Why Time

Friday, May 16, 2014

Maintain Momentum

I spent time yesterday coaching a client who's up to extraordinary things. He reminded me of a powerful concept around embracing our weaknesses as a catalyst for growth. Too often we avoid shining a light on our weaknesses as a sign of weakness. To embrace the next level of our lives we must begin to do something new that we didn't already do. To stretch into the next level we must embrace what no longer serves us. 

The key is to identify with crystal clarity what we were meant to be in this lifetime. Except that we are not defined by our past circumstances. Rather embrace the direction that you intend to head in. The past is no longer relevant. The only thing that truly matters is the direction that you're heading in. Bring into awareness all of the obstacles that are preventing you from stepping into the only thing that you need to step into. The only thing that truly matters is the direction that you're heading in. This is your one moment to make a choice and decide how you're going to be and who you're going to be. Now is the time to create more focused goals that are clear, intentional, creative and full of belief. It's time to stretch into a new set of goals that are worthy of your time. Time is a luxury, a precious gift and soon you won't have the opportunity to think that you have all the time. 

Project yourself into the next two years and identify what is true in that moment what will you have accomplished. What will you feel? What will success look like? Will you feel complete fulfillment? Now make a list of only the obstacles that will prevent you from reaching that experience. Create the strategy, tactics and habits today that will help you create powerful momentum that will fuel your new way of being. 

It's time to fuel your WHY with GAS also known as Goals. Action. Sustainability. Failure is no longer an obstacle but rather a catalyst for moving you forward and leaping into the next level of greatness. Create massive momentum by creating focused goals supported with tremendous action.  Fuel your BIGGER goals and take action every single day. Stay the course, sustain yourself with new powerful success habits. Every set back yesterday is a massive leap forward tomorrow as you start to discipline your disappointment. 

You are one an incredible journey. You know what it took to get you here. Despite all of the challenging setbacks you're still here! You now are more aware of WHY you exist and you know where you're going. We're all standing by to witness and be a part of your massive momentum.