Why Time

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Red Tip: Ground Yourself in the Present Moment

Red Tip: Ground Yourself in the Present Moment

To many of us hold ourselves back from living out our full potential.  We are slaves to thoughts of our past: regret, pain, resentment and anger. Strive to condition your mind on a daily basis to release those thoughts that no longer serve you in the present moment.  By doing so, you will effectively embrace the present moment.  A great technique to ground yourself in the present moment is to ask the following questions three times a day:
Where am I? Response is: 'Here'
What Time is it? Response is: 'Now'
Who am I? Response is: 'This Moment'
The responses to these three grounding questions, 'here, now and this moment' will help you in any situation and harness your energy in the present moment.  All we have is this moment! Life is filled with them and when you start to embrace the richness of each single moment, here you will find your inner strength and true power.   
Just imagine focusing 100% of your energy on the power of that one single moment. Anything and everything is possible.