Why Time

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 23 (30 days to freedom) Should I stay or should I go?

It's been my experience that the good times reveal an illusion of progress. It's the challenging times that highlight the areas that need fixing and attention. The root of innovation is based on creativity, intuition, ambition and the pursuit for never ending improvement. 
In all of our travels we often experience and witness leaders that avoid taking 100% responsibity for the outcomes in their life and their organization. It's far to easy to pass the blame on external sources rather than embracing the discomfort as an opportunity for your greatest growth as a leader. Many of you are tired of playing small and by someone  else's rules, you are now awakened to new potential and possibilities in your life. That means you need to try something new that you didn't already do. You need to shift your internal compass and direct your energy by embracing change. 

I love Wayne Dyer's message: "Change the way you look at things and the the things you look at change." To often we expect others around us to change. As a leader I cannot expect something from my team that I am not willing to do first myself. Hand and hand we will walk a path together, this is the leader that I strive to be and inspire daily. Angela and I live with a philosophy that no one gets left behind. We are all meant for more and here is the thing, people don't leave if they are feeling connected and inspired.

What kind of leader do you aspire to be? Become the very thing that you are seeking. 

Day 22 (30 days to freedom) Affirm what you want

So many people suffer simply because they don't go for what they want. To get what you want you have to first decide on what you want. Everything you have in your life in this moment is a result of you taking action and getting comfortable with the results. This applies to your relationships, your finances, your friends, your health and your career. The person you have become is the result of your repeated thoughts and beliefs and conditioned habits performed over a consistent period of time. 

You may love all of the outcomes in your life I know I do. Years ago I would probably sing you a different tune. I made a concious effort to CREATE my life the one that I am living now. I set out a powerful intention for the way I wanted to live, the love that I now receive, the inspiring work that I create, the people that I surround and inspire. Everything started with me deciding what I wanted and deserved to receive. I had to get intentional with it, I craved and desired it and took powerful daily action until it became a way of being. This is the magic, to make it a lifestyle and a daily way of being.  

Mark down this day in a journal with the words, I am taking 100% responsibility for my life. Decide today on what, where, who and WHY in all the areas of your life. Just set a powerful intention around each area and write out powerful affirmations that start with I AM RECEIVING ...and fill in the blanks. Post these affirmations everywhere, in your car, next to your bedside table, on your bathroom mirror and remember, what you FOCUS on will expand. 

Day 21 (30 days to freedom) Feel The fear and dance with it.

When I meet someone new I typically ask them what are they most passionate about and what do they want to create in their life? About 50% of the people answer with a definite purpose while the remaining 50% avoid answering the question for fear of revealing the answer. Most people don't fear the darkness they fear stepping out of the shadows and into the light. They have conditioned themselves to settle for comfort thinking they have all the time in the world to play small. None of us really have much time left so ask yourself right now: How do you want to live? Are the relationships in your life what you want? Are you receiving the love you deserve? Are you financially where you want to be? Do you feel you are meant for more?

Most people fear asking and living the bigger life questions like: What do I need to embrace? What no longer serves me or What do I want to be remembered for? We have a fear of change stepping into what shows up. Here is the thing, change and discomfort is a catalyst for growth. You don't have to worry about what others think they're to busy worrying about themselves and what others think about them. You don't have to invest any more energy into 'what if' it doesn't work or fear of the unknown. By stepping into your life you will reveal hidden possibilities and it is within that domain that all possibilities exist. Dance with your fear and let it swirl you around and lift you up, what have you got to win? You no longer need to hold back, ignite your dreams that you discovered at a young age. Take action today on the life you crave to create. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Release the energy of the past and regret. Jump into your life today, create it and make it beautiful and what you have always wanted. You are already free of the fear the moment you decide this is how you want to live. 

Day 20 (30 days to freedom) Choose to lead

Although I always wanted the best for others - Years ago my energy was focused more on me and my needs, I was unaware of the power of pouring yourself into others. Over the past 3 years I strive daily to lead others by being the inspired example. Inside us all is a natural born leader waiting to emerge. Leadership needs to be cultivated. How you choose to be with others will shape the very leader inside you. Leadership is tested most during times of challenge and adversity. The good times project an illusion of progress, it's only during times of challenge and adversity that a true leader emerges and identifies the parts that need fixing. 

When faced with discomfort - adopt a 360 degree view of leadership. Leaders don't do it alone they adopt an inclusive approach to all challenges. Always look to your upline and downline as well as those to your left and right. To become better today than you were yesterday requires you to cultivate new and better habits. Your older conditioned habits will no longer serve your new level of leadership. 

Leadership is all about choice. Some of the greatest minds in history, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Ford, Lincoln, Jobs, Schultz, Moses and Gandalf all faced adversity with a mindset that they would prevail and rise up to the challenge to lead by example. Everyday, every action and non action is shaping your future. 

Day 19 (30 days to freedom) Write your living message.

Knowing that you will die is the best way to step into your life NOW and create it your way. If you don't love WHO you are then change it. If you don't love WHAT you do then get out of there. If you don't love WHY you are here then define a purpose for yourself. You think you have all the time in the world to wait but the true realization is that you don't. What do you want to be remembered for? What do you desire and crave so much that you would be prepared to leave the comfort zone that you have created. 

What are you waiting for seriously? Is the comfort of NOT stepping into your greatness really that rewarding? Is sitting back with regret for what others did or didn't do really giving you inner peace? Is watching each day pass you by and not be a participator in your one precious life bringing you greater joy? 

Imagine now if you will the life that you do desire to create: You are travelling and experiencing the beauty and miraculous wonder of the world. You are waking up each day filled with passion for your life knowing that you are making a difference in other peoples lives. You are debt free and you live a life of simplicity and freedom. You are aware of your power to create great things in this world simply by giving attention and focus to it. You are receiving and giving unconditional love to yourself and to others. 

Today write your LIVING message of how you want to be NOW in this time that you have been given. The average human being will only experience 80 summers in their lifetime. Most of us have already reached that halfway point. Make your mark on this world NOW. 

Day 18 (30 days to freedom) Say No...

When you focus your attention towards ONLY what you want, then you block out all of the other noise and distraction keeping you from pursuing your goals. The key is to learn how to say NO to those life-sucking activities so you can make more room for saying YES to greater inspiration in your life, this leads to freedom. 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, the only difference is how we make time for the really important stuff that feeds our soul and gives greater meaning to our lives. It's way to easy to get into a constant state of doing and giving but a true path to freedom is removing the energy that no longer serves you and making room for the energy that you need to embrace. Say no to the ones that hold you back from soaring to the skies. Say no to the ankle biters that are afraid to take chances. Say no to the friends that don't support your goals. Say no to the endless hours of TV watching. Say no the others that want you to carry them on their back. 

Today say yes to your life. Say yes to what is in your heart. Say yes to moving your dreams forward with daily actions. Say yes to the love you deserve. Angela , say yes to 1,000 more years of me loving you. 

Day 17 (30 days to freedom) Review your freedom intentions and goals.

Are you going through life with a clear vision and intention for what you are creating or are you having life created for you? If you believe that we live and breathe in a creative universe then you will start each day on purpose. The only difference between you and some of the most successful people is that they chart their path and vision through powerful visualization and goal setting. They set their sail and they fixate on the horizon - the end goal. They leap forward with great purpose and direction for the life and the outcomes that they intend to live. They trust and believe with every cell in their body that the universe will respond to their call. 

Inside all of us lives a leader. You can shape, create and bend the world towards you. You can set the intention of what you desire to create, act on it by giving it energy knowing that what you focus on will expand. The key is to become more aware of what you have attracted into your life in this moment. You can change any circumstance you wish if you have the belief in your ability to fuel that change. Today, start with a blank canvas, write, draw, paste and create your vision for the life you desire. Fill this life canvas with your love, belief and and your intention to create greater freedom. Make a promise to yourself through a powerful vision statement that you read aloud each day upon waking up and drifting off to sleep. 

Day 16 (30 days to freedom) Step into a new success habit

When you start thinking about the changes you want to make in life, you begin to shift your attitude. When you start to change the way you look and respond to other peoples energy you start to change your behaviour. When you take action on replacing your older conditioned bad habits with really GREAT ones you change your life. 

We meet so many people that feel stuck in their lives. They see their current self and current reality as their future self. Recognize that all your past actions, non actions, beliefs and thoughts over the past 24 months have influenced your habits and your way of being. If you don't like the outcomes in your life then change them with intention, focus vas action. Anyone can change the next 12 months of their lives if they set the intention and take powerful action everyday. Strive to create one new success habit every month. Perform the habit consistently and persistently for 30 days and watch the magic unfold. 

Day 15 (30 days to freedom) elevate others today share your inspiration with two people.

What does it feel it like to elevate others?If you had a choice between getting a large pay cheque from a life sucking job for the rest of your life or living a life with modest pay but knowing you were lifting others up and changing their lives which one would you choose? See in side all of us lives an innate desire to help our fellow human being realize their potential and their inner greatness. We all have it, it's called a PURPOSE. We were not put on this earth to live in a disconnected state from one another. We were not meant to isolate ourselves with white ear buds and lap tops staring at our portable devices and avoiding eye contact.  We were meant to feel one another's beating hearts. We were meant to sense the coursing blood through our veins. We are here, now in this place ALIVE and full of love, passion and energy. 

Today make a difference in the lives of two people. Angela and I are hosting our evening of inspired thinking with 10 extraordinary people also known as The TANKS.  We have an intention of helping them see that they are not alone. Today, inspire others with your intention and desire for inspiring them. Ask them what they need to embrace. What do they need to let go of so they can grow into the person that they have dreamed of becoming. What actions do they need to take NOW in order to live their life with greater freedom.  The actions you take today will impact your life tomorrow. 

Day 14 (30 days to freedom) Use commute time for personal development

There are two kinds of people in this world: ones that lets problems hold them down and ones that embrace problems as a catalyst for their greatest growth. Here is the thing, we will always be faced with challenge and adversity and if you are anything like Angela and I then you are focused on defying gravity by elevating yourself to whole new levels. See, we believe that the human race is meant for more. We are all meant to shine and live our one precious life by pouring ourselves into others. 

Angela and I meet so many people that tell us they are ready for more. They are ready to play big yet they won't invest the time on a daily basis creating the discipline and the success habits to really change their lives. They often share that they don't have any time to work on themselves. If you look at your day you will find over 8 hours of wasted moments of distraction and insignificant details. TV watching, social media, phone calls and poorly planned errands. A great tip to absorb personal development directly into your cerrabellum is by listening to inspiring audio CDs while you are in the car. For those of you that commute on a regular basis up to four hours a day, this is the ideal time to listen to really great CDs on things like leadership, success and positive development. What you focus on expands so if you want to make a difference in your life then you need to commit and take 100% responsibility and make changes in your life. Start with listening to an inspiring audio CD today and for the next 30 days. Some of my favorites are by Wayne Dyer, John Maxwell and Jack Canfield. It doesn't matter where you start - just start and keep the momentum going. 

Day 13 (30 days to freedom) What freedom isn't!

Freedom is not found by commuting two hours a day to a job that simply pays the bills.  

Freedom is not found waiting for the right salaried opportunity to appear. 

Freedom is not found through living with uncertainty and fear. 

Freedom is not found being chained to someone else's rules and demands. 

Freedom is not found by selflessly putting your dreams on hold. 

Freedom is not found by suppressing your passion and living with greater purpose.

Freedom is not buying into a mission statement that means nothing to you.
Freedom isn't staying with something through a sense of obligation or fear of not looking good. 

Freedom is not found through an RRSP or a pension fund that may or may not be there when you reach that destination.

Freedom is not thinking you have all the time in the world to make your mark on it.

Freedom is not living in the dark and lingering in someone's else's shadows. 

Freedom is not found through endless hours of mind-numbing TV watching. 

Freedom is living your one precious life with greater passion and purpose knowing that you are here, now in this place and in this brilliant time to make a difference in the world. 

Freedom is defying gravity by challenging the status quo and no longer settling for an ordinary way of living. 

Freedom is standing up for yourself and receiving the greatness that has always been inside you. 

Freedom is inspiring others to do the same. 

Freedom is leadership. 

Day 12(30 days to freedom) Embrace Rejection

My mentor Jack Canfield says is best: Some will, some won't, so what, someone's waiting. Let this phrase comfort you when others turn you down. The key is to shift your mindset around rejection and embrace it as a major step forward. Here is the thing, close to 95% of people will never chase their dreams. They will stop short of the brass ring as a result of fear of failure, fear of looking bad. Only 5% will truly succeed as a result of embracing failure and rejection as a catalyst for growth. We all have such limited time on this earth - we don't get more than one shot! Most people that reject your idea are simply to afraid of stepping into their own idea so who cares what they think. Do you want to continually live in the shadows of someone else or do you want to step into the light and be remembered as someone that made a difference in other peoples lives? 

I don't know about you but I don't have any more time for the ankle biters that want to keep others down. This is my time and your time to shine and rise above the status quo. We are all meant for more and it's upto us to shout our greatness from the roof tops. I'm leaving this earth with no regrets baby. People think it's easy for Angela and I but I can honestly tell you that personal development takes daily intention. We choose to reject rejection and not let others influence our goals and our mission. We only want the best for others and we want to inspire then to take action so we know that will put up a lot of red flags along the way. We are often glorified as much as we are vilified and you know what we love everything that shows up! 

My tips to help you reject rejection are as follows: 
1. Always share your passion and enthusiasm for what you are doing. 
2. It takes at least 7 touch points to reach someone so never stop sharing different styles of mediums, a video, a blog or just a friendly phone call. 
3. Don't take it personally, a no simply means they have not seen enough of You or your idea so never stop sharing. 
4. Move on to the next person, there are over 7 billion people on the planet and you only need a few to embrace your idea. 
5. Discipline your dissapointment by embracing the rejection as a catalyst for your greatest growth. 

Along your journey to creating freedom , remember all of the rejections that the great ones had to endure: Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Stephen King, MichaelJordan and Thomas Edison to name a few. Greatness comes to those that persevere. 

Day 11(30 days to freedom) Choose a mentor

I love the definition of a mentor: a wise and trusted teacher...a guide that transcends his or her knowledge to help another person develop.  
When I serve others in the capacity as mentor - I am focused on lifting that person up along side me, transcending my knowledge and experience to them so they can in turn do the same. It is always an honour for me to be that bridge for someone and helping them see and realize that greatness that has always lived inside of them. We are all meant for so much more and a mentor can help us release the breaks and the energy holding us back from discovering our true potential. 

Our greatest joy comes from pouring ourselves into others everyday. We wake up leaping out of bed knowing that we are making a difference in other peoples lives. For most people a simple shift of their mindset is all that is required. This is accomplished by consistently grafting NEW and powerful success habits to replace older habits that suppress our greatness. Angela and I always recommend seeking out mentors that are focused on cultivating leadership within YOU. There are many so called leaders that do a great job at recruiting then there are those mentors that have a passion and desire to lift you up alongside of them knowing that you will do the same for others. 

Angela and I wanted to share with you our approach to mentoring others. http://youtu.be/QcwFtlpremI