Why Time

Sunday, September 7, 2014


The past 2 years of my life have certainly become the most rewarding, challenging and loving. I've visited more countries, published more fulfilling works, experienced greater levels of love and poured my light into the most extraordinary people I have ever experienced. This journey has enlightened me to pour my greatness into others with a soul purpose of helping others realize their OWN. What has made this journey so rich is the impact of being a part of others and helping them realize what is right for them.

I have architected my life to be of great service to others, to ignite their passion, purpose and create meaningful outcomes. This philosophy has sparked a deeper WHY within me, to inspire others to CREATE their lives and become limitless leaders. The world is in need of everyday people becoming awake to their limitless potential. This resonates to my very core and has shaped my way of being. 

Too often I see leaders that live from an energy of fear, lack and loss. It's easy to suppress others and put them onto a path that is self-serving, this energy does not serve the world. All life has a beginning and an end. The miracle is to celebrate the journey by inspiring others to do the same. We are all meant to dream, succeed, realize and be more. 

True leaders that breed a limitless philosophy project massive levels of gratitude no matter the situation. They put aside their OWN personal agendas, selfish pursuits and desires for more and strive to help others realize what is right for THEM, their passions and desires.  It's far to easy to loose sight of what matters most in this brief journey called life. 

This has compelled me to open my heart and help the world become aware of the WHY and HOW in igniting their own internal limitless leader. Over the next 30 days I will share SIMPLE philosophies that I have gained throughout my 14 year journey as a speaker, author, publisher and freedom creator. My intention is to help you release the energy that has been holding your own passion and purpose back.

This is our deeper WHY as a species and the global outcome is the World Helped by You.  With love and gratitude - Gerry Visca.