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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What is your Super Power?

Red TIP Article – Harness your Super Power
‘When you play small it does not serve the world’

I recently finished reading two very cool books - Deepak Choprah’s book – ‘The Law of Super Heroes’ co-written with his son Gotham Choprah and Business Superhero by Sean Wise. It was interesting to hear of how we as humans create super heroes as symbols of all that we wish to aspire to. I recently asked an audience the question – What is your Super Power? Perhaps you are known for your super human strength like that of Superman? A greater lesson with this super hero is the understanding of your weakness or ‘kryptonite’ – and the ability to recognize and overcome your limiting beliefs. Others are known for their ability to be resourceful and prepared like Batman, also referred to as ‘The Dark Knight’ who epitomizes what one man can become with unlimited resources, motivation and focus. The Green Lantern, one of 7,200 space patrolmen guarding the universe against evil and injustice is known for having the ‘will and the way’ teaching us the valuable lesson of being fearless and moving ourselves to a new level of inner magnificence. Let us not forget one of my favorite Super Heroes, born to the queen of the Amazons on Paradise Island, the warrior princess - Wonder Woman with her invisible jet and cool bracelets teaching us to ‘always have a mission and remain focused.’
Deep inside all of us is an incredible and innate ability to play bigger that we really are. What is that one power that you have that you are known for in this world? Some of you may have dual super powers for instance many call me ‘Mr. Creative’ for my innate ability to boldly build power brands within individuals. I also get the term ‘The Inspirator’ for my ability to inspire individuals to action. Tapping into those two super powers has severed me well. Understanding your super power is another way of uncovering your unique ability and living a life of purpose. It drives you to form a new awareness for what it is possible for you. Uncovering your super power helps you cultivate your personal brand and gets you focused on communicating your intentions to the world. Successful sales people understand their super power well. Successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson use their super power with confidence and influence others to expand their vision. The famous American hip hop artist, ‘Jay Z’, a musician, entrepreneur and actor clearly understands the power of personal branding. He has a net worth of over $450 million, has sold over 50 million albums world-wide and received 13 Grammy Awards. I love how ‘Jay Z’ summarizes his super power in one simple statement: ‘I’m not a business man…I’m a Business. Man.’

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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Launch of the Priya Ali Brand - a new altitude for living

Red TIP Article – Living your Best Life Now

I recently gave a series of global talks with a focus on creating a ‘culture of initiation’. As an inspirational speaker that strives to inspire people to action - this principle resonates to my core. When you look at successful entrepreneurs ask yourself – what is it that makes them different than me? The answer – they took action, they failed, then failed again and finally learned how to fail better. Building a culture of initiation means leaning forward and making mistakes. It means raising your hand, stepping forward and standing out. It means getting off the sidelines and being a participator. Companies that strive to build a culture of initiation understand this concept. They stand out and do what ever it takes to differentiate themselves within the marketplace. Companies like Google, Apple, Starbucks, Walt Disney and Virgin are good examples of building a culture of initiation. They act on ‘gut instinct’ and intuition to move their ideas forward with purpose. They don’t expect to have all the answers yet clearly understand the power of inspired action versus no action. Individuals that strive to build cultures of initiation are masters at influencing and motivating others. They cultivate a community of brand ambassadors dedicated to helping their vision succeed. This month we celebrate the launch of the Priya Ali Brand, a recent entrepreneur that I ignited. Priya has a fantastic focus for helping people experience greater joy in their lives and helping them create their BEST life now. Priya Ali has launched a new attitude and altitude for living your best life quite simply branded as 365. I encourage you to listen to our one-on-one interview and let Priya’s words fill your heart as you fixate on creating your desired life and reaching new levels of magnificence in 2012. Priya’s interview can be found at:

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the entrepreneurs that I’ve ignited in 2011 - it has been an honor being a part of your creative journey and the best is yet to come. I wish all of you a memorable holiday season and a thriving New Year.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Gerry Visca's BIG THINK Georgina - Jan.25.26,2012

I'm Looking for 15 People in Georgina to Help Me Change the World ... Are YOU Ready?

I invite you to start Thinking BIG.
I'll Teach You Everything I Know About Improving People's Lives –
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Two evenings of Creative Inspiration, Motivation and Entertainment that will ignite you to take action in your life! For the first time ever - Gerry Visca together with Jo McKay, – a Brand Ambassador, and the Georgina Chamber of Commerce will teach you everything about improving people’s lives. Some of you have tasted Gerry Visca’s, Branding BootCamps®, now you have an opportunity to transform yourself and your business by learning trade secrets from a world-class expert in a stimulating environment that empowers you to take action immediately and transform your life forever.

Are you a professional speaker, trainer, consultant or coach? Are you someone who loves to support others in reaching their full potential? Within my BIG THINK Event – I will spend 1 day in with 100 individuals in the afternoon and 15 select individuals in the evening - helping them uncover their magnificence and applying their unique skills in transforming people’s lives.

Why attend?
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Register now with gerry@redchairbranding.com
Registration is limited to 100 individuals & 15 for Gerry’s Inner-Circle.

A Day and Evening with Canada’s Creative Coach – Gerry Visca
up close and personal

Your Evening with Gerry Visca – Jan.25.2012
6:00 – 10:00pm Cost $40/person Stephen Leacock Theatre, Keswick
BIG THINK Event – Limited to 100 individuals
- 4 hours of inspiration with Gerry Visca
- Access to select sponsors
- Break out session with key facilitators
- Workshop Booklet
- Refreshments – will be served

An Inner-Circle with Gerry Visca – Jan.26.2012
6:00 – 9:00pm Cost $100/person
Georgina Chamber of Commerce Boardroom, 430 The Queensway S., Keswick
The Inner Circle – Limited to 15 individuals
- 3 hours of exclusive coaching in a round circle with Gerry Visca and
15 other individuals
- Get clear on defining the BIGGER picture of your life.
- Get clear on your Personal Brand and your overall life goals.
- Training and development on Gerry Visca’s key coaching principles.
- Workshop Booklet no.2
- A FREE copy of Gerry Visca’s new book – The Innovation Gap®
- Refreshments – will be served

“Gerry, working with you was like experiencing a rare delicacy! The uniqueness of your talent, process and mind is extraordinary. You enabled me to bring life to projects and ideas that I had stored in my mind for nearly a decade. Your ability to tap in and extract your client's passion and strengths is remarkable. What a pleasure to have had this experience with you. With blessings and infinite gratitude”

Priya Ali, Author and Coach

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Art of Creating Yourself

In this article we focus on the power of differentiating your personal brand with creativity and the need to position yourself creatively in the market place. There needs to be an emphasis on the ‘feeling and emotional’ aspects of your personal brand. This means that you need to understand the power of developing an ‘engaging brand experience’.
Engaging clients in this manner is the underlying fuel to successful marketing and branding initiatives. How you position yourself is essential to attracting and winning an ideal client. Creative positioning is like a game of chess in that you need to carefully and strategically visualize all your moves. Think of creative positioning as the way in which you want to be perceived in the marketplace.

Understanding the power of your personal brand to motivate, engage and inspire is how some of the top global entrepreneurs are standing out and getting their message heard, and ultimately building a stronger brand loyalty. Differentiating your personal brand in this manner works to create a new personal brand experience. By applying creativity, you can weave your personal brand into many facets of an organization including:
· Brand Building
· Innovation
· Communications
· Sales and Marketing
· New Customer Presentations
· Customer Relationships

Strive to compete for emotions
Today’s top entrepreneurs are competing to connect with the emotions of the clients they serve. If you continue to market solely based on features and benefits, you are simply connecting with your customers’ heads and you risk being perceived as a commodity with no meaningful point of differentiation. Rather, use creativity and focus on connecting with your clients’ hearts and you will win them for a lifetime. The shift in marketing today takes into account two significant principles that I would like to highlight here. In the past, many entrepreneurs focused solely on features and benefits. Today, you need to introduce two vital ingredients into your marketing mix, ‘identification and experience’. By integrating these into your marketing you are communicating to your clients that ‘we know what you feel and what you are going through’.

So why is this essential today? Remember, your personal brand is what ‘they” say it is. This is where creativity can help you differentiate your personal brand in the marketplace. Creativity can be defined as:
Talking action and building momentum
Creating unique market opportunities
Standing out and differentiating your personal brand
Becoming a master presenter and communicating like a champion
Re-thinking and challenging convention
Striving for a higher level of magnificence
ZIG when others ZAG
Playing bigger and living life on purpose

And what is an innovative entrepreneur? A problem- solver that uses creativity and intuition. Look for ways to infuse creativity in all aspects of your personal brand. Strive to cultivate an innovative culture in your brand community by continually and consistently drawing on ideas from your network. Creativity can be an inspirational thrust that helps you build momentum. It allows you to cultivate more meaningful relationships with everyone around you. It defines a higher level of innovation within your personal brand and distinguishes your brand with greater impact. Creativity is passion and at the core of exceptional entrepreneurs.
Get Creative with everything you do.
Think of some of the top brands and the emotional attachment that you feel when you experience them. Some of my favorite brands that are great at invoking emotion include Apple and Starbucks. Think about the feeling that you get when you look at an IPOD:

Sleek, Leading Edge, High-Tech, Quality and Ahead of its time

Companies like these clearly understand brand engagement and brand loyalty. Over the next several months, look for innovative ways to strengthen relationships with your customers by engaging the intuitive and sensing side of your brain. This is where creativity and innovation play a vital role. Creative differentiation can weave itself into many facets of your personal brand. Use creativity as a means to ZIG your marketing touch points and focus on connecting with your customers’ hearts and you will win them for a lifetime. The shift in marketing today takes into account two significant principles: Today, you need to introduce two vital ingredients into your marketing mix known as ‘identification and experience’. By zigging you are communicating to your customers a message that ‘we know what you feel and what you are going through and, here’s how we can help’. I prefer to define the art of differentiation as:

‘ZIGGING’. So why is this essential today?

Remember, your brand is what ‘they’ say it is. This is where creativity can help you differentiate your brand in the marketplace. To differentiate means that you need to adopt unconventional systems and marketing strategies to reach your customer. Look for ‘fresh’ ways to engage your customers from creative events and workshops to thought provoking discovery sessions - strive to cultivate an innovative culture in your organization by continually drawing on fresh ideas from your team.
Use Thematic Experience to Differentiate your Personal Brand
[Themes] are effective tools in strengthening your message and displaying consistency in the eyes of your customer. Roll out themes over a 3-6 month period focused on igniting various hot points. Creative differentiation through themes can be the inspirational thrust that helps you cultivate more meaningful relationships and ‘BUZZ’ with your customers. It defines a higher level of innovation in the marketplace and separates you from the competition. Most importantly, it clearly helps you ZIG when your competition ZAGS.

‘Picture it: you overhear a great conversation among your top customers praising you and describing you exactly the way you want to be perceived.’

Too often I see top-level sales people with no ‘defined brand’. All of us have the potential to influence the perception of others. Think about it, a brand is only given life by what we all think, feel and say about it. Branding is about developing an experience or soliciting an emotional response.

We all have a personal brand. It can also be referred to as our image.
From the clothes we wear to the foods we eat to the skill sets we display at our place of work every day. We are sending out signals to people all around us. Others are forming opinions of us based on these signals and the perception of our brand. So what are you doing to create, express and project your brand?
For me it can be defined this way:
Canada’s Creative Coach® with a mission to creatively inspire 1 million people to action.
Here is a tip: approach those people closest to you and write down some words that they use to describe your brand. For instance, you may receive comments like:
Dependable, inspiring, engaging, supportive, positive, passionate, educational and highly motivational
It is crucial that you solicit feedback on a continual basis in order to gauge the effects of the signals that you are sending out. Let’s face it - an organization is only as strong as the sum of its parts. In the marketplace, the organization will communicate a certain culture and we as consumers will define what the brand is to us. As users of the brand we will further define what this brand means to us by the way in which people feel. However, once our customers start to look beyond the face of the organization they will get to know the people within and form immediate impressions that can last a lifetime.

Your personal brand is always in motion, from the clothes you wear, the foods you eat to the words and expressions that you choose in meetings. So remember your brand is the ultimate reflection of who you are.

Gerry Visca, Canada’s Creative Coach™
International Speaker Author Coach