Why Time

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Risk Looking Foolish

So you avoided sharing your idea yet another day - congratulations, you escaped unscathed and you can retreat back to your comfort zone. But just before you do ask yourself: 'Is this how I want to live?' Do you really feel better standing still? Are those choices to retreat really improving your life? I know it would be far easier to just have an avalanche of people lining up to get on your bus right! Welcome to the real world where you have to share your intention everyday to move your life forward.  You have to risk looking foolish to reach your dreams. If it was easy to get out of your comfort zone then we wouldn't have any comfort zones separating the performers from the sea of spectators. The great ones that I admire are everyday people that risked looking foolish. Richard Bramson was laughed at by his friends for creating his little newspaper project. Steve Jobs was ridiculed for pursing the personal computer and eventually kicked out of his own company. Henry Ford was taken to court for appearing ignorant to world events. Walt Disney's family almost admitted him into a psychiatric hospital for his whimsical pursuit of his dream for Disney Land. Think about what you have asked for and the outcomes of holding yourself back. Dare to be foolish, stand out and differentiate yourself from the 7 billion followers that prefer to remain in their safety zones. 

In the end no one will give a damn anyway so why not now and why not you. Make today your masterpiece and be the one they BLOG about. Be foolish.