Why Time

Monday, July 13, 2015

What if...

In my new book titled: I don't know what the hell I'm doing, I create an energy intended to help you uncover a deeper realization of your bigger purpose in life. I want you to ponder this thought around the concept of 'what if' in all areas of your life, just 'for a moment. What if you took a chance on you today? What if you shared how you really feel with the one you love? What if you left that daily routine and commute that has been holding you down for so long? What if you started replacing the fear with only love?
What if you poured yourself into others for the next 365 days?  What if you took yourself out of your comfort zone and radically changed your life? What if you started wishing for the new life you desire to create believing in you again? What would happen to your life? Maybe it's time to stop waiting and start creating your life. Maybe it's ok to give yourself permission to start thriving instead of just surviving.  Maybe it's time to take a new kind of action not needing to know all the answers and simply being in flow with not needing to know what the hell you are doing.

What if you took a chance on you!