Why Time

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life is your opportunity

It's your opportunity to find the real you, to find your voice and the truth why you are here and what you are meant to be in this world. It's your opportunity to understand what you were meant to learn from the recent challenges in your life.  What are these teachers meant to show you about yourself?  Your life is your opportunity to experience life not just with the body you've been given but with your mind, soul and spirit. Your life is your opportunity to enhance the lives of all those around you.  It's not all about you it's about understanding your innate ability to ignite all those around you. Your life is about creating more meaningful outcomes. You, me, all of us have a unique gift to decide what brings us joy and gets us leaping out of bed every morning, we call that living with passion. Your life is your opportunity to be of service to many others and in doing so you will add new meaning to your own - we call that living with purpose.