of bed every morning? Without passion you cannot summon the greatness that you are are seeking.  Comfort suppresses your passion for the soul. It's time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable so you can launch your dreams. We're ready to be inspired by you. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 14: Create positive affirmations

What are you filling your mind with everyday? Are you reaffirming that you are on the right path and surrounded by greatness? Are you constantly telling yourself that you are looking for great people that are looking for you? Do you believe that money flows to you easily and effortlessly? When you wake up every morning are you declaring to the universe that you are creating your desired life? Everyday you have an extraordinary opportunity to make it better than the last by believing and casting your intention out into the universe. Everyday you are moving yourself one step closer to the realization of your bigger goals. Every moment that you affirm you are living your passion and your purpose pulls your future self closer to you. 

Today recreate your list of affirmations. These are the powerful messages and suggestions that connect your subconscious mind to the unseen forces that lay dormant ready to be ignited. We can all access this powerful energy and use it to propel us forward and it's what the most successful people on the planet clearly understand.  Declare with passion,  desire, sheer enthusiasm and a definite purpose that you are here now and on your path to acheiving greatness. Look in the mirror and declare with certainty that you love who you are and what you are creating. State the affirmation in the present and kick it off with the words: 'I am' and fill in the blank. When creating your affirmations avoid using words like 'I want or I hope' these phrases are not powerful enough to access and ignite the sub-conscious mind. You are a creator of your life. You are the maestro, you compose the notes, you write the story and the pages of your brilliant life. It's time to see it that way.