Why Time

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Inspire someone...

What does it mean to be inspired? I like to think of it as elevating oneself to a new plane of thought. When you are inspired you are able to rise above your current reality and move towards a new state of being. When you are inspired you open up a new realm of possibility. - you are 'in-spirited' with your true life purpose - your reason for being. 

When you are inspired your daily actions become effortless and you go about your days in flow with something that is far greater than yourself. So how do you move yourself into this new inspired state and maintain a sense of inspiration? You have to become intentional about it, not just once in a while but everyday. Commit yourself to a new level of discipline by allocating the time to dream bigger, share your intention with others and create a purpose whereby you are serving others with your special gifts. 

Here are a few of my favourite daily tips:
- start your day off with an hour of power - 30 min of stillness followed by 30 min of physical activity. 
- carry a 3 x 4 cue card with you and read aloud several times a day the things that you are creating and attracting. 
- goto your special place and do some reading and deep thinking about all the great things you are creating. This should be a distraction-free zone where you are free to tap into your deeper creative self and fixate on the end prize. 

Create intentionality around your life and go about your day celebrating that you are in control and the architect of you and above all - have fun with your life it's the only on you got! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Decide now

I created a quote years ago that goes like this: 'Decide what you want most, take action and go get it.' What do you want to experience with the little time you have left? What do you want to be remembered for? What are you seeking now? Decide and become it. Your someday is here, now in this present moment and when you decide what you want most then you can start taking powerful action to receive it. Most people will never take the time to ask what they want for fear of the HOW's not revealing themselves or worse, it does reveal itself and they have to take action and actually step into it. You don't have to live your life in daily survival mode any longer - that's a choice. You can choose today to focus on what you want in all areas of your life. You can choose to get intentional and take daily steps towards reaching your goal. With each choice to move yourself forward your momentum is increasing. Step by step, inch by inch you are unfolding the bigger picture of you.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Feel everything

It's ok to feel - heck, we're human beings, it's what we do.  Feeling is our internal thermostat and our GPS. Feeling is what invokes our senses, it ignites our desires and makes us feel alive. It's the fuel to uncovering our passion and it creates the way for a meaningful purpose. In my newest book titled: 'I Don't Know What the Hell I'm Doing' I share insights on feeling your way through your why. People will never remember what you say but they will remember how you made them feel.  The ability to feel reminds us that we are human. We've been given this beautiful and extraordinary gift and it's up to you how you decide to unwrap it and use it. You can let your emotions take you down a declining path or you can use it to spring board yourself into creating your desired life. A great little tip is to check in with yourself and ask in any given moment 'How am I feeling right now?' Is this feeling bringing me up or down? What can I do about it? Remember, you always have a choice in the way you respond. Everything you have created for yourself is a result of the choices you made in the moment based on the way you were feeling. Your feelings will always guide you but you need to decide where you want to be. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Just Ask...

What have you got to win in just asking for your life? What if all this time that was the only thing holding you back - just asking. It starts with you having a deeper conversation with yourself. What do you really want? What are you ready to embrace? What do you need to release - what no longer serves you? When we ask and live the BIG questions, our world opens up. What and who do you need to ask? Perhaps it's the 2 relationships you are in - the one with yourself and the one with your partner, what would make it better? Ask for it now!  
What about your career and the people holding the keys - what do you need to ask them? How about your friends and family, perhaps you need them to surround you with greater love and strength - ask for it. Why do we ask? It's a powerful energy that creates an extraordinary chain reaction. It's an intention and it invokes and solicits action. It allows to you to receive. It tells the universe that you are here now to make your mark on it. You're tired of playing small and hiding in line waiting and hoping that your name will get called. Ask for the love you wish to receive. Ask for the money that you know you deserve. Ask for the sale knowing that you are worth it. Ask for others to join you on your quest to make a difference in peoples lives. I'm asking you to share with me what you need!

Friday, November 20, 2015

You Choose...

Feeling good is a moment by moment choice just like getting up every morning. You can choose how you respond to any given situation. You can choose to surround yourself with only supportive people that won't let you play small and decide to say goodbye to the ankle biters that want to hold you down. You get to choose to feel good in any given moment by fixating on the positive and the extraordinary people in your life. You get to choose to love the temporary discomfort that will propel you to the next level. You get to choose to turn a challenging situation into a creative opportunity. You are the architect of you. You were both with infinite possibility and purpose to be and do great things with the gift of your one life that you've been given. When you choose to focus on what you want to be with passion and purpose you create meaningful outcomes in all areas of your life. 

What will you NOW choose? 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Be there

When you don't know where you are going it's easy to miss the big show and the things that will move you forward. When you commit to serious change in your life that's when everything changes. You have to be there to make the change. You have to be there to lead others and show them the way. You have to be there and be present to this brief moment you have in this life. When you don't know why then you can't be there - you are to busy getting distracted by doing what everyone else wants you to do. When you commit to being there you are being human and that's the only way to be. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Here's to you

Here's to you for still being here. 
Here's to you for never giving into what others say. 
Here's to you for never giving up on your dreams - you stuck with it and we love you for that. Everything about you is perfect, even the imperfection, that's what makes you so uniquely you. 
Here's to you for always leading by example and showing others the way even when you felt they stopped believing in you.  
Here's to you looking forward and knowing that's it the present moment that's going to get you there. 
Here's to you for inspiring change in the world by you challenging the status quo for what is truly possible, you inspire us all to reach for more. 
Here's to you for being you. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Find you

When you're not looking it's far to easy to get lost in this world. When you're taking care of everyone else's dreams it's far to easy to lose sight of yours. When your not focused on where you're going it's far to easy to lose your way. 
When you're reading about how others took chances it's far to easy to get lost in the pages. What if this was your time to find you? What if now, in this moment you decided to define yourself and the life that you desire to create. What if this was your time to uncover and ignite the real you, the one that is filled with great purpose and passion for your one precious life.  I believe it's time to get centred on you. This is going to happen when you key in your coordinates into life's GPS - your passion, what brings you greater joy? your purpose, how are you going to be of service to others and your outcomes, what do you want to experience before you choke on a mint!

Find you - you're worth seeking out. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Out of the gate

Don't fear getting started - only fear the regret of never having tried. Don't fear falling down, rather embrace the fear of never getting back up. To live an extraordinary life means you need to be willing to take chances in all areas of your life and become extraordinary. You need to release the fear of appearing foolish and embrace the greatness that awaits you on the other side of the threshold. Getting started is by far the greatest challenge you will ever face, it's the belief in something bigger than yourself. It doesn't matter where you currently are or the journey you've been on, the only thing that matters is the here and now and the new course that you set for yourself. Don't worry you'll have the wind on your back and you'll be able to sail through whatever challenges and storms come your way. As I've shared in my newest book - You don't need to know what the hell you're doing but you do need to start.  Getting out of the gate requires daily conditioning, persistence and action. Once you get started, the momentum will keep building like a snow ball getting bigger and bigger everyday. Today, get out of your way and release the breaks. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

What time is it?

Is it your time? Have you decided yet,  because it's up to you. Is it your time to step out from the shadows and be the light that the world needs? Is it your time to leap forward from the back of the line declaring to yourself that I'm ready to STAND OUT? Is it your time to make a real difference in other peoples lives? Is it your time to say no to the hundreds of shiny objects and distractions and NOW to only the few actions that will propel you forward? Is it your time to BECOME who you know deep inside you should be? 
Is it time to have A BIGGER conversation with those around you and sharing your deeper truth? 
Is it your time to create a new story and show the world a new VERSION 
I don't believe in someday - your someday is now and this is your time. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Be your WHY

For years I was seeking inspiration, but realized I was looking in all the wrong places. I was seeking something from the external world when I finally realized I needed to go within. I decided to become the very thing I was seeking. Once you commit to the belief that we are all creators you will come to the realization that all the tools you need, everything is an inside job. It's not an easy concept to grasp, considering we are surrounded by so much noise and need for validation from others. From an early age we are raised to believe that happiness comes from the outside and from others, nothing can be further from the truth. 
In my latest book titled: 'I don't know what the hell I'm doing' I share a multitude of insights with an intention to help you ignite your deeper WHY which I refer to as the World Helped by You. You have to be the one that decides who you want to be when you grow up. We never stop growing, that's what life is all about isn't it? A journey of finding out who we really are, deciding what we want most, taking action and grabbing a hold of it. 
Remember, you don't need to know what the hell you are doing but you do need to know why. 

Monday, November 2, 2015


It's time to defy the odds and decide that you are possible. You were put on this earth to inspire us all. Why not you why not now? How do you know what's possible for you if you're not willing to believe in you. No one else has to get it,  you're the only one that has to make a choice and take 100% responsibility for the life you are creating. It's time to turn impossible to I'm possible because you are, you've always been but you're letting the necessary discomfort hold you back from becoming what is possible. You were born knowing and it's upto you to decide this is who you are going to be. That's what life's all about, a journey to igniting your purpose and your true potential and once you believe it's there hidden under the surface you will do great things. 
I believe anything is possible for you, do you?