Why Time

Friday, January 27, 2017

Pour it out slowly

Pour it out slowly 

I'm one of those guys that still uses a vintage espresso maker. You know the one, it sits on a stove and makes about 2 cups of deliciousness. 

Savouring the little things always brings me joy.  When you think about it most simple things do!  

In this fast-paced and super-sized world we seem to place greater emphasis on doing and acheiving [MORE].  

Preparing an espresso puts me in the moment.  You can't rush scooping out the freshly ground coffee beans.  The water level has to be just right otherwise it won't percolate.  

Next comes the hardest thing.  [WAITING].  The burner proceeds to heat up the bottom of this stainless steel icon from another era as I wait in great anticipation.  

The 2 espresso cups are placed on the counter with a perfect amount of Sambuca (a delicious liqueur) lining the bottom. A tiny spoon sits inside. This ceramic wonderland patiently awaits to be filled. 

Over 10 minutes go by and still no espresso.  Suddenly a sound as faint as a whisper begins to hum.  The air is instantly filled with an aroma that reminds me of a Sunday morning in Tuscany.  

The greatest things in life come to those that believe and wait.  When we take the time to nurture our selves and our relationships we experience greater results.  We quite simply, taste our life.   

Your joy will not come from a life filled with rushing and doing.  Life is meant to be savoured in all of its daily richness.