Why Time

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Branding Boot Camps Hit Port Hope

I just returned from my two day creative Boot Camp tour through Port Hope and TrentHills. My journey commenced on Tuesday evening with a peace full drive along the 407 (while listening to a Mike Lipkin CD) to the architecturally historic Port Hope. I was welcomed with open arms by the Port Hope Chamber of Commerce. I had the sincere pleasure of lodging at the historical Dr. Corbett Inn. I was thoroughly impressed with the details and hospitality of this charming Inn. My inspirational Boot Camp in Port Hope was delivered to an intelligent audience of business owners and entrepreneurs in the Capital Theatre on Queen Street. Following the Boot Camp, I was interviewed by a reporter who was intrigued with my goal of creatively inspiring 1 million people. I enjoyed the charm of this wondrous municipality, thank you to Wendy and her Port Hope Chamber team.

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your presentation to the Port Hope Chamber. I have to say that when I heard about it, I thought, what could I possibly learn? I have been in advertising and promotions for over 30 years, but you renewed the zest within me. You gave me the inspiration I needed to go in the direction of what I know and who I am. Thanks so much Jennine Huffman"

Following the Port Hope Boot Camp I made my journey north to the town of CampbellFord in Trent Hills. This community is known for it's award-winning chocolate and cheese factory. I was impressed with the hospitality from Nancy and her amazing Chamber team. My inspirational words were well received by this intimate audience. There was even discussion about bringing our BIG THINK to serve both of these communities. Next week, I am off to sunny (and very cold) Timmins to inspire their community.