Why Time

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WHY not?

You've come up with every excuse why you can't do it, why it won't work, why you should quit and why you can't lead others. You've already convinced yourself of it. It's far to easy to point a finger at others and say their the reason you can't succeed. 

It doesn't help that all those around you continue to hold you down.  Just take a look at the great ones - if they didn't ask themselves 'Why not me' then we wouldn't be here. If they stopped after 100 rejections we wouldn't enjoy the lifestyle and comforts we have. Living with an attitude of 'Why Not' and 'What If' propels us all forward. It pushes the human race and inspires us to innovate and turn challenge and adversity into success. It's a way of being that true leaders embrace knowing that others will follow their lead. 

Why not you? Why not today? What If you finally stood up for yourself and declared to the universe - this is my time and I'm ready to succeed.